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    I would like to send my chassan shalach manos, but I can’t think of a cute theme or idea.

    Any ideas?


    you want to really impress him?

    forget cute!

    send him a half pound of lean corned beef between two large slices of rye bread.

    me too

    mod Check with your ???? ????? if that is one ??? or 2


    i dont have to check

    its 2 minim


    boy you sure are a busybody.

    well meaning though

    me too

    u didnt sense a joke?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    and who doesnt like a yenta


    I did a heart theme for my kallah


    If you want something “cute” order online a cookie jar with a picture of you guys on it..I forgot which website does it for ya and bake some choc. chip cookies and put it in.. something like that.

    I TOTALLY agree with Moderator- 80 corn beef idea he will totally love it! just throw in a beer with it lol.But its more of a guy friend idea than a kallah type of idea. You as the kallah should do something cute v. cool.


    Last year I sent the guy I was dating a cute box with pink laffy taffys cause his fav color is pink, hershey kisses, cause everyone loves chocolate and a toy car that he can play with while hes in a boring business meeting…:-)


    when I was a kallah (many moons ago) I sent a huge pink and white, frilly, ribboned basket filled with every conceivable kind of pink wrapped or pink candy in it. I stuck in a baloon that said “it’s a girl” It was a real hit.


    Stickynote, cute idea! I found 2 websites that make such cookie jars.

    Cleve, that’s also a very cute idea!

    Thanks! Keep the ideas coming!


    Dont want to burst your bubble but it is a shaileh wether you can send shalch manos to your chosson/kallah.One is not supposed to send from a man to a women and vice versa.Though you can send it to him or her not personally from you but from your family.

    I actually sent my chosson from my family a beautiful crystal wine decantor with good wine and other things… it want cute but we are still enjoying the decantor every shabbos.


    Purim came out on a Thursday the year that I got married. I got married teh week after Purim. So we sent Misloach Manos/Chassan ufruf package combined. Sort of like a “Chosson Domeh L’melech”. With crowns, pretty chocolates and a tallis. We had Hostess International in BP put it all together. They did a beautiful job!


    I agree with stickynote- A guy wants something cute from his kallah. He doesnt want to think of her as “one of his pals”. He wants her to be feminine

    Send him a corned beef on rye on a regular night…


    a guy wants something that shows that his Kallah is thinking about him and knows what he likes.

    ha ha ha ha

    mod can i get personal??

    what did you send your Kallah??


    “a guy wants something that shows that his Kallah is thinking about him and knows what he likes”

    So for his birthday dinner she will make him a 16 oz steak but for shalach manos??? He wants to show off that he has the most creative kallah

    Jack Daniels

    dunno i’d appreciate a good sandwich over a pink frilled basket any day but it depends on the person you know your chosson best…

Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)
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