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    To Happy Girl

    This website was started 4 months ago and we made shidduchim from the site. Feel free to contact me and I will try to help you.


    Shidduch World



    why is it that everyone has to pay for advertising except shidduch world? I see a bad trend starting here.

    Joe Schmo

    Maybe start looking at the ads a little before shooting your mouth off like a fool?


    I believe shidduch world is an advertiser on the YWN website.


    just because you cant get a date…web site assisted or not does NOT mean others shouldnt try by any means possible.



    why is that people are so cynical when someone is trying to help other people. and especially with shidduchim which is a problem in our community.


    Most people are cynical about shidduchim period. Not about people trying to help others.

    The reason why people are pessimistic about shiduchim is because what we have now does not work. what people see with shidduch world and other shidduch helping sites is that people are trying to do the same process in different forms and getting the same results. This reminds me of the famous saying by Albert Einstein: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


    jewishandworking22 – that’s why ShidduchWorld should excite people. It’s a new approach. To say that it is producing the same results is unfair, because it’s a new site. But, hopefully, it’ll have a lot of hatzlocha!



    It is not a new approach. It is just packaging the same thing in a new package. People still post resumes online and have to go through a shadchan. This does not work out off the internet, do you think it would work on the internet as well???? All shidduch world does is make resumes more accessible. Personally, I wouldn’t trust any resume posted on an online site, no matter who vetted it.

    I hope they do great, prove me wrong, and show that their concept of shidduch dating will work. But, I’m afraid, history most probably will prove itself again.

    happy girl

    so it’s a NO to online dating. It’s a NO to shadchanim in general. what do you suggest? will you only go out if someone you know knows the girl? what do you think about meeting on your own….the way our parents generation did it (and they turned out fine!!!)


    HAPPY GIRL, looks like we’re not too far from allowing, conducting and promoting singles events in our community. I’ve heard talk about that. Some of the fear has been that some singles might become more “modern” as a result of meeting people from slightly different backgrounds.

    That’s happening even without them going to singles events, as singles get older.


    “That’s happening even without them going to singles events, as singles get older. “

    True enough. As their options dwindle, people make all kinds of compromises. I am not saying that is a bad thing, necessarily. Sometimes the very thing that keeps them single is the inability to be more flexible in their thinking (i.e., a girl who will not go out with a guy who has light-colored hair, or a boy who out of hand refuses a shidduch with a girl who is a size 8, which is NOT fat by the way, you foolish guys and your even more foolish mothers!).


    AZOI its true that singles do become more modern as they become older, probably because most of their friends are married and they have to find new friends and also because of work environments.


    why are we getting of topic? the question is does shidduch world offers more than a regular shaddchan that people seem to have a problem with. not if older singles become more modern.


    happy girl:

    The answer to your question is YES. I usually only go out with a girl if friends, or the shadchan, know me and the girl personally. Not any of my parents friends who remember me when I was six and met a girl for 5 minutes. The same goes for shadchanim. They only meet a girl for a few minutes and have her resume. This does not allow you to set up a girl. You don’t KNOW her.

    I am all for meeting girls on my own, which I do as well.



    I am all for meeting girls on my own, which I do as well.

    Where do you go? This is very helpful info. I know lots of girls who would love to meet a guy on their own.



    I don’t have any specific place. It happens in everyday places and circumstances. It is usually by weddings, or if I see a girl on the train that seems to need a lift or is confused as to what stop to get off, I will go over to her and talk to her. Sometimes the girl comes over to me and asks how to get somewhere and I strike up a conversation. One time I met a girl in the airport while we were waiting for a plane that was delayed (we were pretty much the only two people in the airport (the plane was delayed for 3 hours and neither of us checked before we got there).

    After a few conversations (or one long one) if I am interested I would ask her for her phone number. Sometimes the girl says yes and sometimes no. Call me old fashion, but I like to be pro-active and not complain about any conceived crisis, shadchanim, age-gap, or any other excuse. I still go on shidduch dates, but I go on regular dates as well.


    J and W22 – I like your style. I hope you meet your basherteh soon.


    lol i’m assuming the conclusions drawn in this thread are not necessarily representative of the views of “the yeshiva world.” lol


    To samzyr

    Thank you for bringing our topic back to where it has to be. At Shidduch World we offer an opportunity for singles to browse through profiles without having a Shaddchan push them into something they are not interested in listening to or hearing about. You are the one who is finding your own Shidduch in a very Kosher and Tzniusdike way.

    By knowing that the staff at Shidduch World screen every profile before posting it on their (Shidduch World) website, that should give you the security to know that you are dealing with a frum crowd only. Also by knowing that you won’t have a single contact you without going through a Shaddchan for the first date, you can then feel that you are the one in charge of choosing a zivug that you feel appropriate for yourself.


    what will happen if i like a profile how do i get more info on that person? will u be able to provide me with more info.





