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    Should Yeshivas and day schools stay open during this coronavirus epidemic? Does it make a difference if there is an active case of coronavirus in the same city as the yeshiva or should schools just close stam because of the risk of infection? Just to hear your thoughts…


    It is practically impossible to keep kids away from each other out of school. In many ways the sanitary conditions in school are better regulated and easier to control than at random homes. Kids should be in school. Especially bochurim.


    It may be an academic question. Both NY and NJ will likely have mandated closure for ALL schools immediately.

    Reb Eliezer
    s99 hakkor

    i think in a school where there are rebbis age 68 and up they should be shut bec. its dangerous for them u know what im saying


    Our two largest Jewish day schools have already been closed for weeks. There are dozens of COVID-19 positive cases among faculty, staff, and students, and everyone affiliated is in quarantine.

    meir G

    in NY – private schools are not mandated to close . BH 40 mosdos zenen ofen heint

    Old Crown Heights

    “BH 40 mosdos zenen ofen heint” – Who needs grandparents anyway. And do kids really need their diabetic fathers and mothers, especially if the parent also has high blood pressure? Better sit in class another week. If the older generation suffers or c”v dies from Coronavirus, the tinokes shel beis rabon can get their delicious nosh and soda from someone else. (sarcasm)


    Old Crown heights: I know you were being sarcastic but how many yeshivos have children enrolled who are living with type 1 diabetes who are at a higher risk of complications for Covid-19.


    The risk of transmission in children’s schools is very low.

    anonymous Jew

    Meir g, you are incorrect. Nassau and Suffolk counties have shut down all schools. both public and private

    Old Crown Heights

    Hi lowerourtuition11210: The way I understand it, the kids will bring the COVID-19 home and infect their parents and (if not isolated) grandparents who will experience this novel coronavirus differently than the kids do. My initial reaction was to crack ‘jokes’ such as, we have to learn more, as it says, “s’nu COVID la’Torah …” But now it’s sunk in. COVID-19 is real. At the current rate of infection (no matter how much you wash your hands) 40%-70% of the population will get sick. Most people will have a “mild” form of the disease. Many (numbers-wise not percentage-wise) will get very sick and die. We need to try and slow the rate of infection. Because if the lines for treatment at hospitals start looking like the lines for toilet paper at Target, doctors will start making decisions about who gets on a ventilator and who doesn’t. That’s where Italy is today. Who wants to be responsible for bringing home the virus that sends a family member to their death without a tahara?

    Amil Zola

    Does anyone know if the closed schools undergoing a cleaning and disinfection process.


    Dr. Joseph, please provide evidence for your statement that the risk is “very low.”


    NYC expects us to leave home to move cars, while they close our kids schools, and ask us to work from home. Alternate Side Parking needs to be suspended for the next few weeks. #COVID19

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    Doing my best

    In Lakewood the Mesivtas are all moving into shuls in groups of less than 50 starting Wednesday . elemenatry schools are trying to find hosts for classes.


    Joseph – your comment is nonsense. The CDC says where there is significant community spread (e.g. Brooklyn) school systems should consider closing to slow and stop the spread. In fact the risk of transmission with kids is plenty high, what you mean is the risk they die from it is low. That said, they will contribute to the spread throughout the community with the associated dire consequences. Even Trump, the messiah to so many here, is saying that everything should shut-down and people should not be in groups of more than ten and you should practice the necessary social distancing. If Trump a huge doubter of this epidemic at first (look at his comments from just the first half of last week) with access to the all the resources on this has come around in a big way, you should be very concerned about this as well. Our actions today will save lives in the coming weeks or cost them. Which side of the equation do you want to be on?

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