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    Grandma Lee

    This is something I never did & I want it to be real nice. I want it to include Pictures & video clips with nice back round music & effects.

    If yes can any guide me? If not what program would be good that I could download (i hope for free)? Thanks!

    thinking jew

    It can be done easily with microsoft power point(and with windows movie maker too, however i found that dificult to work with) but maybe other programs can do it even nicer.


    Microsoft PowerPoint, is very easy,user friendly and can make a really nice show!


    I made 3 shows on power point and they came out beautiful. I never tried to put in video clips too. If you manage it can you tell me how it came out??


    Windows Movie Maker is great for making a video of pictures and clips. It isn’t so complicated to use, you just have to figure it out.


    Also, Google drive has a program called presentation. It is very k’dai.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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