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    And thank you all for helping me out… and any other suggestions welcome. I think we have to apply to 3 sems in my school.


    Ya like I said it’s a big mix but ya its not a lot of people who come in with it, and even the ones who do you may not know about it. People don’t make their movie and music status public…. It’s really fine!


    OK then, thanks for calming me down 🙂

    do you know of any other sems good for what I’m looking for? Most girls apply to aprox 3 I think.


    So I applied to meohr as well, which I did get into, but I saw really wasn’t for me… I don’t really think it’s the type of place for you either. Have you looked into Seminar? A tun of girls from Ateres apply there too. Maybe look into Tiferes more it is a great place, I just don’t know you. If you want more academic look into Machon Raaya! Maybe Nachlas? Again since I don’t know you its hard ot say, but from your posts i think i really see you in Ateres, and if you are what they are looking for, you will be accepted without a doubt! I really think you should talk to people who know you who went to those places as well as teachers or seminary advisers! it’s very important! to have people who you can talk to especially from school. I know some schools especially on the east coast don’t always help, but try to take advantage of anything you can get!


    OK, so this is what I heard about several sems:

    Seminar: not academic, party girls 🙂

    MR: academic, New Yorkie, fun people

    Ateres: Like MR just not as academic and out-of-townie

    Bnos Sarah: academic, strong BY girls

    Tiferes: yeshivish, yeshivish, yeshivish… lol

    Did I get any wrong impressions?

    This past summer I got to know a girl who is so cute I absolutely love her! She went to Tiferes, and she was telling me things that I liked a lot! Yeah, its very yeshivish (she told me I would have a culture shock if I went there) and the girls are very not exposed type but other than that she described them as Bnos Sarah type of girls. And I was also seriously thinking about Bnos Sarah, so I might look into Tiferes.

    Another question: what type of average is Ateres looking for?


    Definitely helpful. For example, I would probably just say that’s “very frum.” To me, yeshivish is more the black hat type.

    Tiferes is black hat type, and very very tznius. Like your questions about music are probably not even on their radar. bs, tiferes, mr, hadar (dont know about Ateres, but seems like youre getting enough information about that.)all have good solid girls, not jappy. As far as academics, bs and mr are known to be very academic, which doesnt sound exactly like what you want.

    wishing you the best.


    Does anybody know anything about Rabbi Yanofsky’s Lakewood Sem?


    Realist: No, why? What is it?

    Meira: Thanks for the info… Its funny, actually. Are you from out of town by any chance? Because previously that was always my interpretation of yeshivish, but then I had a discussion with my out of town friend and she described yeshivish as what you just described it as! And she also said that what I was describing was very frum!


    Realist: It’s small, very hashkafa (as opposed to textual) based and yeshivish in hashkafa-meaning not into college, yes into kollel, etc.

    Nanny: I live very much in town! But I guess it just shows that you have to make sure everyones discussing the same thing when you’re talking or it’s all worthless. Everything is so relative. I was discussing seminary x with a friend whose background is pretty far left and she says-“that’s as far right as you can get!” Whereas with my school friends, they can’t imagine going any further left…

    gluck with your decision.


    OK I’ll keep that in mind!

    candy613, if you’re still there 🙂 important q: what type of average would I need for Ateres?


    There is some really valuable information here about Ateres which Im finding very helpful – thank you candy613! So since you said you love talking about your seminary I hope you dont mind if I jump on the bandwagon with a couple of questions.

    1) What made you ultimately decide to go to Ateres?

    2) Would I be intellectually challenged in Ateres. I happen to be a very studious girl in high school and get very good marks Baruch Hashem but I honestly dont want to kill myself like I have done over the last years in High school. However I love learning and really want deep classes that make you think and classes that they are not just restating the obvious. The good stuff in other words! One thing I hate about high school is that the work is to a great degree just memorizing your notes. I dont want that type of work in seminary. I want work that I will enjoy and will be intellectual, not just memorizing a bunch of facts and chazals.

    3) Are there a lot of rules? I really want to be in a place with mature girls who the hanhalla trusts and dont feel they have to impose a million rules to keep them in check.

