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    Gadol > Data can be misleading.. Spirit has more frequent catastrophic events

    Agree. Definitely, bigger airlines allow easier way to get out of a pickle. And better for flexible business travel. I once was stuck at West Coast because JetBlue flight arrived late to East Coat and triggered a chain of delays ..

    So, I looked at cancelled flights. Delta is best at 0.2% of flights, the rest, including Spirit, are at 1.5-2%. So, you need to define in what sense you think Spirit is worse. Is there a specific route where you feel Spirit is Inferior to others?


    @AAQ, I was in FLL and flying to LGA on Jetblue, the incoming flight had a weather delay of over 3 hours, there was a flight the was leaving to Westchester County Airport around the same time, I asked if I can switch to HPN No problem they said and gave me a boarding pass, no extra fees, no hassle and with a smile, I found a frum man on the flight who did the same thing and we split the $60 cost of a taxi from HPN to LGA.
    Thats why I never fly Sprirt because something like that would never happen with sprirt


    Again, its all in your flexibility, degree of risk tolerance and what are the secondary consequences of an extended delay. In my current life, I’m fortunate to be able to walk over to another airline counter and buy a ticket to my destination and/or rent a car and drive (assuming these days there is availability of another flight or rental car). I’ll call my Amex Card rep for a refund on the cancelled flight. Many years ago, with kids and fewer resources, and with only a few “discount airlines” that wasn’t an option but neither was being stranded at an airport somewhere over shabbos so we had to weigh the higher fares with the “savings” of a cheap flight. Its all fact dependent and no single answer. However, among the “discount” airlines, Spirit and Ryan air seem to have the most frequent issues (perhaps because they are among the largest and we just hear about it more).


    Jet Blue is generally a great alternative. Its not a true “deep discount” airline anymore and fares are higher than Spirit although a bit lower than major carriers. They have the best wi-fi of any of the airlines .


    here are arrivals to FLL in 2019, closest I could match Common’s travel pattern:
    so, spirit is cancelled at 1% more than Delta. So, add 1% to the price comparison in favor of delta
    and use these funds to buy a new ticket when a flight is cancelled. congrats, Common, on a good investment. So, aside from the flexibility, there is nothing wrong with Spirit, so hopefully ew resolved this motzi shem ra. Note: I once used frontier for business travel as it had a red eye to take me right from one meeting to another. Looked weird in a suit, with other people not bothering to dress up for a $40 flight… the only consolation was saving money for the client.

    % on time, % canceled
    southwest 82 1.8
    spirit 80 1.6
    delta 80 0.4
    united 74 0.9
    AA 72 1.8
    jetblue 72 1.2
    frontier 71 1.6


    @AAQ, I dont have a flight pattern,i fly all over the US and Europe, I just happen to bring this up as a example of great customer service, Spirit would have allowed the flight to leave with a empty seat and make me wait 4 hours for my flight.

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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