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    Many publishers of periodicals and websites include a caveat along the lines of “all shailos should be asked to your LOR” (Yeshiva World is to be commended for “….ask a Rov” although “Posek would be much better)

    I strongly belive that the phrase “Local Orthodox Rabbi & its abreviation LOR” should be replaced by something like “Your Personal Halachic advisor” LOR is so vague

    How Orthodox is the LOR? How knowlegable is he in areas other the run of the mill Issur V’Heter? An example I do not ask my Dayan any shailos regarding technology, great Talmid Chachom,Yorei Shamyim and More Hoaroah that he is. He just not have the knack for technology.

    What does a Sefardi do if he happens to be in a community whose “local Orthodox Rabbi” learned in Ashkenazi yehivos & had shimush under Ashkenazim? How proficent is this LOR in the Peaskim of Chacham Ovadia Shlita and other contemporay Sefardi Poskim?


    great point, okay, from now on everyone please replace LOR by: “YLEIHQTGAPITPAOHIWYHTSSAWPATYAH”

    your local expert in Halacha, qualified to give a psak in the particular area of Halacha in which you have this specific shaila, and who Poskins according to your ancestral heritage.

    “Your Personal Halachic advisor” as you suggested if far too nonspecific and could be interpreted in different ways. I think with my suggestion there is no room for misunderstanding.


    You are nitpicking. LOR is perfectly acceptable. Not all Jews in America live in NYC where your LOR is on your block and if you really need more halachic proficiency you just go around the corner. If someone has a bad cold or fly you go to your local doctor. If it’s more than that he sends you to a spcialist. Halacho questions aren’t any different. The big problem here is that every other guy who knows a little halacho and can be a good melakeit puts out a sefer and puts in a caveat, this sefer shouldn’t be used to paskin, go to your LOR. Every Jewish site publishes articles on every sugya in shas and then says, ask your LOR. The Jewish web sites are all doing it l’shem shomayim, to help people. But they can’t write every halachic nuance that can occur so they say LOR. There is no other choice. And as Mod-80 says, not even the great poskim are perfectly aware of all aspects of modern living to paskin perfectly.


    LOR is fine, if he doesnt know he wont pasken and he will tell you who does know and who to call, my Rav is a big posek but there are certain topics that he isnt the most knowledgeable in and for those shailos he tells me who to call.


    My LOR is very knowledgeable and when he can’t poskin a shilah he goes to the renowned poskim. There is nothing wrong here with either the process or the terminology.


    According to R’ Shlomo Aviner, if a person is yodea sefer and can learn poskim on a particular issue, than they don’t have to ask a rov. A rov should be asked in all cases that are complicated, especially. It depends on how well a person knows the mekoros and the metziut. If it is a compelx issue, ask, if it is something like I used a milchig ladle to serve chicken soup, than the answer can be found in any array of seforim that are widely available.


    Charlie if you sub PHA for LOR does it change anything,about your relationship with him?

    Other than ?????


    Yf you sub PHA for LOR does it change anything,about your relationship with him?

    Other than ????? Arba Minim and a bruised chicken(how often does this come up in todays shrink wrapped world) how many Shailos require the physical proximity of the moreh horoah? If the term local refers to his authority as ??? ?????, how is this applicable outside of 1 kehila/1 Rav communities. Is everyone’s definition of Orthodox uniform? Is every administrator of an ed mosad,employee of an orgniazation (yes the controller, legal counsel,newsletter editor) day school Rebbe a quailified moreh horoah?

    Is the cutodian of the shtiebel next door a LOR whom you can ask Shailos? He is loacl Orthodox & a Rabbi.

    I still think the emphais should be on “persoanal” which reflects your trust of the man’s competence ad Yiras Shomayim and his familirity with your circumstances and background.


