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    You heard it here first. Everyone who follows these Roshei Yeshiva (which include Rabbis Aurbach, Vosner & Kotler) is Mechuyav to leave Israel to escape the Shmad that is happeing to Klal Yisroel. Furthermore, one is Mechyav to kill him/her self (Shmad is Yehareg V’Al Yaavor) rather than stay in Israel and be drafted.

    In print 🙂



    Ah bissel chutzpahdik dotn you think?


    Allah will smile upon them,.


    But of course, any property tax or arnona exemptions that their yeshivos (the ones in Israel) might have should be continued (and yes, institutions get exemptions from local taxes that business and private individuals have to pay), even though they are from the government perpetrating the shmad; any subsidies they might get from the shmad government for utilities consumption, infrastructure upgrades, repair and upkeep of public access, and any other exemption or subsidy obtained from the government should be continued, because everyone is entitled, right? No moral quandary there.



    Why is that chutzpahdik?


    Gavra at work, the gedoilim, will give exact instructions as necassary, and until they invite you to join them on the moi’etzes, I assume that they can manage.

    Gedoilim who have reffered to this as gezeiras shmad also include r’ yisroel of vizhnitz, the rebbe of Sanz in e”y, and R’ Dovid of brisk.

    BEWARE, starting with gedoilim can be very dangerous.


    Gavra at work, starting with gedoilim is dangerous, starting with a p’sak of numerous gedoilim and poiskim is akin to starting with the toira itself.

    Also be aware that there were numerous gedoilim from previous generations who held this way, and the mainstream army has only grown worse.


    I doubt very highly that a single “gadol” has seen this. Probably a lot of “Ketanim”, but no “Gedolim”. That is why it is in print.

    That being said, since you two (or one) believe it is Shmad, what are you doing about it?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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