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    dont get into the habit of pulling all nighters :(. Go walk up and down steps til ur tired n go back to bed


    With the exception of the first time I said I was going to pull an all-nighter, I ended up falling asleep eventually the other times, I just wasn’t sure if I would be able to.

    There is one thing that I have discovered that works.

    1. Its expensive.

    2. Its not healthy at all.

    3. It is so unhealthy that it is disgusting.

    Brace yourselves for this expensive, unhealthy, and disgusting breakthrough.

    Drum Roll Please……

    Four slices of bread loaded with butter!

    After I bentch, I crawl into my bed and fall asleep instantly.


    There is a catch…

    If I do not crawl into bed right away…

    Then I will not be able to fall asleep for the rest of the night.

    Any other more practical solutions?


    yeah instead of buttered toast, try warm milk. Same effect, said to work, and heealthier. Or chamomile tea


    I personally just want to go home after pesach, and then end my year then. I am being bullied by my school. I have tried finding cute ways to stick up for myself. But they have all failed. So, I just printed up a note that said the following.


    I am not intoxicated, so you cannot get away with lying to people about things I didn’t do.

    If I can not recall something, that is because it didn’t happen.

    That means that you aren’t actually trying to wake me up. You feel that lying is a good cop out.

    If you think this is funny, keep in mind that it is assur.

    My health is deteriorating as the result of emotional stress.

    What you have failed to notice, is that if you look up every single issue I have had in the past month, they all can take root in emotional stress.

    The rashes are also part of emotional stress. Therefore, I will not go to a doctor for them.

    However, the ones who feel that they have the right to ruin my life over such ridiculous things is the one that should be seeing a doctor.

    Bullying will not be tolerated.

    You have been warned on many occasions.

    This is not meant to be cute- as previous notes appeared to be.

    By the way, the door is currently locked.

    The Jig is up.”

    The only reason I plan on posting this on my door is because I know my madrichot are bullying me. One of them claimed that I had an angry outburst at her this morning when she tried to wake me up. I literally remember waking up to a phone call. I have been having this issue of feeling paralyzed for like an hour after I wake up, and that obviously prevents me from getting out of bed. Also, one who has an angry outburst is pretty much always completely wide awake and would not be able to go to sleep right after that kind of incident…


    I’m very sorry about all you’re going through! Two English-speaking (American olim) in Jerusalem who give good advice to anyone who emails them are Rabbi Lazer Brody (the mashgiach of the yeshivah on Shmuel HaNavi I mentioned) and chassidic therapist Zev Ballen (who give shiurim at the yeshivah). I recommend emailing them. May Hashem help you resolve everything very soon!


    Amen! I am currently under other more pressing stress at the moment, and I need to get it solved asap or I might have to go to the states (just ridiculous stuff that should never have happened because the people who told me this piece of information knew several months ago that it would be impossible for me to take care of it for like ten years and now they decided to go back on their word…)


    snowbunny, I am so sorry about all you are going through. You are now vulnerable and weak, it is very sad someone is bullying you, I know you are seeking for someone to talk to, as it is apparent in this very coffeeroom, and that you seek someone who is observant and do not feel connected with your not-as-religious-as-you-wished family in USA, in fact it seems to me you don’t even feel connected with MO and are seeking to become more yeshivish and blend into a community which is very different from the lifestyle you grew up in. I am also aware the community you wish to join does not necessarily appear always welcoming to newcomers.

    However please I beg you, you will no doubt do very soon if that is your wish, but please, be very careful at this time, you now need support, you need money, and most of all, you need reliable people who take responsibility for what they do, and who don’t disappear – or worse, R”L, hurt you – when you need them most.

    It is my opinion you should take a break from seminary and talk in person to your family, your rabbi, your former teachers, your doctors in USA. You need to straighten out your life, medical problems included, and if/when you decide to return in seminary (or anything else you may want to do in life, I would tell you the same if you were going to college) it always needs to be done from strength and never from weakness, lest evil and sick people take advantage of you, and I am sorry to say these people exist even in Eretz Israel.

    It is unfortunate that some frustrated people are taking out on you their problems, and I wish them a refua shleima, but your note will not help, what will help is those closest to you being aware, and then you and your parents talking to your rabbi, who I am sure helped you with phone calls and letters, and have him check into what is going on, and then he will call the rabbis who run your seminary and will call those who generously donate (those people trust me would be pretty mad, if they knew some fools use their money to make you miserable, they are giving generously because they want to do a mitzva) and things will be straightened out when you return to that seminary or to any other seminary.

    Equally important, other girls (next year’s) will NOT have to suffer, THANKS to you.

    Please at this time don’t talk to new people no matter how well-intentioned, please don’t ask advice from people who don’t know you yet, please talk instead to those who are aware what a long way you have come and what tremendous difficulties you overcame, and who have been supportive of you throughout your troubles, when you needed support even more than you need right now. They will help.


    I decided not to post the note on my door because I read it over and realized I wrote it out of anger… The issue in the bigger picture is that there are a bunch of complicated things going on back home with certain people that prevent them from being so accessible to me at this time.


    I am really commenting on something you said earlier.

    You said that you’re eating a few slices of bread and butter and you fall asleep – you’re not taking drugs or anything so awful!!

    If that works don’t feel so guilty about it. Eat some more fruits and vegetables during the day and save the starches for the evening. Right now when you have a lot of challenges, don’t add to them. (We all indulge in ice cream, chocolate cake, bread and butter isn’t so bad.)


    it just can get kinda expensive… also, I found that my new alarm clock is able to wake me up, but I just need to actually get out of bed when it goes off. I have like three alarms that I can set.


    Daniella, I still talk to people outside of coffee room about this stuff, just as frequently as before I used coffee room.

    Note that I am not asking anyone to come up with money for tuition so I don’t have to leave. Its just an extra stressor.

    In terms of trying to blend in with the yeshivish community, that is why I try to go to as many chillzones as possible, especially because they don’t have chillzone in my hometown. I was asked to work at Camp Nageela Midwest last summer, but I had to turn it down because I needed money and they don’t pay you anything to volunteer there.


    SB -“However, the ones who feel that they have the right to ruin my life over such ridiculous things is the one that should be seeing a doctor.

    Bullying will not be tolerated.”

    Unfortunately, bullying is common in Yeshivos and seminaries. Somethings the Frum world has Not yet tried to deal with – along with other types of abuse. This whole situation is probably a big turn off for you from Yiddishkeit (Judaism), but remember, these people, no Matter how high up they are on the totem pole don’t represent Hashem (G-d).


    I didn’t post the note on my door, which may have been a good thing considering the situation that got even worse today. I understand that bullying happens.

    I have been bullied on some level since preschool. At first, it was because I didn’t like the “spice girls”, now it is due to hashkafa, the program I am in, and financial.


    hey sb- i found the article! In the last spot i could think of :P. I have to read it again to summarize it, but its called the CBT methods, and is suppposed to start making a difference in a week. I’ll let you know what it says


    K, awesome! Thanks a ton!


    I can’t seem to fall asleep at the moment due to all the panicking inside of me…


    Baruch Hashem! I got six hours of sleep last night and woke up at 7:30 am!




    yep, for sure!


    Now it is 2:30 am and I haven’t fallen asleep yet…


    SB – When you come back to the US -you can get on the right Meds for your problems and see the right Docs.




    If you’re flying within a few days, it’s not too bad to be wide awake at 2.30 am local time, it’ll help you with jetlag.


    I know, but some people get angry about that…

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