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    an idea

    I had an idea which I think can be a big help for parents with kids or singles in shidduchim. Everyone should suggest a few shadchanim, with their contact information and who they cater to, whom had been helpful for them. This way other people in the forum can make new connections in their search for their bashert. I think this can be a great chesed for the community at large.


    My wife and sister in law are shadchanim, but they’re both in eretz yisroel. My wife is less active now as well.

    To be honest, if those could e-mail the standrad info, that would probably make things much simpler. Those original first time long phone calls, then writing things down in a notebook. This way everything gets written down originally, can forward to other shadchanim. No wasting time if we don’t have anything, etc.

    an idea

    So why don’t you list her email address and say which crowd she caters to (i.e yeshivish, college, working, BT)

    No email address’ can be posted.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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