    4) Are there a million tests throughout the year? I happen to enjoy reports ten times better then tests because I can create and add my own thoughts instead of just memorizing and spitting back. Is that something they encourage? Also how hard and intellectual is the first track? Will it be the type of work that Ill feel like I cant relax on shabbos or go out if I want to?

    I have more questions but I dont want to scare you so Ill stop now. Thank you so much for your time!!

    I am basically looking for a seminary with extremely nice, mature girls who have personality, are extremely openminded and worldly but yet are BY type, want to grow and do the right thing. I want to be intellectually challenged and have teachers who I can connect to and will have answers to my questions while not killing myself with an overwhelming amount of work. People tell me this is a dream seminary but Im gonna try to find a place as close to this as possible. Thanks a ton!


    Hi! I am still here, have just been a bit busy with starting a new semester in college… So about the averages, I do not believe that they are looking for a specific average. They don’t want someone with straight C’s who cannot care less about class, but if you have lots of B’s but are motivated, determined, and have a desire to gain in seminary and grow higher, then you are what they are looking for!

    Ok so Musical dignity instead of answering your questions in order, I want to comment on your last paragraph and tell you that Yes that seminary you are describing is a dream, but that is EXACTLY what Ateres is! It is a real dream that comes true! I seriously would have to think to myself during the year this is just too good be true I must be dreaming and then have to pinch myself to see that it is real!!! It’s great! So yes, it sounds like Ateres might be very much what you are looking for!!!

    So I ended up choosing Ateres, because what you described is exactly what I wanted, and Ateres just seemed to be the one and only perfect place that would fit that need for me. Meohr is very different as you know!

    Every girl in Ateres is challenged on her own level which seems impossible but they do such a great job.. just don’t know how lol. In High school I worked very hard, was very motivated, and really ended up getting half A’s half B’s probably. I do much better with deep hashkafa classes then complicated textual classes. So Ateres somehow mixes the two together. They take your love for hashkafa and bridge your skills to textual as well without you even realizing! So about memorizing your notes, I totally get that and hate it too. I believe you will have a little bit of that anywhere you go, but it is much better in Ateres probably then anywhere else. Even the textual classes have a lot of hashkafa it is very cool how they work it out! I really disliked navi my entire life, and in seminary it was one of my favorite subjects!!! So you will see it will be great in that way! It is work but you will enjoy the work immensly! I never thought I would ever think in my lifetime that I would enjoy studying, but in seminary I really did because the classes were so great and stimulating!

    There are rules, but nothing that would effect you if you are not looking to do wrong. There is a strong sense of trust in the girls, something I needed as well. There are rules about certain things, but you will appreciate the rules because they are just the basics of being a bais yaakov girl. Will you be upset if there are rules about not going to places that are considered hangouts at night? I know I wasn’t because that and the few other rules I knew were for us! The few rules they have they have a no tolerance policy for, but if you are a good kid which you sound like you are, you would never even come close to thinking of bending on them. I almost forgot we had such rules! It really wasn’t a problem!

    There are some tests, not just midterms and finals like meohr, but not an overwhelming amount, and again I really enjoyed studying for them, and even though I am not crazy studious or brillian I did much better in seminary then I did in high school.

    I was in the middle track. The higher track is for a girl who is very fluent in reading and understanding all meforshim without help… there is more to it, I will have to write more later just because I gotta run, but I might have written about it on a previous post not sure. I will write more about it later. Shabbos was never a problem you always had it for relaxation and rejuvination! Never needed to think about school on shabbos except maybe during midterms and finals depending on what the scedule was! Feel free to ask other questions!


    I don’t think it’s a dream seminary-Bnos Sarah is everything you described and more.