    RebDoniel posted the following in the Remington shaver thread

    When it comes to psak halacha, my deeling is that due to the complexity of metziut, especially today, in terms of the amount of knowledge needed on areas like economics/banking policies, technology, medicine, food chemistry, animal husbandry, vegetation, chilazon species, etc. it is important to ask very specific sheilos of rabbonim who have takent he time to learn the relevant and necessary metziut. I am learning Issur ve Heter for semicha right now, learn from many halacha seforim, and know iyun in Nashim and Nezikin, Tanach, mefarshim, mussar, chassidus, etc., but this does not make me an expert in the mechanics of Remington shavers, the implications of FDIC policies on Ribbis, gastric juices in cows (treifos), or bug infestation patterns in North American spinach fields. Therefore, once I get semicha, I would defer to the authority and knowledge of a posek who is an expert in the requisite areas should someone ask me a sheila. In the case of the shavers, I can parrot what gedolim and men much greater than I have said on the issue, but would urge anyone who has a shaver that might not be “on the list” to visit a posek who knows enough about the shavers to issue a psak. Individual circumstances also matter- someone with the proper skill may allow a shaver for hefsed merubeh, etc.


    Although I suppose “consult you Posek” is technically more accurate than LOR, I think the vast majority of people will consult the same person no matter what you call him.


    I think the vast majority of people will consult the same person no matter what you call him.

    i actually used to consult a well known Posek but since someone once wrote to “ask your LOR” i now go to any local orthodox Rabbi. i always take everything literally and do whatever some stranger on the internet tells me. thats why i agree that this is a very important issue.

    thats why we really should change it to: YLEIHQTGAPITPAOHIWYHTSSAWPATYAH

    im sure we can stop everyone in the world from using this archaic and easily misunderstood “LOR” if we decide the matter here

    shall we take a vote?


    Mr. 80 YLEIHQTGAPITPAOHIWYHTSSAWPATYAH sounds fine but its a mouthful! maybe just use the first and last letter of the mumblejumble to Y”H?


    And all this time I’m thinking LOR is a reference to the Life Of Rily, one of the all time great radio shows. Go figure.


    no blinky

    this is too important to take a chance on any misunderstanding.

    people might think you mean to consult your “youth hostel”

    or “young husband” or even “Yitzchak Horowitz”


    Life Of Reilly belongs in a shidduch thread.


    You’re Hillarious!!!!!


    Is YLEIHQTGAPITPAOHIWYHTSSAWPATYAH your Polish friend? Or was that Superman’s nemesis friend with the black cloud over his head?


    YLEIHQTGAPITPAOHIWYHTSSAWPATYAH. Sounds like the name of the last Dell customer service rep I spoke with.


    Thank you for putting that here.

    My point is that there is, to a degree, the presence of halachic specialists, who know the metziut on a particular area inside and out so well that they are the ones we should hold by. For example, while Rav Beslky doesn;t have a college degree, he has an incredible knowledge of bovine anatomy and physiology that is needed for one to know hilchos treifos and Maseches Chullin well.


    In general you will get a more “right wing” answer from the YWN Coffeeroom and a more “moderate” answer from your LOR.

    At least that has been my own personal experience.


    My experience has been the opposite.


    “In general you will get a more “right wing” answer from the YWN Coffeeroom and a more “moderate” answer from your LOR. At least that has been my own personal experience.”

    What does that have to do with this anything? This thread was opened questioning whether the terminology we use in certain cases is correct, not whether the CR is too right-wing or not.

    And besides, as Helpful has shown, experiences vary.


    I hear you all !! WE all know what LOR means and implies, but if we are all so smart than why do we need the caveat to begin with?

    For the not yet , soon to be, almost there etc (and there are quite a few who visit the YW CR as we can see from some comments)

    There are quite some sites and periodicals geared to the WHOLE Jewish audience and quite a few geared to the not yet etc.

    The chamelon

    There may be a very important message in personal halachic advisor. IE ESTABLISH A RELATIONSHIP WITH ONE


    B”H our LOR is a posek who gets calls from around the world.

    But I think that the term LOR is understood, not in the literal sense of “local”, but rather as being the Rav you personally ask shialas of, whether he’s your shul’s Rav, a Rosh Yeshiva, your Rebbe from EY, or whomever.


    Is YLEIHQTGAPITPAOHIWYHTSSAWPATYAH your Polish friend? Or was that Superman’s nemesis friend with the black cloud over his head”

    Mr. Mxyzptlk…I think

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