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    Very funny! You know what I meant..


    As someone who wasn’t raised speaking Yiddish, I could go on and on about all the lines I’ve misheard from Country Yossi where he switches from English to Yiddish mid-sentence!


    bookworm: could we hear some?


    Since I have no clue where my source material (aka ancient cassettes) went and I wouldn’t be listening to them for a good few weeks anyway, here’s what I have from memory:

    “Drinking a lechaim and you’re going to shomayim yaya oh Bobby that’s what I liiiike!”

    “Tell me, Bubby, what happened to pizza Zeyde?! What’s in the hay?! … Ahahahaha! Okay, bubby, you knooooow what Ah like!”

    Those two are from “The Big Knocker,” and after all these years, I still have no idea what that even means. 😀

    Country Yossi, I hope you read this on your show.


    An earlier post in this thread evoked a (purposely) long-forgotten earworm, so here’s my take on “Mother” as performed Maydad Tasa (completely from memory):

    Mother you love me

    Who is always there for me

    Mother who worries

    Still who always comforts me

    You fill my life with happiness and joy

    You are the only one who knows what’s in my soul

    You hear when something hurts badly

    You’re filled with life and live it only

    You guide me with your smile and warm embrace

    You hear when something hurts badly (or a similar phrase)

    May you be joy-filled deeply only

    You hold me tight ’til I am safe again

    ….and then lots of “Ohwhoawhoawhoa”-ing. *curtsies*

    I always figured an Israeli who didn’t ehhh to speak English good wrote the song, so I didn’t sweat what my ears interpreted.

    It wasn’t half as bad as when my Israeli friends attempted to sing along with the lyrics their less English-attuned ears took in!


    “Hallo hallo, we are the Kinderlach-lach, hallo hallo, we are the second motion.”

    Since, like many young-boy groups, the line-up changes periodically (as more and more boys hit Bar Mitzvah age and alternate between sounding like Kermit the Frog and Darth Vader), I figured the group of boys performing the song were the second line-up of the Kinderlach group. But I was perplexed to find that they’ve sung this song since their early days! Huh. I couldn’t possibly be wrong, now could I?



    Bookworm: all gr8 mishearings!

    if it wouldn’t be sefira, i would listen to big knocker and hopefully be able to pull out the words


    Thanks, Showjoe! 😀 Good luck with that – I can’t wait to “hear” your findings!


    These posts are hilarious!

    At the same time, this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine-when people make up words to songs… I make it my business to try to find out the lyrics to songs, where the words come from, and what they mean.

    I admit that I’ve misheard many things over the years-

    like Baruch Levine’s ????, which sounded like gibberish to me until I realized the words were from ???? ???.

    I sometimes wonder by weddings when they sing ???? ??? if anyone knows or cares what the words are


    When I was a little kid, I found “Gam Ki Eilech” a bit foreboding to listen to.

    “…The gates of maves (death).”


    anyone know what the words to shaindel antelis’ “A Sister’s Love”? In the last stanza, it says, “I’ll take some tea for two/ And something-something-something/ Grab your shoes, let’s take a walk…” (what is the something-something-something)

Viewing 11 posts - 201 through 211 (of 211 total)
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