    Thank you for your input not so sure if you can say such a thing without knowing that much about it… I did go so have the right to say that. I happen to agree that Bnos Sara is incredible beyond! I don’t know if you realize but it is a very academic place. Not all of us are brilliant enough to get in and survive there. Also some people like more hashkafa then bnos sara offers. For example an Ateres report would be on Ahavas Hashem with a lot of mussar sources while a bnos sara report may be on the travels of the shevatim in the midbar or the bigdei kehunah with more textual sources. I happen to love Bnos Sara too though! From this girl’s post it sounds like she doesn’t want such an academic place so that is why I mentioned that Ateres sounds more for her. I did go there so I know more about it and what they are looking for. It is nice to talk about other seminaries but there is no need to bash out others Thanks….


    thank you so much for your responses! You dont know how helpful it is. It is extremely overwhelming to look at all these seminaries and try to narrow it down to two or three to apply to. A couple of more questions:)

    1) You say that Ateres is not so academic – does that mean that its easy and that Ill feel totally unchallenged? I know that I keep repeating myself but I definitely do want to be intellectually challenged – I just want that without an extremely overwhelming workload. So just checking on that.

    2) What is their dress code?

    3) I happen to really respect men teachers and love their boundless knowledge. Are there a lot of men teachers or are they mostly women?

    4) How would you compare Ateres to Machon Raya since that is a place that I am also seriously considering.

    5) What schools did girls from Ateres come from?

    6) Do they have trips etc during the year?

    Thanks again!


    Hi again! You are doing fine it’s a really good thing to ask! I remember how hard it was for me and I am thrilled to do anything I can to help you!

    So I wrote a lot in previous posts how Ateres compares to Machon Raaya so just go back and read a bit back on this thread.

    About the academics, you will not feel unchallenged in the least bit! We had some very very brilliant and intelectual girls in our seminary! Girls that skipped grades ect… You will so not have a problem! There is hachana to do, There are great reports! Reports that you actually gain something from besides just a stack of papers written on, and the classes are deep and very intellectually stimulating! You will definitely need a good cup of coffee each morning! just kidding I hate coffee! You will not be overwhelmed with annoying busy work like writing out chumashim, but you will have enough to do that you will feel challenged, but will feel so rewarded and inspired at the end! Trust me! I don’t know how, but Ateres makes it really be great for everyone! They say straight out that their goal, and yes they really do this, they stretch your machshava and improve your skills immensely without getting you overwhelmed and overworked! I can guarantee you that such a thing will not be a problem in Ateres!

    The dress code is just like most of the other seminaries, any type of button down like you can wear designs like stripes or anything and then you can wear solid colored sweaters either cardigans or pullovers or v-necks! It’s very flexible and then pleated skirts navy, grey, or black, short or long! you can wear belts, scarves, makeup, not much rules about that. You don’t have to get dressed up every day there is seriously no social pressure there, but there were plenty of girls who were more with it and really gave each day their all but only for themselves! No one cared! Chilled was fine too!

    We had girls from all over! BY Monsey, BY Ramapo, BY Lkwd, Bais Sheindel, Bnos Bais Yaakov, BY Miami, BY Baltimore, Bnos Yisrael of Baltimore, BY Chicago, Hanna Sacks in Chicago, BY Denver, South Bend, Machon, I think they have Mesores girls this year, Dallas, Bruria, TAG, Ateres in Monsey, BY Detroit, Yaavne, Toronto, BYA, BY Johannesburg, France, BY in London, I think I’m missing a bunch I don’t know the NY schools that well… It’s very mixed, but the atmosphere is a very growthful one and although there are many girls on different levels they are able to somehow cater and reach out to everyone so that each girl is molded into the best girl she can be and get the most out of her year!

    Every seminary I think has trips! We had a big trip at least once a month! We did it all! I really think almost all seminaries pretty much do the same stuff in that area except the half year seminaries where they do one a week to get it all in! It’s a wonderful part of the year and they make the trips beyond awesome the way they schedule it!

    Hope this answered you somewhat!


    Candy613, I’m not sure why you assumed that I don’t know anything about Bnos Sarah. I went there.


    Ty Very much! The only thing you didn’t answer was about men teachers


    hey so im in 12th grade looking into machon raya… on this post a few people have said its pretty new yorkie while i always heard it was more out-of-town which i liked about it… does anyone know?