    One of the fetures of Shidduch World is that You can ask A Rav Doctor or Shadchan questions about Shidduchim. (without saying who you are)


    I’ve been wondering, if I wanted to go shopping for a dress, and I sent my sister to the store to find me one and she would come home every day with another dress, I think it would take an awfully long time for me to find what I like. Wouldn’t it be a better idea for me to go to the store and pick out myself what I like? Why is is that in shidduchim we are constantly relying on other people to set us up with someone? Why isn’t it possible for girls/boys to access info about girls/boys themselves and pick who they think would be a good candidate. You will more likely like someone you picked out than someone a third party picked out for you. Please answer.

    Our Answer:I’m glad you figured out what shidduch world is all about. Sign up and help yourself.

    What is your answer?


    so u suggest meeting people at single events are the best way to find a shidduch?


    Maybe it is not the best way, but simply one of many ways to find a shidduch. The idea is to keep an open mind and not get boxed into only one method, especially when it is not working for you.


    so then it might be a good idea this shidduch world

    happy girl

    shidduch solution:

    I was looking at the shidduch world website and I was just wondering why it does not ask if the boy went to college. It only asks for a job description. If someone writes, for example, sales it could mean that the boy has a college degree in buisness or finance… yet, it could also mean that the person never went to college at all. College is important to many girls so I think it would be an important peice of imformaion to write on the profile. What do you think?


    “If someone writes, for example, sales it could mean that the boy has a college degree in buisness or finance… yet, it could also mean that the person never went to college at all.”

    IMO, it does not matter, I never took any college courses and I work with many people who have college degrees. Not only do I make more money than most of them, I also know more about the work we do and in general do a better job than they do. I am confident that if you were to compare my work to that of my college educated contemporaries you would believe I was better educated than them. The reason for this is that I had good role models growing up and I saw that a good work ethic and desire to succeed is all that is needed to be successful (provided that you are fairly intelligent). Why would you say that college education is important when looking for a shidduch? I personally prefer not to go out with girls who are college educated (it usually wouldn’t be a deciding factor) b/c they tend to look down on people like me and I have a general disdain for education.


    the best training is actual experience :D:D:D…


    To happy girl

    It is very important that we have that on our web site. On the third Page it asks about collage and anything that’s not in our questionnaire can be filled in at about yourself on Page 2. If you have any suggestions how we can approve our web site, Please send us an e-mail [email protected]


    surely you meant IMPROVE…not APPROVE 🙂 sorry to steal your job haifagirl:)

    Pashuteh Yid

    I am confused. Shidduch World says it has the backing of prominent Rabbonim. But there is now a ban on frum internet sites. Will Shidduch World have to close now?


    To bombmaniac

    Thanks for pointing out my typo

    It is very important that we have that on our web site. On the third Page it asks about collage and anything that’s not in our questionnaire can be filled in at about yourself on Page 2. If you have any suggestions how we can improve our web site, Please send us an e-mail [email protected]

    almost got it, it’s college


    To Pashuteh Yid

    When I asked R’ Shmuel Kamintzky about my web site, He said it’s a great thing. I then asked Him how can it be great if it uses the internet? His answer was that Hatzolos Nifoshos is Doiche the Issur of the internet.

    Thanks for asking.

    Moshe S.


    Shidduch Solution; “College” i’m sorry too haifagirl.


    bombmaniac and b_h: That’s okay. I’m very happy to share the workload with others. 🙂


    do u have any shadchanim that approve of this method and are ready to also work with u?

    cause technically u need more names to make it happen. do u put in names without permission from them or the people have to do it them-self.


    Shidduchworld does have hired Shaddchanim that only get paid if they are paired up with a regitered member, by that member.

    The Shidduchworld website does not accept anyones information if it was not put in with that individuals permission.


    wow i went to the web site i see it has more names but still not enough. do u think that people are starting to come to it or is it just my imagination. how do you really plan on getting more people to sing on cause technically that would be one of the only ways of success.


    Thanks samzyr

    Shidduch World is always trying to expand their database. We have ads in a few Newspaper and Banners on about 9 websites. If you have any other ideas of how we can expand our database and generate more trafic please let us know [email protected]

    We are trying new ideas such as Facebook (you can find us under Shidduch Velt).

    We just merged with another Shidduch group and hopefully that will bring us many more profiles. The more traffic the more Shidduchim.

    Shidduch World Staff

    732 534-4539


    Does anyone know what happened to this site? If you try to access, it doesn’t load. Did the site fold?


    The site must have folded; I tried pinging it, and there was no response.

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