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    I’m looking into buying my husband a shtender for his birthday. Any suggestions, and ideas of best places (yes, I am willing to go to Brooklyn to shop) to buy one.


    I’d also be interested in the recommendations.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I personally prefer to learn at the table; I don’t use my shtender, (although it’s possible that if I had a tabletop shtender, I would use it). So my first recommendation is to make sure he actually would use it, or buy from a store with a good return policy.

    When I do use a shtender (on occasion in a beis medrash), I prefer a solid wood one with a good foot rest. I don’t enjoy the pressed wood adjustable top model, although it has adjustable height as well as angle, so some do prefer it. I once received one as a gift, but it didn’t hold up well (although it’s possible that they are now better made).

    Your best option is to buy from a store with many models available so that if he indeed wants one, he can always exchange for the model he wants. If the store has a good money-back return policy, but a more expensive model (depending on your budget, of course), because otherwise he might feel awkward exchanging for a better one.


    Charlie, I’m mainly responding just to push this topic back up on the list, in the hope that some people will respond to it.


    Any large Judaica store such as Eichler’s in Boro Park or Flatbush should have a variety to choose from. You may try to access either on line and see what they have available before you even leave home.


    I personally enjoy using the adjustable shtender. You can sit or stand with it. It’s a safe bet, unless you are looking for appearances (as in a piece of furniture)


    i looked into purchasing a shtender a couple years ago so i could constantly move around to different areas to study (to make it convenient and to keep from getting tired or bored) such as a podium, shtender, table, chair, school desk-table combination. i actually prefer a very low table and school chair like a elementary school activity table.

    i searched the internet and didnt really find anything that wasnt expensive or looked proper, (im facinated by the logistics related to the purchase of antiidolatry items and how to make the purchase given all the different options, it seems impossible given the method of purchasing; but thats another topic)

    i saw on kikarhashabat that some use very simple shtenders (couldnt cost more than $15) even some that were hand made using just a couple pieces of wood, i would have attempted making one but it seemed too time consuming and i get depressed when i fail at something so simple so actually i just never got one.

    i also looked into those things the muslims use when they sit on the floor to study. it would be convenient to have little study stations everywhere with books already open.


    Ideally, it should look nice, as well as have functionality. It would be in the living room. It’s good that I threw this question into the CR, because I wouldn’t have thought about a foot rest or adjustablility.

    Generally, isn’t Eichlers a little pricey?


    A Woman outside bklyn

    You really need to know what type of shtender your husband would like before buying.

    If you really want to surprise him, you can try speaking to his chavrusa to get his preference.


    I think you mentioned that you work at Yeshiva University.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Another thing to consider is the base. Some are elegantly rounded, but tip easily. Others are straight and more sturdy.

    If you have young children who might swing on it, then that is an important consideration. We have one with a rounded base and it wasn’t a good idea – we have to stop it falling over when the children play with it.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I can only try.:)

    A Woman outside bklyn and Charlie,

    You could look at ideas at an online Judaica website (Eichler’s has one, for example).


    hi i bought one for my husband at flohrs. they are on 13th ave bt 46th and 47th. it has a black metal frame and a wood looking surface. the surface tilts to diff angles and the height is adjustable. My husband seems to like it and it’s a great place to store the seforim that he and my son are currently using while they are not using them.


    Thanks for all your suggestions. Since I am hoping this will be a surprise, as he thinks I’m buying him something in the electronics realm, I’ll just have to guess on what he might like, and hope that a store will accept an exchange if necessary.

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