    YAY!! This is so exciting! THANK YOU CANDY613!!

    musicaldignity, we might end up in the same sem!! 😀

    potpie, I’m also interested in Bnos Sarah! If you can provide details about it, that would be great!! When did you go? And yeah, I did hear that its extremely academic, so what type of average do you think I would need??


    OK, so we just had our first day of school, and guess what’s the topic of discussion? umm– SEMINARIES!! Its just so nerve-racking!

    I’m from NY, and I absolutely hate the attitude here. I really can’t stand it (beyond anyone’s comprehension!) I never spend any of my free time here. Summers I always go to camp, and if not, SOMEWHERE OUTTA HERE! Out of town for sure! Out of state!

    Ok, now that I got all that out of my system, Is Ateres still for me? 😉 lol! jk– I know you said its out of towny.

    so, honestly, I never really tried very hard throughout HS. Not because I’m incapable of anything, chas v’sholom, I was just never in the mood to work. So my average is as follows: Several A’s, mostly B’s, few C’s. Maybe once or twice I even got a D, I don’t remember. but no one would see that if they don’t get my full HS transcript! (meaning in 11th grade I did better– no d’s lol) so do you think those type of grades are acceptable in their standards? And if not, do you think they would still be willing to work with me and believe me that this is not the best I could do and in sem I’ll put my best foot forward? (Especially since my school is known to be a very hard academic HS) Thank you so so much!! 😀


    potpie I have no clue what you are talking about. I never said you didn’t know about bnos sarah, i just asked you not to say things about Ateres if you don’t know what you are talking about and also not to bash out any seminary.

    Musicaldignity – sorry about that! So I totatlly agree with you about that! Yes! there were a lot of men teachers! If I could pick my top 5 teachers I loved in seminary i think 2 or 3 would be men! There were unbelievable men teachers. Number one is Rabbi Belsky who is the Dean and Mrs. Sokol is his daughter and is principal so he is beyond amazing then there are others who were just so great there is a big rav who is a major posek world known who teaches exclusively in Ateres and I think it was worth it for me to go just to see him! I would even feel comfortable calling him now. So the answer to your question is YES! there are many men teaching incredible classes who if you go you will gain so much from!!!

    nanny – I could imagine how stressful that probably was for you! It’s hard, but Hashem helps you through it! I happen to think that you should not think too much about it till you have to start applying. You sound like you are doing more then enough. I could tell you are from NY the way you write and the way your school sounds! I know they are not as helpful with seminary in some of the NY schools, but I really hope you have a teacher or advisor who you can still go to! It’s really good to have a teacher or principal who could help you with the process. from these conversations we have been having you sound like you would love and do so well in Ateres! And about your average, just forget about it! Really don’t worry about it! I know I said it before if you are growing and are a good girl and are what they want they will tell you straight out that they do not discriminate against grades!!! Just don’t get too worried about everything and know you will get into the right place for you!


    nanny that would be cool lol! Ive thought that Bnos Sara was more yeshivish but I dont know now. Somebody once told me that everyone there wanted to be true aishes chayils and although that is respectable its so not me. So can you describe exactly what type the girls are in bnos sara. Are they very wordly or more in a box.

    Also nanny – where do you live because in brooklyn they dont give marks as a and b and c but number marks so thats so cool.


    This is what I wrote:

    I don’t think it’s a dream seminary-Bnos Sarah is everything you described and more.

    This is what you wrote:

    Thank you for your input not so sure if you can say such a thing without knowing that much about it… I did go so have the right to say that…I did go there so I know more about it and what they are looking for. It is nice to talk about other seminaries but there is no need to bash out others Thanks….

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see any bashing of Ateres in my sentence. If you somehow misconstrued what I wrote, I apologize. Please explain your illogical leap.


    On second thought, I’m thinking that you interpreted “I don’t think it’s a dream seminary” to refer to Ateres, when it in fact referred to musicaldignity’s description of what she wants in a seminary. Am I correct?


