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    I go to sleep very late every night because I’m studying. I once heard there is a certain excersize/ thing to do in about 5 minites and it basicly puts you to sleep but your concious and if some one would say “ok now open your eyes” you will respond. its supposed to make uo for 3 hours of lost sleep….does anyone know how its done or where i can find out more about it?? any other tips on making up sleep are appreciated…thanx

    Pashuteh Yid

    Sounds like snake oil. Get enough real sleep. Your body heals and strengthens itself while you sleep. Those of us who run probably know that if you run during the day, and don’t get enough sleep afterwards that night, you will wake up with sore muscles the next day, and won’t be able to run. It is clear that sleep helps restore one’s strength (through actual chemical reactions). I doubt there is any way to speed-sleep. Sounds like a gimmick.


    I go to sleep at midnight and have been waking up every morning at 3am. What should I do? It’s like my bio clock is set wrong. When I take stuff like tylenol to go to sleep, it only lasts exactly as long as the drug, so I never feel I’m getting enough sleep. Any advice? If I go to sleep earlier, I toss and turn until I take something to make me sleepy (nothing too strong, usually tylenol, benadryl only once a month if Im having allergy symptoms and not worried about being groggy.)


    Benedryl is not approved as a sleep medication by the FDA, but many physicians recommend it for that use. It is not addictive (unlike some approved sleep medications) and can be taken safely by most people in the over the counter dose. A partial dose can also be effective. It also is a great allergy drug and is very inexpensive. Consult your primary care physician.


    Charliehall: the problem with taking benadryl regularly is that you can build up tolerance, even if you don’t get addicted. I’ve heard that Tylenol is much safer.


    pb -Go to a web site like webmd and follow their recommendations for insomnia. If these don’t work go to a sleep clinic. I don’t recommend taking any medication for sleepnessless, even OTC products like Benadryl or Tylenol, without your doctor’s order.


    Going to sleep late is not insomnia.

    Pascha, you should know that there are two types of insomnia. One type is difficulty in falling asleep. This can be easily treated by ingesting anti-histamines at bedtime (due to the drowsing side-effect) though (DISCLAIMER) I am not advising that you do so unless you consult a doctor.

    The other type of insomnia is difficulty staying asleep. This is not treated by sleeping pills, because as you noted, they wear off before the problem kicks in. If you have this type of insomnia you really need individualized treatment.

    Pashuteh Yid

    Tylenol can be extremely toxic to the liver. Make sure you check it out with a physician if you use it a lot.


    I have a pretty severe food allergy and when I take Benedryl it knocks me out.

    I dont know how it doesnt do that to you unless you already built up a pretty strong tolerance.

    Maybe try some herbal remedies, it has to be better for you.


    pascha bchochma

    Dont know if you are reading this thread but a good sleep aid for occasional use is called Melatonin. It makes you very relaxed and sleepy and I usually get a good nights rest after using it.




    Alcohol as a sleep aid is not a good idea. Your body will metabolize the alcohol while you are sleeping. So while it may help you fall asleep, it will either not let you stay asleep or it will decrease the quality of your sleep.

    Plus, it is definitely habit-forming. And bad for your liver, too.


    Health: I’m pretty sure it’s due to being extremely overworked, but I did drink chamomile tea last night when I got up at 3 and went to sleep for another hour, between 4:30 and 5:30. I’ve done most of their suggestions. I don’t have time to go to a sleep clinic. Where on earth do you find sleep clinics anyway? Never heard of them. (I would need one in the NYC/Brooklyn area)

    Also, I’m a morning person and generally extremely happy in teh AM, comes PM and I get stressed out and tired. That’s what makes me think it’s just my circadian rhythm going off.

    squeak: Yoysh. I have both types of insomnia :).

    Sacrilege: If you take it for an allergy, you’re much less likely to experience the effect because you have all those histamines for the antihistamine to deal with. (I used it but realized my body was getting used to it so I stopped)

    Wolfish: I want to try Melatonin next, thank you for the suggestion. Does it have to have a hechsher?

    Squeak: Once in my life, I tried alcohol. It does not help insomnia, just relaxes you so you don’t care if you sleep, plus it makes you thirsty and have to get up in the night anyway.


    Pascha –

    “Sacrilege: If you take it for an allergy, you’re much less likely to experience the effect because you have all those histamines for the antihistamine to deal with.”

    Exactly. And if I get knocked out K”V you should.

