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    postsemgirl thats pretty funny


    who analyzes the song so closely?


    When MBD sings “there will be no more lonely Peepholes!

    Why is he so worried about the peepholes?

    & then Ohel took an intrest in the peepholes too!

    Thats how famous MBD is, he mentions a cause & everybody jumps “onboard!”

    YW Moderator-42

    I believe the source of “before the mountain top opens wide to swallow you inside” is from the haftorah of the first day of Sukkos, (Zecharia 14)

    anon for this

    Mod 42, thanks for posting that. Even though that perek seems to refer to Har HaZeisim & there’s no mention of anyone being swallowed up, it’s the closest reference in Tanach that I can think of.


    Some kids sing it..

    Ben bag bag, Ben bag bag, Oy Vey!,

    Ben bag bag, Ben bag bag, oy vey! oy vey!

    (they mumble) haffaffaa haffaffaa oooh laa laa!

    Ben bag bag, Ben bag bag, oy veyy!


    “Many years alone in his cell wait for detention so faithfully, prisoners unconcious burning in he**, yearning for home so desperately”.

    The way my siblings heard the opening stanza to “let my people go” by mbd. We knew it didnt make sense, but that was the family consensus of what we heard.


    in a certain song part of the lyrics are ”when the roof caved in and the truth came out” my sister thought it was ”when the roots came in and the tree came out”


    pookie- LOL!!!


    “How can anybody concentrate, when hearing the ladies in real estate” (The correct word is “latest”)

    I always wondered if they were talking so loud that you can hear from the other side of the mechitza or was this part referring to girls trying to concentrate.



    I tried unsuccessfully to write a parody of Revach called “Shevach” about a certain meat scandal a few years back.

    I understand there is a camp kiddie version called “Nebach” about shidduchim.

    I don’t know if I ever posted this version of Hashem Hi Malkynee, dedicated in utmost disrespect to the members of the Ku Klutz Kartel who desecrate it and the memory of its composer at every demonstration from New York to Teheran:

    Ahmadinejad Hi Malkynee

    Veloi hineni avoodim

    Hakoran hakodoish hee chayeynee

    Veloi eynynee maaminim

    Mekesef mekoifrim anee chayim, anee chayim

    Imeen hacheckim anee oichlim, anee oichlim

    Bederech harishis nylyche

    Baeyesh eebamayim

    Baderech harishis nylyche

    Lekabel tashlimim kiflayeem!

    Ahmadinejad is our king

    And we are lost to him (that is with an aleph)

    The holy Koran is our life

    (But) we do not believe

    From the money of heretics we live

    And from their cheques we eat

    In the ways of evil we walk

    In fire and in water (refers to insurance fires and faked flood damage of course)

    In the ways of evil we walk

    To get double (welfare) payments!


    Does anybody know the lyrics to Shwekey’s song ‘Ki Hatov’?


    ki hatov yidabek batov yidabek batov tov

    ki hatov yidabek batov yidabek batov tov

    vi vi vilachen vilachen yitzaveh amo

    vilachen yitzaveh amo livchor livchor batov

    vihakel hakel hatov chafetz lihativ

    vihakel hakel hatov chafetz lihativ


    postsemgirl i was just curious as to how u get the lyrics to songs i am a composer and singer for a long time and whenever i was singing at a simcha and the musician started playing this song (Ki Hatov) i just made up words for it as i went along!

    d a

    postsemgirl, where are the words from?


    this is the first time i ever knew the words to that song!!!!! i’m so excited!!!!!!


    cb1- one of my greatest pet peeves is not knowing words to songs and when other people sing the wrong words to songs so I make sure to learn all the words right away. If you have the cd, the words are usually on the paper that comes along with it. If I lose it then I listen over and over again to the song.

    do you have any other songs that you wanted to know?

    da- Im not home now but when I get home I will try to check


    Ahallel Amallel by Yeedle do u know the words to that one? and wat about Bar Hey Hey from ybc


    postsemgirl,i agree with you all the way!!!it gets me soo nervous when ppl make up words to a song.now i know im not the only person who reads the pamphlet it comes with!!


    Anyone know the words to Meydad Tasa’s Ima song? It sounds like he says something about rehab in the 2nd low part! He can’t speak (or sing) a word of English!


    da, I was looking at your post from a few months back about Yaacov Shweky’s Shema, and just yesterday, heard my 6 year old, singing the same words, “when you feel pain, when you rejoice, nobody wants to hear your voice” So apparently, you’re not the only one who hears it that way either.

    d a

    The song Someday from MBD, pepole don’t seem to know all the words. The high parts are very well known, however, the low parts, especially the second half people sing all different things.

    Not only that, but many times I found Someday written down with a lot of mistakes. (PS: I am not looking for the lyrics)


    I just know the classic story in my family that my older sister when hearing MBD’s “someday”

    “Never will we have to express any fears..”

    she asked fearfully why “our stars and moons will disappear” while in reality in words are “our scars and our wounds”.

