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    snowbunny, I am certain that any decent doctor will hone in on the obvious disruption of your sleeping habits and not some neurological disorder. And the only thing that will help that is actual sleep, and trying to gradually work your way to regular sleeping habits. But most importantly getting the desired amount of sleep every 24 hour period, regardless of when.


    snowbunny- not yet. we keep alllll our magazines, so we have a lot, and someone just threw them all out of order recently… gotta look some more


    ok, Thanks! Also, I don’t think this is an issue I need to go to a neurologist for. I fell asleep at 3 am and ended up sleeping in until 2 pm (I think that nobody woke me up because they figured I was fasting, even though I have a heter to eat on fast days).



    why arent u going to a doctor? even if u x have insurence, maybe u should pay out of pocket just for this time.


    snowbunny- no, it’s likely not neurological. But a sleep test could be helpful, though if your issue is insomnia, i’m not sure it’d help. I’m waiting to go for a sleep test myself :P. Glad you got a long night’s sleep though! Maybe it’s the boost you needed to remind your body to sleep more.


    Nine and a half years of insomnia is a looooong time. I want to have kids one day and a three year old cannot walk herself to gan.

    Also, sleep studies are very expensive, that is why I have never been able to have one.


    And it is 1:30 am, and i still am not sleepy… i think i will pull an all nighter again and since i don’t have much going on friday night, i should be able to fall asleep then- heck, I will even get my own room this shabbos, in the nice, quiet area of Kiryat Sefer.


    another all nighter? that can’t be healthy :-/


    i know, but i can’t seem to fall asleep either…


    I had the same problem and actually got a sleep test but they didnt find anything. I finally found a psychotherapist who specializes in sleep disorders- once u have a sleep disorder for awhile it leads to a vicious cycle of anxiety, which keeps you up at night. There are also sleep hygeine techniques that you can research online. Overcoming Insomnia: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Approach Workbook (Treatments That Work) by Jack D. Edinger and Colleen E. Carney (Mar 27, 2008)

    Good Luck



    Take cold drugs, do whatever, but GO TO SLEEP.


    I just can’t… I am stressed and stuff… and hopefully since it is shabbos on friday night, and i will have my own room to sleep in this shabbos, and I know the people i am going to be staying by end their meal early, I can go to sleep earlier than usual.

    cold drugs are expensive, and I don’t have any, plus, i don’t have a cold, so I don’t want to abuse cold medication, I took a forth of my usual dose of adhd medication and I am still wide awake, that dose was supposed to last me two and a half hours!



    yaaaa mayb u shud switch ur dosage!!

    mayb take benadryl..to fall asleep..


    The problem is that i can’t live on that low of a dose in real life on a daily basis. I just tried falling asleep for an hour and it didn’t work.


    Abusing cold drugs will probably do less damage than you are doing right now…take Tylenol PM or something–that stuff won’t affect you adversely unless you take too much of it.

    Is one of the side effects of ADHD medication sleep disruption?


    yes, unfortunately. and it doesn’t matter what time of day i take it, and i already lowered my dose this year by 20 milligrams, and I can’t pay attention in class, but i still am having sleep issues.

    Plus, I took tylenol pm one night a month ago and it didnt help me, so I don’t want to invest that kind of money in something that wont work.


    i mean, on pesach after the seders, I can fall asleep very quickly, because i had two cups of wine and two cups of grape juice. Also, it is much easier for me to fall asleep on shabbos night because on shabbos, i am not supposed to worry about so many things.



    its a side effect of Ritalin. im very close w s/o w ADD


    Also, it is much easier for me to fall asleep on shabbos night because on shabbos, i am not supposed to worry about so many things.

    soo pls do relaxation exsersizes!! ur tense abt stuff..


    Hmmm…sorry, didn’t realize you were on ADHD meds in my comments earlier. So you should definitely talk to the doctor that prescribed you that stat. Like, call him or something.


    i actually take the derivitive of ritalin- focalin


    I have enough money for five therapy sessions in the next month, and then use my every day stipend towards it. That will cover me for about two weeks and one session the third week (I need a relaxation therapist and an individual talk therapist- the one in my program is not legit and doesn’t count because she is also a teacher).


    plus, since my roommate is going home for pesach and not coming back, i will get my own room then, so i can run things a bit more to my liking, and use the mattress she is sleeping on now in order to put a noise buffer in front of the fridge.


