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    Did everyone sign the petition? Last Chance, Please click on this link, and do your duty as Acheinu Bnei Yisroel

    d a

    Signature Goal: 30,000

    19,071 Petitions Signed!

    YOU can make a difference!


    yes, I did.


    If anyone needs information on the travesty please read “Perfidy in Iowa” Please sign the petition and forward it to as many people as possible.


    i signed it (actually twice) but how exactly is it supposed to help? if lets say 30,000 ppl sign than what? he will walk away free?


    i signed the petition already and all we could really do is send money to the ppl helping him and DAVEN!


    And you guys were worried about the Japanese judicial system. American courts have always judged and sentenced Yiden with an iron hand and are now seeking a life term for Rubashkin. As far as Yiden are concerned, plea bargains were made to be broken, ask Jonathan.


    Last night I heard an interview with the son of Mr. Rubashkin. It’s so sad.

    d a

    The following is an e-mail I just got from EQUAL AND FAIR JUSTICE FOR SHOLOM RUBASHKIN,

    You signed the petition, EQUAL AND FAIR JUSTICE FOR SHOLOM RUBASHKIN, on Apr 8, 2010. The petition received 37411 signatures. The petition author,, has now closed the petition and posted the results:

    Message from the petition author,


    Dear Friend,

    Thank you for signing the Justice For Sholom Petition. Your expression of concern and request that Sholom be treated fairly was joined by many major Jewish organizations from all across the spectrum, including the ADL, Simon Weisenthal Center and representatives from major Chassidic, Orthodox, Reform, and Conservative organisations. Please G-d, the incredible unity among Jews worldwide will bring many open and revealed blessings for the Rubashkin family and all of Israel.

    By signing this petition you fulfilled the greatest Mitzvah in the Torah “To Love your Fellow Jew as yourself”.

    As we stand on the eve of sentencing, your prayers (and extra Mitzvos) for a just outcome for Sholom, his wife and 10 children would be most appreciated: Sholom Mordechai HaLevi Ben Rivkah.

    Our sages teach us, One Mitvoh Leads to another.: Sholom who was known for his incredible generosity is now destitute. Hundreds of stories of his discreet generosity have emerged. One such, told by a young boy who witnessed Sholom coming out of the bank with 10,000 in Cash. He encountered a worried individual and asked for the reason of his concern. When he learned that this poor man was marrying off his daughter and did not have a penny to his name, Sholom, without any fanfare took the 10k in cash and put it in this mans pocket and walked away.

    Although Sholom has made mistakes and used poor judgement, he is anything but what the goverment has portrayed him to be. He is a selfless person who has helped thousnads and thousands of Jews and non-Jews in need.

    Sholom has a long legal fight ahead of him (with trumped up state charges as well to face). His wife and children -including a severely autistic child- are destitute.

    Please consider making a donation to help this family. You can do so by texting JUSTICE followed by a space and the amount you wanto give to 27138 (E.g. Text JUSTICE 18 to 27138) or by sending an email with a pledge amount to [email protected] You can also visit for other donation methods. Any amount is appreciated and necessary.


    The Justice for Sholom Committee would also like to bring to your attention the plight of the many thousands of Jews -and their families- in prison in the US, and the ALEPH Institute that caters to their needs.

    There are over four thousand Jewish men and women in American prisons all across this country. Many times there are very few Jewish inmates in an individual prison and it can be very difficult if not impossible to observe Torah and Mitzvot . To lift up the spirits of a Jew in prison is fulfilling “Love your fellow Jew as yourself” on the highest level. In one aspect, there is no worse situation that a human being can be in than prison. When one loses his or her freedom it is even worse than being sick because in prison you lose all control of your own life. A person may be in prison for committing a crime and may deserve to be there but we still have to show them love and help them to mend their ways and return to society as law abiding and contributing members of society. The Aleph Institute has been working with and assisting Jewish prisoners for close to thirty years all over the United States.