    The funny thing is, that this story happened many years ago, and just last week with my 5 year old youngest sister in the car and this song was playing she asked the same question! so I guess its not that uncommon! 🙂


    I don’t know if this true but this story was circulating 🙂

    dont know all the details (every version changes) but basically there was a cleaning lady of some sort who was working and they had Jewish music on–the people she was working for asked her if she minded that they played Jewish music.

    she replied: ‘no i dont mind–and i especially like that song “i love him i love him”.

    I love him i love him? ends up, she was talking about yehuda greens song “anuvim anuvim!!” 😀


    ooooopps sorry meant yossi green!!!!!!


    Musiclover- that’s so cute!!

    In general, I hate when singers don’t sounds their words clearly. What’s the point of the song if they’re just swallowing a whole bunch of words?


    Amar lay bar hey hey

    amar lay bar hey hey

    amar lay bar hey hey liHillel

    lihemanos lihemalos miba aylay

    elah zeh shemanah hu chaveiro lidvar mitzvah

    vihulo nimnah imahem


    tzohola vrina kchoson vikalah yishama beir hatehila kivatchila

    ahalel amalel agadel afalel lashir beir hatehila

    Then there is the yiddish part which I’m not going to write out because it’s too anoying.


    postsem i’m totally with you, it gets me sooo nervous when i don’t know the words so usually i read along the first time.

    another one of those cute mistakes kids make:


    MBD’s Someday we will all be together… as a kid i couldn’t understand why it had to be that on SUNDAY we will all be together…


    sofdavarhakolnishma- Ha ha me too!


    postsemgirl, i think it’s amar leib bar hey hey, not lay.

    anyone actually know the words to ahallel, amallel?


    Maybe it might be “ash and stone”??? (ash n’ stone)???



    Could be, but the consensus seemed to be “ashen stone”


    It is amar lay [sic] -> it’s a braisa, I think, Bar Hay Hay says to Hillel, in the mishna, it says “l’himanos” It should have said “l’himalos” …..



    mayan dvash yes its amar lay – i’m almost positive it’s in pirkay avos same mishna as ben bag bag omer…


    i just spoke to the composer of Bar Hey Hey and he told me that the words can be found in Chagigah daf tes amud beis


    Does anyone know the words to Yossi Greens Anavim anavim? I have been trying to figure them out forever. ALso if you kow the translation, because anovim with an aleph and an ayin mean two very diff things…


    movingmountains, I asked the same question on another thread and got answered by Daas Yochid. I copied his translation onto this post.

    Anovim lyrics: (not my translation)

    At the hour that the king moshiach comes, stands on the roof of the beis hamikdosh (holy temple) and he announces to Israel and says:

    Anovim anovim, (modest ones) the time of your redemption has come, and if you dont believe, see my light that shines


    be’sha’a she’melech ha’mashiach ba (x2)

    oy yoy yoy yoy

    oimed al gag, gag beis hamikdash –

    mashmia le’yisrael v’oimer:

    anovim, anovim,

    higiyah zman, higiyah zman geulaschem,

    v’im ein atem ma’aminim, (x2)

    re’u be’oiri sh’zoirayah.

    tomim tihye

    shaatra: Your (mis)understanding of “Yidden” reminded me of my own:

    “Moshiach apayich (your anger?) b’gashmiyus Yerushalayim”



    Public service for the newer members who missed this thread. It was pretty good.



    Thanks Kapusta 🙂

    Does anyone know the words (and meaning) of the last sentence of ‘Beep beep’ – Country Yossi

    “He held on to his shtreimel, and yelled out loud and slow….?”


    My son sang Avraham Fried’s song, “Father Don’t Cry”: “Only You who created tears, your wife went away forever.”

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    “He held on to his shtreimel, and yelled out loud and slow….?”

    …Vi fort min tzu Monroe (How do you get to Monroe?)


    The classic for me in secular tunes was the old Archie Bunker theme. I NEVER could get the enxt to the last line of the song (the one that was just before “those were the days…”) It didn’t sound like ANYTHING comprhensible. I subsequently learned what it was. Apparently many people had the same issue with the lyrics, and the lead actors re-recorded the opener of the show, after several years, with a much clearer (slowly and deliberately enunciated) version.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    Gee, our old LaSalle ran great!


    Thanks kapusta. I haven’t seen this thread before and it got me rolling! (loved the one about “I love him”:))


    Daas Yochid, it was thoughtful of you to post, but I knew the lyrics from when Archie and Edith re-recorded the opener. Edith made a special point of strongly enunciating that line,” Gee… our old La SALLE…RAN….GREAT…”


    LOL this thread is so funny and helpful

    i thought bar hey hey went like this:

    alihimanos lihimalos mi boh alayed ,

    elosemshemonoh hu chaveriro le bar mitzvah vehu lo im mlo im vaed..lol

    and what are the words to ben bag bag?? in the beginning i thought it was Bak bak (like a chicken haha)

    ..”ben bag bag ben bag bag omer hahofchoh ben hu yachol vehu lo semhize bog bog bog, vesimchu bimoh, bog bog bog, vinoach ze zuach she im mechalbin batorah omerro….help

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