    I’m pretty sure there is a sleep clinic on I off of Bedford…


    i have a lot of trouble sleeping, both falling asleep and staying asleep… i tried everything.. my friend told me she heard that if you say Perek kuf lamed gimmel (133) in tehillim you will fall asleep in a few minutes and stay asleep… i have yet to try it.. has anyone ever heard this??


    pascha bchochma

    You mean WellInformed not Wolfish. They are available at all kosher healthfood/vitamin stores so no need to buy non kosher. If you cant get Kosher than get vegetarian.


    Pascha Bchachma:

    Speak with your doctor and ask for a referral for a sleep study.

    It sounds like you MIGHT have Sleep Apnea. People with sleep apnea wake up every 2-3 hours.

    Vitamins and anti-histamine are not ways to regulate sleep cycle long term.


    pascha bchochma, if melatonin doesn’t help (mel-o-max from maxi health is good and kosher) try the Homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica (available at Unzer and some other pharmacies and health stores). It has the peculiar indication for waking up at 3:00 a.m. every night.

    d a

    I think the Mods have a sleeping problem. They keep on falling asleep when they are supposed to be posting our posts. And they have a very hard time waking up…


    This is not medical advice but it has helped me tremendously – i downloaded many shiurim on my ipod, and when i wake up, i just click on my shiur, and before you know it I am asleep – No aspersions on the quality of the shiur, it is just the ability to lay in a sleeping position (rather than reading a book) with the earphone in your ear (drowning out other noises) that somehow puts me right back to sleep – Good Luck!


    Back to the original question:

    Goldielox: you don’t want to sleep less if you’re a student. Your brain consolidates what you’ve learned while you’re sleeping. Less sleep = less remembered. That’s why if you throw an all-nighter before a test the “knowledge” doesn’t last past the next day. Trust me – I just got a graduate degree in psychology and we had to take bio-psychology from a very, very good neuropsychologist. She used to lecture us constantly on getting enough sleep.

    If you have trouble falling asleep, are you using your computer right up to the time you go to bed? The concentrated light from the screen will keep you from getting to sleep for quite some time. So an hour before you want to go to sleep turn off the computer, get a nice dull book and settle in with a reading-light and soft music. Try a statistics textbook – that worked every time for me!


    pb -another good site is emedicine health. They have many recommendations, including CBT (behavioral therapy). I would suggest in your case to take anti-anxiety agents and go for CBT. Before you do this you need to go to a sleep clinic. I know there are a few in Brooklyn -I think like two to three of them in Flatbush.


    I hope to respond more fully later, but want to thank everyone for their suggestions. Everyone is so concerned about me – a person they don’t even know. Mi K’amcha Yisrael! I plan to get melatonin today and will tell u how it goes.


    Goldielox try a few drops of 100% natural Orange Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil drops on your pillow. The combination of the two Essential Oils acts as a sedative (natural) for insomnia. Alternatively a Neti Pot is also good, because it opens the nasal passages promoting better breathing for good restful sleep.

    says who

    Doing excersize during the day, but not too late is very helpful. There are sleeping pills that work for 8 hours and for 4 hours so waking up at 3 you can still take the 4 hour pill.


    says who- what are these pills called? are they over the counter or do you need a perscribtion?


    Goldielox, there are relaxation exercises you can do, similar to Lamaze, that you might find in some reputable sleep help books.

    Coffeefan, paschabchachma and others, a few things: cut down on the coffee. Before shelling out the dough for a sleep study you may want to have your thyroid tested. Ask for a complete panel, i.e. TSH, free T3 and free T4 (men can get by with total T3 and 4). On the off chance you get a diagnosis of hyperthyroidism, DON’T get your thyroid nuked. Take time to research and make an informed treatment decision. The best option, despite the doctor’s inexperience and scare mongering, is anti thyroid drugs. Find a good support group for good info and direction.


    WEllInformed: Thank you, I still haven’t had a chance but hope to get it soon.

    Msseeker – that’s really funny. There must be a lot of people with the same problem!

    Artchill: I definitely do not have sleep apnea.

    Health: thank you. I will have to look into them.

    Sayswho: What is the active ingredient of those sleeping pills?

    Tzippi: Don’t know about Coffeefan, but I don’t drink coffee (or soda, or anything with caffeine) on a regular basis.


    the only coffee i drink is decaf and i don’t drink soda ever so i don’t really have any caffine in my system late at night when i want to sleep


    I don’t believe that anyone is caffeine-free. The EPA just released a study showing that air contains as much as 15% caffeine, depending on how close the nearest Starbucks is. Tap water? Fahgetabowdit


    goldielox; buy some english seforim on middos & mussar.

    Firstly, it’s beneficial for your soul, secondly it always

    helps people fall asleep. Not to make fun cuz seriously

    I think the reason is that “Toirah Matisho Koichos Shel Odom.”

    It weakens a persons Physical strengths.


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