    Every day, over 25,000 American Jews are punished with overwhelming and unbearable challenges%u2014due to no crime of their own, they are the wives, husbands, parents and children of individuals in prison. When a family member is in prison, the remaining family is confronted with momentous challenges. They face a confusing judicial system, financial ruin, embarrassment and total despair.

    The ones that suffer the most are the children. These innocent souls need financial support, emotional support and guidance. They need to feel that there is normalcy in their little lives. In most cases the children of incarcerated parents suffer deeply. They feel loneliness, depression, insecurity, guilt and severance from their incarcerated parent. Such inconsistency puts these children at a much higher risk of being involved with the criminal justice system as adults. It is imperative that we help and support them while they are still young.

    How can one describe the heartbreak of a child who sits by the phone and waits for her father to call with his allotted 15 minutes to say goodnight? Can we understand a child%u2019s painful realization that he can not ask for a bicycle so that he can ride with his friends, due to the family%u2019s lack of money to pay the bills? Imagine the feelings that rush through a child%u2019s head as she watches her friend%u2019s parents cheerfully meet their daughter after school, while she will have to wait for her heart broken mother or grandmother to pick her up after work. What is the holiday experience for a child whose parent is in prison? The usual joyful and life altering moments of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16s, graduations, and weddings become lacking in ways that seem impossible to overcome.

    This short insight does not do true justice to the pain, suffering and disintegration that these families continually experience.

    These families need guidance, financial and emotional support. These families desperately need our help.

    Please visit and/or email [email protected]

    Please consider getting involved, lending an ear or a hand to a fellow Jew in prison and/or his/her family left behind.

    Maimonides teaches us that we ought to to look at the world as though it’s on a scale that’s perfectly balanced between good and bad. And, one extra Mitzvah (my mitzvah!) can tip the scale and usher in the era of redemption!

    May we all merit the ultimate redemption speedily in our days!

    Care2’s PetitionSite hosts thousands of petitions created by individuals and organizations. Keep making a difference by taking more action:

    d a

    You can hear the interview with Getzel Rubahkin, the son of Reb Sholom and an interview with Reb Nochum Bauman, a Rebbe in Chicago, who went to visit Reb Sholom by calling the Kol HaOlam Hotline at 718-305-5000 and dialing prompt 4 then 1. For Getzel Rubahkin, dial 27#. For Reb Nochum Bauman, dial 26#.

    d a

    Anybody know why the sentencing was pushed off? Is this a good thing? (please don’t answer “Yes” or “No” without explaining why) Thanks!

    d a

    New interview with.Rav Getzel about his father and grandfather’s case now on the Kol HaOlam hotline. Call 718-305-5000 and dial 4 then 1 then 31#

    d a

    I mentioned Kol HaOlam a niumber of times, you should know that Kol HaOlam also has News Report twice a day (2 different reporters), Flash News, Topics of Interest, Aaron Klein Reports (as mentioned elsewhere, Klein will not be repoting on the hotline dor a while as he promotes his new book), Interviews, Helth Section including Mordechai Weinberger, Shiurim including Reb Nochum Bauman, Weather, Zmanim, Music Section, Communit Talk (a replica of the CR but not as good), and more (I think!)

    mt mehdi

    Why haven’t we seen a similar outburst of support for Jonathan Pollard?

    d a

    I apologize for my speling erors, I was typing on a blackberry.

    d a

    Taken from the main YWN page

    State Rests Case Against Sholom Rubashkin

    (Tuesday, May 25th, 2010)

    The state rested its case against former Agriprocessors executive Sholom Rubashkin shortly before noon this morning.

    The jury was sent home until Wednesday morning when the defense will begin with its witnesses. The prosecutors and defense will return this afternoon when the defense likely will ask the jury for a directed verdict of acquittal.

    The last prosecution witness, Elmer Lopez Marroquinn, told jurors he told labor investigators he was under age 18 before the May 2008 immigration raid.

    Lopez Marroquinn, a Guatemalan resident who started working for Agriprocessors at the age of 16, said a plant human resources employee told him not to reveal his true age before he met with the inspectors.

