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    “There is this phony and dangerous libertarian theme that ANY government public health guidance is politically driven by the deep state, designed to take away your liberty”

    A Trump appointed federal judge basically said just that, overturning essentially all coronavirus restrictions in Pennsylvania, in defiance of over a century of binding judicial precedent including SC decisions earlier this year. Yet the Trump cult claims that it is liberals who are judicial activists.


    There’s a shmooze from R Gershon Ribner that addresses this. I think there’s a site devoted to his shmoozin.

    anonymous Jew

    Charlie , congratulations, you know how to cut and paste from Google. The Federal government has been conducting limited burns, but obviously not enough. Had there not been such a huge accumulation left over from the 8 Obama/Biden years it might have been sufficient. And Gov Newsom admitted California had not done anything.


    Dear Charlie,

    I would opine that obesity and malnutrition are more preventable.

    If the point is about the choice of the victim, than the answer has to be suicide.

    bored guy

    i think you have a lot more problems than you are letting on.


    As George W. Bush said When I was young and stupid, I was young and stupid. (I left out the quotes because it might not be a perfect quote). Yeshiva boys are young and they’ll do stupid things. Nothing you say to them will change it. This topic has been discussed in Yated’s chinuch roundtable and many other places ad nauseum. It’s a pointless discussion.

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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