    Thanks candy sounds great. Do they also talk about emunah a lot. things like – why are we jewish, what we are supposed to do in this life, proofs that our religion is the truth – things like that…

    Also were there teachers that you were counting the minutes? Also were the teachers very down to earth? I happen to come from a very yeshivish school that I totally dont belong in (long story how I ended up there) and one thing I cant stand is that all my teachers are like Rebbetzin types who dont understand the challenges of teenagers today or identify with it. Thanks a lot again!


    Potpie- I apologize, yes, that is what I thought so got defensive because I love my seminary. Thank you for solving that. Really appreciate it and sorry again.

    Musicaldignity – VERY MUCH SO!!!! My school is not all yeshivish, but I did have a more yeshivish grade. It always bothered me that they were not as deep and were doing things because their parents were doing and not really knowing why. I knew I wanted a place that was maybe a bit more mixed, but where all the girls were growthful people and where there was an atmosphere of growth. This is actually what I talked about a lot during my interview. But I do feel that is exactly what it was. They made your yiddishkeit become your own! They helped you understand why you are doing the things you do and why you will want to do it and pass it down to your children later in the future.

    Instead of focusing on how many 15 page reports you can do in 1 year, they worked on instilling in us the tools to help us become better and have a love for what we do. They def focus on emounah a lot and all of those things similar. I needed that and really feel I got all I could have ever asked for. I think you will find the same. The teachers were ALL down to earth. That is one thing that they make sure. Everything taught is down to earth and applicable for your life, and every teacher is down to earth as well. They truly understand every girl and teenagers in general. They are extremely open minded, have been involved with teenagers for years and years, and you feel so safe and good with them because you find they understand you and your life challenges so well!


    Candy613 I cant thank you enough for all your information. I emailed all your posts to my friend who is also looking into Ateres and she was very excited as well. Nanny maybe we will end up together and we’ll be like: “Hey! Were you the one on YeshivaWorld who was talking to candy613!! Oh my gosh HI!” lol that sounds really funny but who knows!

    One last question Candy if your still there! You emphasized that they dont target the best student etc, however do they value smart at all? Baruch Hashem I am a very good students and get high 90s so I dont want to be in a place where they wont value that at all. Also I do want to be with high caliber girls. So are they girls there because they couldnt get into a more academic seminary or are there great students there as well who just didnt want the crazy overwhelming work thing. (Like me:) Because I dont want to be with a bunch of girls who all got 70s and 80s in school – I like smart people:) Thanks again for all your help. By the way – you mentioned that your doing college now – are you doing Touro?


    I understand your need to be learning with smart people whose minds work similarly to yours and who are on the same level learning wise. That is very normal. So although it is mixed like I said, there are 3 tracks for the textual subjects, and 2 tracks for the more hashkafa type of classes. The highest track was for girls like you! They were almost all brilliant! There were some girls who were so smart that I almost couldn’t talk to them about what we learned about in class. It was interesting. So I am more of an average student more like 80’s some 90’s but am a little bit more intelectual. I was in the middle class, which was the biggest my year, and I felt it was very good for me. The smart girls who were very smart were of course together in the highest track. I don’t think anybody in the entire seminary felt bad or not in the right place. They are able to cater to everyone so that everyone can feel like they are being challenged and that their minds are stretching. I had friends in the higher class, and I know they enjoyed it immensely because of that factor that they were only with smart girls on their level and as a class they were able to learn on a higher level and do more work on their level as a result. At different points there were girls who moved up and down in classes, but once everyone was put everyone was thrilled with where they were! So I don’t think that will be a problem for you at all! They are very into what you said, making sure that everyone is able to learn on a level for them and are with girls on their level learning as much as they can on the highest level possible with no other girls stopping them.

    And no I am not in Touro, and not in the NY area B”H!!! (no offense to NY! 😉


    Hey there,

    So I’m coming on to the scene quite late, it would seem, but I just wanted to throw out there that a girl who went to Ateres my year also applied to BJJ and was accepted. I think in the end she chose Ateres for reasons similar to what yours would be, Musicaldignity, that she didn’t want to work away her entire seminary year.

    I was in class one and it is very intellectually stimulating – I loved it! I did find it challenging at the time… and boy, do I miss it now! We had some great conversations, very deep, very interesting. Class one was definitely a great atmosphere for me.