    But Lopez Marroquinn said he told labor inspectors his real name and age during the private interview. He also told investigators there were other minors at the Postville meatpacking plant.

    After answering questions, he went back to work and continued his employment at the plant until the immigration agents raided the facility a month later.

    Another witness, Luis Nava Gonzales, who was 17 when he started working at Agriprocessors in March 2008, recounted the same meeting with labor inspectors.

    But Nava, who spoke without the assistance of an interpreter, said he told inspectors he was old enough to work at the plant.

    Under cross-examination, the defense showed him a statement he signed at the conclusion of the labor interview.

    The April 2008 document showed that Nava said he was 19 with a date of birth of 1987. That would have made him 21, and Nava picked up on the inaccuracy while he examined it from the stand.

    Some of the more confrontational parts of the trial so far came during a heated exchange when defense attorney Montgomery Brown asked Nava about his duties wielding a chain saw on the beef kill floor.

    When Brown pressed Nava, asking him if work on the floor stopped when the rabbis went home, Nava appeared to read something more into the question.

    Brown let him continue and asked if there was anything else he wanted to say about his client.

    (Source: WCF Courier)


    i don’t understand what’s going on here…


    anyone know when the verdict will be?

    d a

    Anybody following the trial? Some updates anyone?

    d a

    I’m surprised no one else pulled this thread out. I was very busy yesterday to post in the CR…

    (Monday, June 7th, 2010)

    Sholom Rubashkin has been found not guilty on all 67 misdemeanor child labor charges, media outlets report.

    WCF Courier reports: Former Agriprocessors executive Sholom Rubashkin has been acquitted of allowing minors to work at the Postville slaughterhouse.

    The jury indicated they had reached a verdict shortly before 1 p.m. Monday.

    Jurors acquitted him of all 67 counts of child labor violations.

    Rubashkin is awaiting sentencing on federal bank fraud charges in connection with loans Agriprocessors received. Federal immigration charges stemming from the May 2008 raid at the plant were dropped earlier.

    State labor officials began investigating information that minors worked at the plant in the months before the May 2008 immigration raid.

    Prosecutors said Rubashkin, who was described at the CEO and co-vice president of the company, knew underage workers held jobs at the facility and did nothing to remove them or change hiring practices.

    Twenty-six former Agriprocessors employees from Guatemala and Mexico testified they had worked at the plant as teenagers. The state said they worked with dangerous chemicals and some tended power-driven equipment like conveyor belts.

    You can see comments from the main page by following this link:!.html#comments

    Copy the bold</stromg> words above into your browser.


    D a, we were all too busy rejoicing at the good news and praying for the future!


    Glad hes not guilty. We new it all along. Too bad their going to keep him locked up anyway. Only goes to show that theyre all against us. Who else could be found not guilty and still be sentenced to a long jail sentence?


    MR, he was found not guilty in this trial. He’s in jail because he was found guilty for another trial.


    This is a very sad day for klal yisroel. Hashem should watch over him and his family.


    I cannot belive the sentence he was handed today. He may beat it on appeal, but it is still very chilling; a real wake up call.


    Only goes to show you that their all Anti-Semites. He was found not guilty and hes still going to jail for 27 years. I will never again salute the flag or say that i love the way america treeted the yiden. we need to get out of this horrible land and get to eretz yisroel where we belong.


    “we need to get out of this horrible land and get to eretz yisroel where we belong”

    The problem that the “law and justice” in Israel is starting to resemble a communist state where people understandably don’t want to live in.

    The story with Rubashkin is Hashem’s wake up call to remind us that we are in golus.

    d a

    To hear recordings from the Kinnus held in BP and Queeens:

    –Call Kol HaLashon at 718-906-6410 and dial 8, 15 and then listen to the prompts.

    –Call Kol HaLashon at 718-906-6410 and dial 8, 2, 1 15

    –Call the Chazak Line at 718-258-2008 and press option 4 then listen to the prompts.

    You can then press 1 to be conected to a live operator who will take your donation.

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