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    Hi All,

    Just wondering if there are others in my boat. B’H I enjoy Shabbos etc etc. However, part and parcel of Shabbos is the ‘shinui vest’ (change in schedule) and that change, almost weekly, throws me off kilter (physically) to the point that I often don’t recover completely until Tuesday. Nothing terrible, just that I am frequently very tired on Sunday and that carries over to Monday. I also get constipated (can I say that here?) Shabbos and Sunday unless I take something.


    Dont sleep shabbos afternoon.


    Ease off the challah, have a salad with an oil based dressing by the daytime seudah.

    Shabbos cannot be the cause of your problem (the tech term from the Shabbos me’shebairach is Shabbos he Melizik).

    Its your diet.


    Many pple are complaining about the same prob.

    Try to stay off cake completely and eat less challah… You should also drink a lot of water to help constipation.


    “Dont sleep shabbos afternoon”

    Arc, easier said than done.

    Shabbos cannot be the cause of your problem….Its your diet

    BP Totty, I hear you, but I am not sure you are right.

    I will try ( bli nedar 🙂 ) to ease off the challah though at BP’s and smartcookies suggestion.


    whole wheat challah


    eat fruits and veggies… drink a coffee… the fiber should do the trick


    daven harder

    Be Happy

    My husband never goes to sleep Shabbos afternoon. He claims it is the best time to learn!

    Don’t blame Shabbos on how you feel – Think about what you do on Shabbos.

    Are you overeating? Eating enough fruit? Drinking enough water? Consuming too much alcohol?

    Take on something spiritual – even extra Tehillim.

    Have a great Shabbos.


    What a fine husband, esther.


    Mod 80, My husband never used to go to sleep on Shabbos afternoon, either. He claimed it was the best time to watch his children, so I could finally get some sleep. Now THAT’S a great husband. (Now, after many years, our kids are grown, and he sleeps for a very short while, then goes to shul to a shiur). What a guy!


    Limit the shabbos nap to 1 hour, then learn. fiber pills motza’ei shabbos help too.


    Heshy the problem is the type of Challah purchased. What I mean unless your family eats Whole Wheat Multi Grain, Sour Dough or Spelt Challot then the body does not have fiber which could pevent constipation providing one consumes lots of liquids to push the food from the mouth to the liver the final processing of digesting the food.


    Old post, but this used to happen to me and still does sometimes, particularly in the summer.

    Water really does help. Drink a big glass of water in the morning before coffee, and keep your Shabbos nap limited to 45 min.-1 hour. This helps me.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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