    I just want to say one thing though. Ateres is full of great girls. I’m also the type that likes having discussions with people I consider intelligent, but just because someone was put in class 3, it doesn’t make them of lesser intelligence. Some of the girls in class 3 were really close friends of mine and honestly, it’s very hard for me not to have deep, intellectual conversations! Class one basically means that you have a really good average and that your textual skills are very good, granted, every girl in the room was someone I would feel more than comfortable to sit down and have a conversation with! Just wanted to throw that out there…

    Also, there are 2 classes given which are optional for all the classes but class 1. Class 1 has to be there – attendance is taken. Both of these classes are given by very brilliant rabbanim and all the girls in class 1, as well as all the others who went, LOVED the classes. I think there are around nine or ten rabbanim who teach at Ateres – a very nice ratio of men to women. Each of them is brilliant… I feel so lucky to be able to say that I sat through their classes.

    Hatzlacha with your decisions!

    Just know that no matter what, you will wind up where you were meant to go!


    I went to Ateres!! think i was there the same time as candy! just wanna say that all the amazing things you are hearing are true!!!! ATERES IS INCREDIBLE!!!! any more questions anyone? i’d love to give some info (if candy didn’t give it all!!!!)


    is it hard to get into ateres?!?like do they accept girls who have failed to get in elsewhere like the year b4 but have since changed?! and its not the type that you have to know how to read mephorshim? which other sems are there like that? lmk asap!!!!!!!!!! more info on ateres and like?


    hey and also is ateres the type of sem that ther arent major rules and you can kinda do whatever you want?


    machon raaya is an amazing seminary , its not for a very yeshivish girl but it is for a Bais Yakov girl. The Principal is one of the best there can be, Nachlas also used to have an amazing Principal but she is not there anymore, i dont really know the new one.


    hodulashem- now you are getting me very curious! I guess you must know who I am. I’m sure I gave myself away a number of times already…

    [email protected] I’m gonna be direct and say it straight out that if you are going to seminary just wanting no rules and wanting to do whatever you want, then Ateres is NOT for you. Not a bad thing, it just isn’t the right fit. There are other places that would be better for you. If I am getting the wrong impression and that is not what you are trying to say then we can talk. 😉


    Keep it going, guys!! This is great!

    Its actually very funny, it started out as a Bnos Sara/ Machon Raaya thread and now look at it– an Ateres thread through and through!

    I actually do live in Brooklyn, musicaldignity! I was saying A’s and B’s meaning 90’s, 80’s… I’m guessing you live in Brooklyn too! Would it be too revealing if we told each other what school we go to?? I’m getting curious!

    oh– and I can’t wait to see you next year 😉

    Candy613, you’re lucky you aren’t staying in NY! LOL!

    elmos world

    musicaldignity i think youd really enjoy machon raaya over ateres. and dont worry about the work bec they have tonz of electives so you can choose alot of your classes so you can pick ones without alot of work.

    [email protected] you said that failed to get in the yr b4. are you looking for a shana aleph or a shana bet program? and how much of a bais yaakov would you want?


    lol candy i actually haven’t been able to figure u out but here’s how u might be able to identify me: if we were in sem together, i always sang a silly song about chochosh chache and milch and choochies and chreative choochies and last year i hosted the chanuka party reunion in my house! if you can figure me out, send me an email! i’m sooooooooooooo curious!!! mods, i hope you don’t find these details too revealing to the world- only an Ateres girl could figure me out!


    hmmm… hodulashem I feel like maybe we were not in seminary together….


    ok hodulashem through my sources I have found out who you are but don’t know you! We were not in seminary together, and although I was super privaleged to meet 7 of your awesome seminary mates and I love them dearly…. But anyways that was cool that I thought I may know you 😉

    Tell me though, how did I do describing Ateres?


