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    What does the cr tayne? Simchah is obviously good. But how? when? Can w use alcoholic stimulants or no? whats pshat?


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    I would say simcha must come from within. True simcha comes when a person is living how they should and is close to Hashem. Sadness or depression comes from sin and from the sadness of the neshama that its being put through such spiritual torture.

    Simcha is the result of working on oneself and changing and growing. Stimulants don’t provide simcha. That’s not simcha that’s sillyness, giddiness, hyperness, hallucinatory…

    Simcha doesn’t mean you smile all day btw. Its a general state of happiness with who you are and where you are going with your life.


    i would add that Simcha comes from accomplishment in growth, on the path to perfecting oneself in the eyes of Hashem and coming closer to Him


    I hear. But is one allowed to be besimcha about inyanei olam hazeh? Or only mitzvos?


    LOL WIY and Mod said this so well that I have nothing to add, quite unusual for me.


    in general in the whole world real happiness comes from accomplishing, growing, improving, creating, and nothing else.

    however even this happiness is short-lived and superficial. but it causes happiness because it comes from the deep inner desire to come close to Hashem that was implanted in all men when Hashem blew the breath of life into us from Himself.

    only without the Torah the drive to accomplish becomes woefully distorted and manifests itself in building businesses, climbing mountains, flying around the world, yoga, meditation and self-help books.


    For me? I aim for tomid. Take today; I was in shul 10 minutes before the minyan started. And I know that the other 50 people in shul get there in time every day, so what’t the bigh deal, right? But for me, its cause for celebration, for me thats reason to be happy

    Not every victory makes headlines, but if its something I acheive, I’m b’simcha!


    HaShem wants us to be happy. He gives us things to be happy about here, in this world, He wants us to enjoy this world, to an extent, but in a way that the happiness we feel will make us better our avodas HaShem.


    Recognizing that Hashem is all around us is a reason to be b’simcha. Rejoicing in all he gives us is another. Seeing the beauty in everything he created is another. Stimulants does not enhance our simcha it numbs our pain. The more connected with are to Hahsem, the more we appreciate that connection in everything we have and everything we do, the happier we are.


    Hashem has given us all gifts together with our challenges.I think simchas hachaim/sense of humor/bounce-back power…is the greatest gift Hashem has given me.He knows better than anyone how much I appreciate its contribition to my survival!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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