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    For the time being, from what I understand, gatherings over 10 people are restricted in EY.

    Did rabbonim already explain what to do about Sheva Brachos for newly married Jewish couples celebrating in Israel?

    Since the Sheva Brachot require the presence of a minyan, and the chatan and kallah must be present, then that’s already a gathering of 11 people.

    Is there a heter to postpone the Sheva Brachos in such extenuating circumstances?

    Thank you


    Forget about Sheva Brochos, what about the Chasuna itself.

    A wedding with only 10 people? (And presumably all 10, except the Kallah, will be men since you need a Minyan.)


    There is no obligation for sheva berachos.
    If during the week after a wedding ten men gather to celebrate with the choson and kallah., then they say sheva berachos if they don’t get together they don’t. There is no obligation to get together for this purpose.


    Sheva Brochos after the wedding is a minhag and not an obligation. After the seven day period one can make a party for the couple, but without the sheva brachos.


    It is not an issue of postponing; they only take place in the first seven days (or three days if it’s a second marriage). There is no chiyuv (requirement) to host meals so we recite sheva brochos. If you have a meal with a minyan and there is a “panim chadashas” (someone who did not attend the chasuna or the seudas nisuin or a previous sheva brochos for this choson and kalah) then you recite the sheva brochos.


    Technically under the regulations you cannot have any Chasuna altogether since the Kallah is one of the ten so there’s no way to have a Minyan.


    joseph: And how many people were at the wedding of Adam and Chava?


    Joseph: You must have a minyan to hold a chasunah?

    I thought that you just needed witnesses, the chatan, and the kallah –technically, those minimum requirements amount to less than 10 people.


    LOT112: Adom and Chava didn’t need a halachic wedding.


    Lightbrite: You make a Sheva Brochos under the Chuppa, which requires a Minyan.


    you need a minyan for brachos and kallah blo bracha . . . .

    Thinking out loud

    You do NOT need a minyan to get married. You need a chassan, a kallah, and 2 kosher Eidim. (It’s a good idea for at least one of those eidim to know the detailed halachos of Erusin, Kedushin etc. to be mesader)

    At such a wedding, there would be no sheva berachos at bentching, since you do need 10 men for that.

    That being said, this is indeed a very painful and sad situation, as historically we certainly have always celebrated chasunos with family and friends sharing, and being mesamayach chassan and kallah. May the powerful tefilos of any chassan and kallah getting married under such circumstances bring us the yeshuos we need at this time!

    “מהרה ישמע בערי יהודה, ובחוצות ירושלים, קול ששון וקול שמחה, קול חתן וקול כלה”


    At this point, it defies logic to think about going ahead with a chasanah absent extenuating circumstances (e.g. grandparents terminally ill whose last wish is to see their grandson/granddaughter married). Why would you want to risk the well-being of family and guests?

    Reb Eliezer

    An enterprising couple in Israel got around the limit of 10 by getting married in a supermarket, where the limit was 100.

    Shopping613 🌠

    As someone living in Israel what I hear is being done are open wedding outside where guests stay far from each other or dance on their own porches nearby. I’ve seen some wedding where the band is on one rooftop. The men’s side is on another and the woman’s side is on another. This allows 30 people to be there.

    People are offering their houses if they have big ones. Having many large room and a roof or a large porch or garden. Splitting up the people per area.

    Me and my husband passed by a wedding last night in our neighborhood. You could see the photographers flashes from far away and the music. It took place in two large gardens next to each other. On the street there were around 50 or more people dressed in shabbos clothing just waiting their turn to go in or having just left.



    GH: growing up I was taught we do not cancel chasunahs. So now chasunahs can take place just with less people.

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