    Musical dignity, I also think Machon Raaya is a good choice for you- if you are academic. Its a real BY school, but not especially yeshivish. Lots of out town girls. There are four girls in every room- each girl from a different state/country. My daughter is there now. We did lots of research and it’s an awesome place. They just moved to a beautiful new building right in Geula. There are around 65 girls- not too big, not too small. She just left a week ago- but so far she’s thrilled:)


    Ya musicaldignity agreed! I also love machon raaya! A bunch of girls applied to both Ateres and Machon Raaya! It’s a great place and has many similarities to Ateres as well as far as the warmth of the place and the staff! You should apply to more then one place so I say go for both and wherever you are supposed to end up, Hashem will put you there!


    lol candy u did an awesome job!! VERY impressed!! u made me wanna go back!!!!!!!! should i do my own research now or will u have ur beloved source fill me in? lol! ur shanabetters were super!


    Ya I am so happy I got to spend that half year with them! I’ll give you a hint…. Im in the same city as 2 of them but not near the east coast… I am in college with one of them every day and I feel so safe having such a special Ateres girl in almost all of my classes with me… I don’t think you know me, but you can try to figure me out anyways…. I happened to have asked the girl I am in school with about you! I have to ask her if she is in touch with you!


    hi….no im not the type looking for no rules….rather i heard that ateres is lax in rules and wanna know if that is true… didnt apply to israel yet ever only local sem which didnt get into but wld the principal really accept s1 that didnt get into an intown sem?!or is it not that type of sem? and how large is the sem?! im not sure how you define beis yaakovy? and im looking for more hashkofa and practical life stuff rather than text ie mephorshim etc…….. does all that make sense?


    did that last post just go through?not sure if it got lost on way so just in case….. sorry if i wasn’t clear before. no i’m not the type looking for no rules, i have heard that ateres though is lax with its rules, and i just wanted to make sure there are rules…. and no i never applied to israeli sem last year just an in town sem which i didnt get into. would the principal consider accepting s1 who hasn’t got the best track record but who would have changed within the year? (namely me!)

    i’m not sure how ypu define beis yaakov? im looking for a sem that concentrates more on hashkofa and practical life stuff rather than text- ie mephorshim etc… does all that make sense? thanx!

    elmos world

    you applied to a sem last yr. that was instead of 12th grade or your already the age of shana bet?

    and by bais yaakov i mean with the standard bais yaakov rules and tznius etc etc


    yup that was instead of 12th grade. yeah so i went to a beis yaakov so want one with bj rules but not over the top bj rules…tznius yeh not looking for any sem with the easy way out there either…….


    So the last time I checked this post there were 80 posts and when I came back there were 97 and I was like: whoaahhh!!!!

    Anyway, thanks all of you guys for your advice. I feel so much more at ease now since Im pretty sure that Im going to apply to Meohr, Ateres, and Machon Raya and then we’ll see from there! Machon Raya also sounds amazing although Im a little nervous about the work and the personality of the girls and then Ateres Im worried about the opposite: the caliber of the girls and the intellectual challenge. So we will see what happens. But it definitely helps to have all you online mentors – keep the advice coming! Also if there are any other seminaries I should know about – let me know! See my previous post for a detailed description of what I am looking for.

    Nanny it would be awesome to cya next year – IYH we’ll see.

    By the way just technically – when do girls start applying, when are interviews, and when do the acceptance letters get sent out? I am so anxious to finish high school that sitting through class is almost unbearable and its only the third day!!! Hopefully Ill survive somehow. Im thinking maybe I should clep this year since my school offers no college courses and there are a lot of useless subjects in English. (Dont get me started)

    Thanks again!


    Applications – Schools give them out the end of November and they are due mid December.

    Interviews are ussually end December – January

    Acceptance letters get sent out the end of February

    elmos world

    [email protected] what type of school do you wasnt academically? more hashkafik or more textual? like pninim would fit but so could meohr depending on which way you wanna go.

    musicaldignity you apply in nov. i think maybe december and then the school sets up an interview and replies come in feb. the date use to be feb15th but i think they may have switched it to the 25th. and about clepping idk what college you plan on going to or what youre majoring in but its worth it to look into it b4 you clep bec some colleges wont accept more that a certain amount of cleps and if its a part of your major its worthless and you dont wanna waste time and money.

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