    But you should probably talk to your doctor first…adjusting meds is something that the doctor should really be doing (I have a sibling with bipolar disorder, so I am not talking through my tuchus on that one). And he will probably also be able to advise you as to what additional therapies would be helpful. And you should REALLY let him know about your difficulties sleeping.


    he already knows, and he knows that i have been adjusting my medication dosage…


    So what does he say about your sleeping problems and additional therapies?


    OneOfMany: Its ok, most people don’t believe me when I say I zone out in class all the time, and peopl sometimes tell me that they would like to see me off my meds for a day (I would never do that…).


    I’m definitely not saying that I don’t believe you. What I am saying is that for real problems the most important thing to do is talk to the doctor who is intimately acquainted with your medical history and diagnoses, not a zillion random specialists.


    i have a phone appointment set up, and i have been speaking to a combination of both specialists and doctors from home, this has been a problem we have been trying to solve for nine and a half years.


    Hmmm. Okay. I’m sorry if what I was saying sounded too harsh or judgmental (I do stand by it, though).


    its ok


    Sorry to hear about the insomnia! A few ideas:

    1. Cut out all caffeine for at least a few months. Don’t even eat chocolate (which contains caffeine and the stimulant theobromine) other than in the morning.

    2. First thing in the morning, get bright direct sun in your face. Obviously, don’t make yourself go blind by looking directly at the sun. But getting this bright light from the sun early has bee shown to reset your circadian rhythms.

    3. Reevaluate your medications to see if insomnia is a side-effect of any of them. Change medications or cease them if necessary (obviously that should be done in consultation with a doctor).

    4. Get some good exercise but only in the morning. Don’t do anything more strenuous than walking past mid-day or so. Exercising gives the body adrenaline, which acts like caffeine but is even more long-lasting.

    5. Make your room extremely dark, with no light whatsoever. Get new blinds, or even duct tape thick cloth against your window if you have to.

    6. Try visualization techniques in which you feel each part of your body get very tired and relaxed.

    7. Even better, either in your head or softly whispering, thank Hashem for every little thing you can think of, over and over if necessary, until you fall asleep. For some reason this is very relaxing, and a little boring, so it can work really well.

    8. Make sure to eat enough before going to bed, but not too much that you’re too full or that you’re not hungry for breakfast when you wake up. Try having something with carbs, protein and fat, like bread with peanut butter or hummus. (Hummus is good because it has a little garlic, which is a slight sedative.) Don’t drink water past 2-3 hours before you plan to go to bed. You might wake up in the morning really thirsty, but that’s OK.



    Also, prayer works for everything — have you tried devoting a certain amount of time (say, 15 minutes, or even an hour) to praying to Hashem in your own words to let you sleep normally? This can get great results — see books like In Forest Fields and Garden of Gratitude by Jerusalem-based Rosh Yeshivah Rav Shalom Arush.


    Go for a massage.


    yytz, since I go to brovenders, their lobrary doesn’t have much of anything other than gemaras and stuff that I don’t learn. I have a large collection of seforim in Israel and in America (I don’t like borrowing books/ free books from ncsy/ needed seforim for 12th grade/ got like three copies of artscroll pirkei avos from people who write letters inside of them… my mom would kill me if I bought any more books, although i will admit that I spent shabbos day at rabbi leff’s house and read in three hours the first 200 pages of rebbitzin kanievsky’s biography).

    loca- I totally agree with you, but my mom would also kill me if I got a massage, along with the “financial audit committee…” a.k.a. people trying to take my stipend away from me.


    So what does he say about your sleeping problems and additional therapies?

    He tells me to take melatonin- which i am immune to.

    Do my homework as early in the day as possible (except i don’t get homework).

    Tells me my blood tests indicate that everything is normal.

    Tells me that i am growing.

    I am mature.

    And I have nothing else to worry about.

    He also suggests sleep study, which isn’t happening.


    did you tell him all his advice was worthless and he should keep looking for solutions/diagnoses??

    Sometimes insurance will cover (part of) massage therapy.

