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    I don’t see the way out! HELP!




    you may hit some more icebergs along the way. Everything good comes with work and difficulties. ‘sheva yipol tzadik” – before reaching the destination. so, understand tis a part of the process, its also a way for Hashem to test us and help us build trust and Emunah, and allow him to navigate for us.

    Once you went thru difficulties, you will be a stronger person adn able to handle better life challanges, and always there are some…

    and the sun will shine tomorrow!



    You may have hit an iceberg, but (unlike the Titanic) you’ll IY”H bounce off of it and continue on your way.

    I know some people who met their bashert on the first date and others who went out with over 100 people before they met the right one. B”H their length of time “in the parsha” makes no difference to their happiness or satisfaction with their bashert.

    Everybody has their ups and downs, just remember “gam zeh (feeling down about the current situation) ya’avor” – you’ll IY”H find the correct person (maybe she’ll even be a football fan ?).

    Hatzlocha raba.



    I owe you an apology for a mistake I made.

    I confused you with a different poster with a similar SN who’s been posting on a sports-related thread.

    You are clearly not the same person – and likely not a “he” either.

    I’m sorry for the confusion.

    Once again, I wish you much hatzlocha – to quote Rav Scheinberg “keep smiling and keep going”.


    Thank You i can only try u certainly did try your best! i am not a he. but thanks for all kind words!!!


    If u like, I am willing to talk with you. ask the mod to email me your info and phone numbers, and best time to call.


    What exactly happened that made you feel so stuck?


    Maybe you should go on a vacation…get away and relax that might help!


    If u like, I am willing to talk with you. ask the mod to email me your info and phone numbers, and best time to call.

    Are you suggesting she speak to a professional?

    (Or are you actually that type of professional and my joke is not funny at all.)


    bochur, many issues are not something a person would want to publish here, for that reason I offered a confidential consult.


    To the precious student..

    I received and read your letter. I must say that I have not reached a level where I can give advice to people, telling them exactly what to do. However, I will reply and respond to your remarks according to my limited understanding.

    It seems to me that you are trying very hard to grow in Torah and Yiras Shamayim and that you are certainly fulfilling your required efforts and Hishtadlus in this regard. However, you now find yourself in a position where you simply need help from outside. The logical explanation for this, is simply because all lofty and spiritual pursuits requires special assistance above and beyond our physical capabilities. Therefore, I am providing you with the name and address of someone who can surely help you.

    They call him God.

    Whoever will give you different advice, it is only a waste of your time to pursue such advice. Simply turn to the one who can truly help you (Hashem Yisborach) and grab hold of him and never let go until you achieve that which your heart desires!

    Shimshon Dovid Pincus


    Professional- and how would she know if you’re not just a guy looking for a date?

    In what area are you a professional??


    maybe you should rethink the shidduch dating method… why don’t you try to get set up by a friend who knows you? It seems as if you’re just going on blind dates and expect it to work. Think about it, does that make any sense at all??


    mms601, that was a beautiful letter. Thanks for posting!


    I just met a mother who told me she just did a shidduch with her daughter. Her daughter was getting older every day-and there were three girls right after her b”h. NOTHING was going-you can imagine that she was worried. Anyway, her husband went to Israel for a sibling’s wedding, somebody redd the shidduch, the father met the boy, the girl flew to Israel, they met, the girl called her mother who flew to Israel, and the couple got engaged. Talk about k’heref ayin. (it is chassidish, so the speed is not so unusual) The boy is two years younger than the girl ! So don’t get discouraged. Although it is very hard, all your pain can be turned into laughter in minutes.


    mms601: thank you for posting the letter. You can’t imagine how much I needed to read it:)

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