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    9 out of 10 diras in the mir there are at least 3 guys with smartphones and I can’t talk to them. Im one of the only guy with out one, and have no one to talk to. Any eitzas?


    If you actually were in the mir and serious about this you would already know about the organization Irgun which u can be part of diras without smartphones so please try not to just malign a wonderful place like the mir just because you want to creat hock.


    you posted this question from????
    what about irgun diras????


    Irgun diras which are diras that no one in them has smartphones and if you actually were in the mir there’s no way you wouldn’t know about it. So please don’t ask questions which malign an amazing place like the mir just to make hock.


    Smash them.


    The boys should realise that girls who want to marry Bnei Torah would rather stay single than take a boy with a Smartphone.
    There is no reason for someone in Yeshiva to need a smartphone. It is the antithesis of being a Ben Torah.


    What do you mean by “I cant talk to them”?


    It’s 2020.


    All humans everywhere have smartphones and are losing the ability to communicate like a human being, face to face. Don’t worry about climate change or a zombie apocalypse – smartphones are what are destroying humanity.


    I understand the problem. The OU’s daf yomi app is so good that people are constantly chazering the daf and don’t have time to schmooz with you. Maybe you should try the daf. In all seriousness, speak to R’ Eli Wolbe, and R’ Yisroel Gluestein.


    Most seminary girls who want a true ben-torah would not advertise on JDate or communicate their resumes with a shadchan via email. If that is what your are looking for, you will not miss out by not having a smart phone. You will obviously miss out on a lot of other daily functionality (e.g. checking the weather before leaving the house, having your government stipend directly deposited in your online bank account, searching for the lowest price airline ticket to travel bein hazmanim or checking on the credentials of a new hashgacha. However, for finding a wife, not big deal to to it the old fashioned way.


    @themir, im in total agreement with you. i have “a friend” whose life was ruined in part to smartphones. his wife, left him, kids, out. its enough already this garbage has to be put to rest. the purity of a good, innocent jewish family is getting slowly put to rest we could no longer be bystanders. If it it was up to me cherem would be reinstated for all iphone users. lets hope for a better tommorow.


    Joseph’s call for violence is not acceptable. Just because the guys have smartphones doesn’t mean you have the right to harm them.


    Knock those koifrim flat.


    I’m sure Reb Yosef really meant smashing the phones, not their owners. And even then, only after you have called the mashgiach ruchani and both given a good musar shmooz to the owner and he realizes the error of his ways and asks you to join him in a “phone smashing” as part of his doing tshuvah.


    “The boys should realise that girls who want to marry Bnei Torah would rather stay single than take a boy with a Smartphone.”

    The Chofetz Chayim ZATZAL holds that even trimming with scissors is assur and that therefore it is preferable for a bochur to be single rather than marry a girl who wants him to shave, because someone who wants him to sin cannot be his besheret.


    this is total trash, I am a bochur also in the mir and there are plenty of irgun diras with no smartphone usage, total BS.

    Probably a brisk bochur trying to play ego politics


    the guys in the mir with smartphones are not the guys you look up to they are doing it to themselves may hashem open their eyes to the true light


    Nothing better to kvetch about today?


    Hashem yirachem!

    Get rId of those smartphones!!!

    All they cause is tzaros

    Drop em into the keilim mikvah….


    The puritanism about smartphones is crazy. A true ben torah can take anything and use it to be mekadaish. It’s just a tool.
    That’s the difference between being tahor and kadosh. Someone tahor will, indeed, not have a phone. A kadosh, otoh, will have one, and will use it for shem shamayim.
    Now, you want to say, that a yeshiva bachur should not have anything to distract him at all, including phones? Fine. but not because of it being a smartphone, per se.


    Apparently the main issue that people have with smartphones is the fact that they have internet access. It makes me wonder how all the people posting here did that without going on the internet. Maybe they asked their neighbors who have internet to post for them?


    First of all get a dumbphone with texting that solves the talking issue second if all the girls arent marrying bochurim with smartphones then the signs would say “STOP CAUSING THE SHIDDUCH CRISI THROW OUT YOUR SMARTPHONE!!!!” not “STOP CAUSING THE SHIDDUCH CRISIS GET MARRIED AT 21”


    Being in the mir recently i can tell you it is a huge issue.
    Unfortunately, it will not be resolved so easily.
    Irgun have also clamped down and it is getting harder o to have an irgun dira (believe they are tight on money).
    They have made a new rule that if one of the people in the dira have a talk and text phone with a colour screen hich could play video you cant sign up the dira. This has turned away many more diras.
    This problem is litvish and chassidish alike…..
    The mir officially have “spies” check on diras but this has never helped anything or anyone….
    Unfortunately, even in the mir dorms there are plenty of smartphones.
    Do also reliase alot of these people have kosher phones for out and about and keep their smartphones in their dira…
    No easy fix. But there has to be enough people out there without smartphones to create a dira with. You only need 5-8 bochrim!
    Good luck


    smartphones are the reason we r still in galus


    its not galus smartphone its galus google

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