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    Just curious, if you have a 2 pairs of the same patterned socks , and one single sock develops a hole. Would you throw out that whole pair or would you only throw out the one with the hole, effectively leaving you with 3 identical socks? I ask because I had this discussion with my wife where I took the position that the “third wheel” should be kept. What if a one of the others would develop a hole? You have a spare identical sock!! The same could be said for white sport socks. Why throw a whole pair out save the remaining one. My wife however doesn’t want single socks floating around.


    I don’t throw out socks.

    True story:

    One of my baby’s socks disappeared. It was a cute patterned one and I liked it. I just couldn’t throw out the lone sock, so I left it in the drawer.

    1.5 years later, the spare sock came out of the laundry. Hashem returned it to me.


    Someone I know is missing a limb. There is a gemach for single shoes, socks and gloves, but I do now know how to find it.


    personally if I have another of the same pair I hold on to them. Every so often I go through my sock basket and throw out all those that have been sitting for a long time with no match. another true story, I know someone who got passed a bag of single kids socks and she sat down and matched her own singles, she made a bunch of pairs and was delighted.


    Socks do a wonderful job buffing shoes especially the larger sizes where you can wear like a glove and really work a good shine.


    C.A.D. —

    Of course YOU are correct.

    If the good, remaining sock of the pair is the same as another pair, why would you throw it out?

    It stands to reason that eventually one of the socks of the good pair will develop a hole (or disappear) and then you have the one you saved to create another good pair!

    always here

    I agree, but then again– I’m a packrat :/


    Is a sock with a hole in it useless?


    What’s the big deal about wearing mismatched socks? Who sees them anyways.


    make sock pupets for the kids


    canine- You never know who will see them but if anybody does it might be a bit embarrassing. By the way from now on when I walk down the street I’ll look at everybody to see if they are wearing the same socks and if someone isn’t I’ll ask them if they are canine from the CR.


    apushatayid & mikehall12382 …

    They’re also very good for when you’re cleaning your guns!


    Has anyone as of yet figured out where the “one” sock disappears to?

    Ctrl Alt Del

    Its the same place my car keys go when I desperately need them. Its a conspiracy between the sock and car key gnomes.


    keep the sock

    under my boots in the winter i dont even bother wearing a pair of socks, i just throw on whichever two socks i see!


    Is this the one bpt?


    Yes, thanks.

    Like most people, I have several single socks that keep turning up without its mate. Usually, after about a month or so of just pushing them around in my drawer, I toss them.

    But just for the heck of it, this week, I decided to wear two odd pieces; they are both black, but differnt patterns. What would be the worst that could happen?

    Know what? Did it twice this week, and NO ONE NOTICED.


    My mother keeps a drawer of socks that come through the laundry unmatched so when the same thing happens to an identical pair, we still have a full pair left.


    there is nothing wrong with wearing a ‘holy’ sock. has long has it is not too cold outside


    socks, if it’s torn by the toes, then throw them out but if not sew them up that’s how you save money. jus kidding don’t worry i don’t keep any tights from my girls with holes they don’t let me sew it in fact they throw it out themselves. boys/mens socks that’s a diff story.


    I ask because I had this discussion with my wife where I took the position that the “third wheel” should be kept.

    Discussion or argument? Just saying.


    Is a sock with a hole in it useless?

    Of course not – you wear it to shule – because it’s holy.

    Sorry, it had to be said! 😉


    once saw a cartoon of a beautiful sunny resort island that was inhabited by socks who were sunbathing on a beach. The line was “Where all your single socks disappear to” 🙂

    ha ha ha ha

    yeh i saw a cartoon too it was a blizzard of 100000 socks!!!!


    Was it the right sock or the left?


    Ralphie-as if it makes a difference?

    Anyway, I would get rid of itbecause if you kept everything that you may be able to use”one day”, you would have to buy a warehouse to store it.


    Especially something that’s cheap, it pays to get rid of just for your sanity.


    leave it out – maybe “the borrowers” will need that one too.

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