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    I had my shaitel washed and set by a local salon (that does wigs). I wore it to a simcha right after picking it up and tons of hair was falling out on my clothing! Four different times I had to have the back of my jacket cleaned from the loose hairs (tons of them), and within minutes the back of my jacket once again had like 30 or 40 loose hairs on it!! What could be happening?!? I’m so horrified! It’s a $3000 wig!!!! Does anybody know why this might be happening?


    Take the sheitel back immediately. The hairs are not put in properly. Hope you have a receipt….but don’t go on T.V. to prove your point!


    Is this the first time you took it there? How old is the sheitel?


    As a Sheitel Macher, I think we’re missing some parts of the puzzle. You gave it in for a simple wash and set or did you purchase a new wig? Were there any issues with the wig before (if it wasn’t new)?

    Otherwise, what might have occurred was that either a strand loosened (or, more likely, was loose to begin with) or they washed it with an excessive amount of conditioner.


    The wig is not new. I’ve had it for about 3 years (it’s top quality with no issues). I’ve even had it washed and set by this salon before and this has never happened. Each time I ran my fingers through the hair (gently), TONS of hair came out! It looked like the wig was going through chemo! I only asked them to blow the layers back feathered. No chemical treatments or anything unusual. I also began wondering if they might have been cutting some of the hair for their own purposes but the hairs that are falling are full length hairs, not tiny ones like after a haircut! Please tell me what’s going on???


    i think 3k for a shaitel is insane. unless you have extra money laying around it is a shame to spend so much money for that. which by the way, the shaitel is usually beautiful and even nicer than the persons hair, which makes me wonder where the tznius has gone.


    I could never figure out why people would spend 3K on a shaitel, that looks better than their own natural hair…Maybe someone is sending you a message…maybe there is a reason it got damaged…nothing is just a coincidence….

    A Heimishe Mom

    If they used too much conditioner, and scrubbed it in at the net, OR if the blew it or combed it harshly in the wrong direction that could happen. Go back to the salon. If a new person washed it, they need to be retrained. Not sure how they would fix the problem – but that is their problem. At three years old it has nothing to do with your piece.

    doodle jump

    Sorry about the shaytel. I am sure it is extremely frustrating to spend so much money and then this, but please refrain from using “Chemo” to explain your point. No one should ever have to go through it.


    why dont you go right back to them?


    thts annoying. my shietel is 10k


    Mike hall,

    With all due respect, you have no business telling people their property is being damaged because they spent too much money. Did anyone ever tell you that you have floods in your basement, or leaks in your roof because you spent too much on your home? It’s equally inappropriate and uncalled for to try to step into HKB’H’s shoes and judge other people. I didn’t ask for an assessment of my spending habits (of which you know nothing) only advice about what may be happening with a shaitel. Unless you make them or wear them, I’d assume your knowledge is quite limited. By the way, no one said a shaitel had to look ugly to be “kosher”.

    Thank you to all who offered advice. I’m going to speak to the salon about it so they’re aware they may be doing something that’s causing damage.


    The hair may be knotted very loosely and if extreme caution is not taken when being washed, it could cause excessive unknotting of the hairs. From my limited experience, only someone who is an expert should be washing your wig. It needs to be washed while pinned onto a head and definitely no harsh brushing or combing when the hair is wet.

    I have seen in some beauty salons that the wigs are washed by the hired help who work at minimum wage. They use inferior shampoos and conditioners and use excessive force when handling the wigs.

    In my opinion, unless the person who does the washing has any sort of knowledge of the value of what they are handling and that extra TLC needs to be given to an expensive wig, they are not handling it properly. An actual sheitel macher who washes a wig knows that if she won’t take proper care of the wig that she will end up having to deal with the repercussions. I would tend to believe that the minimum wage worker couldn’t care less.

    I hope the salon who did the washing will resolve your issue satisfactorily.

    Good luck!


    I don’t know what’s appropriate to ask for, in response to the damage caused to my wig. I have not brought it in yet. My husband saw what was happening to the wig, and can attest to the fact that some unknown damaged was caused to result in the hair falling out with such frequency. What is appropriate to ask for? Meanwhile, they have two other (older) wigs of mine which wer also recently washed. I shudder to think what damage was caused to those (oy).


    While you are justifiably very upset, may I suggest that you be as calm as possible when presenting your situation. If you will speak when you are extremely distraught you may be ineffective. If you feel you won’t represent yourself in a good light, maybe have someone speak to these people on your behalf.

    Since you only experienced the problem after this recent washing, you might need to speak to the owner of the salon who washed your wig and hear what she has to say. You may also need to speak to the person who sold you the wig as she would likely be the representative between you and the wig company.

    Unfortunately after 3 years you may not have much if any recourse in terms of replacement. Hopefully they will examine the wig carefully and will be able to rectify the problem (even if they charge the cost of the repair)so that you will be able to have continued use from your once beautiful wig.

    Good luck!


    mommamia22…everything happens for a reason and even when it is bad is done from love from hashem. That is the basis of Emunah… Nothing is insignificant…When something happens, especially negative it is important to examine why it happened and figure out how we can improve ourselves…The book The Garden of Emunah, talks about this ….I was just paraphrasing..sorry if I offended….but your right I shouldn’t even be commenting here as I have no business discussing shaitels, since I really have no clue….sorry again….you are 100% right…I was just trying to make you look at the possitive as to why it happened, and not the fact that it gout ruined


    Mike hall

    Sorry if I said it in an offensive way. I’m sensitive, and not too great, as yet, with being appropriately assertive. Didn’t mean to be condescending.


    did you take it back to them?


    Not yet. IY’H, tomorrow.

    tomim tihye


    I experienced a similar loss with a $1600 shaitel that I brought to a salon which, admittedly, had minimal experience with wigs. (I was visiting in a neighborhood that did not have a sheitel macher at that time.)

    I gave it in to be dyed, and the hair practically fell out in clumps when I got it back. I realized that the stylist had brushed out all the knots on my hand-tied wig. The knots had formed a layer just over the net, and now that layer was gone.

    When I showed it to her, she told me it was my fault for not telling her that those knots were not supposed to be there; she thought I just hadn’t cared for it properly, and it got a layer of knots!

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