    I’m still searching for that magazine, no luck yet. After only sleeping 2 hrs last night, i was trying to think up what sometimes helps me, though nothing yet works always. Here’s some i came up with. -Focusing on my breathing. Your breathing is deeper and slower at night. Sometimes consciously doing it makes my body relax. -cooler temperature in the room. This is a biggie for sure! Cooler temperature will also slow your body down. – usually what keeps me up, if i analyze it, is my mind is wide awake and rushing. Clearing my mind is my best bet always, but it takes effort. Either just dismissin any stressful thoughts or schedule planning, or by focusing on something plain, like imagining myself on a beach or a walk, and thinking up all the details and not allowing stray thought in. Or, this is hard to describe, but really blanking my mind. Imagining just blackness, or a hole, or white, and nothing else, focusing on it, again not letting in stray thoughts, then shutting off my imaginations drawing so i only see the dark behind my eyes… I know, that made no sense to anyone but me :). But it works for me pretty well and quickly too.


    SaysMe: The problem is that I am in E”Y at the moment, so my student health insurance covers everything i don’t really need. And the stuff I do need cost my mom an arm and a leg. Also, my health insurance in the states would not cover part of massage therapy at all… As much as I would love a massage, I need to wait until I am married and ask my husband to give me one. However, I can try your other ideas.


    sb- massage therapy or physiotherapy? How about chiropractor? (yep, i’m a believer!). If not though, you can get an hour session of massage therapy (not massage) for $50-$80. In e”y, if you can find one of the massage school there, you can get a student massage for $25. If you’re interested 🙂


    I am for sure interested. I just saw an ad that allows me to get a session of reflexology for only 100 nis with the mention of the ad. That is basically in my price range. I just need to wait for like a week and a halfish before going, but I can book the appointment tomorrow.


    get a reference, so ur not wasting any money. Hope it helps!!


    For sure. I just need to find a week that it is in my budget. I like going out with friends a lot and my school isn’t really close to the center of town, so I am stuck spending more on bus rides than other seminary girls would. Plus, I hang out with so many different crowds of people that I am stuck either doing the same things with everyone or setting specific things that i only do with certain people (for example; I only go out and pay for pizza with my money if i am going with my two best friends, I don’t really have the ability financially to see my camp friends outside of chillzone because that would mean going out a lot, and getting to see them once a week/ every other week is very frequent, people I am still getting to know I would go out for iced coffee with, I go to geula for chessed and don’t really go any other time, I hang out in the Rova when people are visiting me from far away, I eat in the tachana hamerkazit with people that i am close with because of ncsy… and i get an ocasional iced coffee, I buy my own popcorn, and sunflower seeds, and occasional soda when I want something to nosh on my self when i am alone…). I, Baruch Hashem, have a ton of friends, but that means I end up spending all my money more easily because I hang out with people all the time (not during classes). As a result, I have to cut my spending in other areas, such as personal care products, if I need something that can be found in America, I have people bring me stuff once a month (like a hair brush, shower cap, ziploc bags). And even then, I still can’t really afford the luxury of a massage because I want to be able to have a social life…


    mishpacha march 21. Now i got to find it 🙂


    ok, awesome! I don’t really have access to mishpacha magazine at the moment.


    i assumed as much :). I found a reference in my emails. I just have to try to find the magazine now. If any other poster has old mishpachas and can look it up, please do! I cant guarantee i still have it


    Ok, gotcha.


    Snowbunny: Sorry you can’t buy books. Plenty of the same advice is on R’ Brody’s blog (Lazer Beams) and the Chut Shel Chessed Yeshivah’s webmagazine (Breslev Israel). They might even give you copies for free if you showed up at the yeshivah (13 Shmuel HaNavi Street, Yerushalayim.) I hope your sleep improves soon!


    That sounds great as well! I have to make a stop near shmuel hanavi to pick something up anyway, so I can stop there as well. I spent the past two hours trying to fall asleep, and I was not able to. I plan on… ughhhhhh, you will all kill me… pulling an all nighter- again- This is soooo not fun. at least I tried to fall asleep, I went to bed at 11:30 and stayed in bed until 2 am.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Possible sleeping disorder?

    Refuah sheleimah.


    DY -“Possible sleeping disorder?”

    It’s not a sleeping disorder, but an anxiety disorder with side effects from the wrong Meds.

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