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    Amazing things are happening in the world!!! Would love to share some thoughts and would love to hear yours:)! Who’s interested?

    kj chusid

    It’s pretty hypocritical of you to call it “amazing” considering the 5th, 6th and yes even 7th Lubavitcher rebbes were opposed to Zionism


    1. The announcement of a foreign country (the US) moving the address of its embassy to the Zionists State from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is merely symbolic.

    2. The symbolism it represents is that a foreign country is accepting the desires of the Zionists to have their headquarters in that city.

    3. This recognition makes the Zionists happy but has no value to Torah Jews.

    4. The worst part is that even though this move is nothing more than symbolism, it enrages the murderous Arabs to possibly c”v kill and/or maim Jews. (There was an attempted murder just today, as a result.)

    5. This move is not worth one Jewish life or one Jewish limb or one drop of Jewish blood. Therefore it is regrettable this change occurred.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Yes, CS, I would love to hear why you think putting Yiddishe lives at risk is a good thing.


    There were thousands or terrorist attacks including murder , especially when Obama, the ant-Israel leader was prez, over the last few years. If there were none, one might understand some comments above.
    This is an awesome moment from Hashem, but we still and all, daven daily that no person should get hurt.
    The creation of the State in ’48 was likewise a decree from the Almighty, regardless of the arguments made against it by rabbonim, anti-Zionists. Unfortunately, the most “prominent” names in rabbanut who were anti-Zionists are always put forth, but there many who saw Yad Hashem in the creation of the State and were pro-Zionists.. Many frum were talked out of Aliyah, many perished in the Holocaust , secularists built the country when there could have been much more of the frum shaping it their way.
    With all respect to the Chabad line of rabbis whom opposed the State, although they were pious and tzaddikim, their instructions are irrelevant.
    Ezra made Aliyah with mechaalelei Shabbos, intermarried people and yet the Bet Hamokdash was built.
    Korush , the Persian non-Jew was inspired by Hashem to help built the Temple and was called Moshiach.
    Face realty once and for all.
    You & I do NOT know the ways of Hashem.


    “…This recognition makes the Zionists happy but has no value to Torah Jews….”
    Speak for yourself and only for yourself.
    My Torah references Yerushalayim so many times as G-D’s abode, my Amidah, the most important tfillah, 3x daily , mentions it. Which Torah are you writing about? Not ours.
    Torah Jews? The 10 meraglim, maybe? THOSE Torah Jews?

    Yechi Hamelech

    “It’s pretty hypocritical of you to call it “amazing” considering the 5th, 6th and yes even 7th Lubavitcher rebbes were opposed to Zionism”
    The Rebbe was not actively opposed to zionism , in fact he was on great terms with former Israeli prime ministers (and even saved Ariel Sharon’s life by telling him not to go on a certain flight he wanted to use. He later found out that that flight had been hijacked by Arabs when he was supposed to be on it). he just wasn’t fully on board with the idea that much. The rebbe was, however strongly opposed to Israel being in the UN (at that time, the UN’s Anti – semitism wasn’t that well known so the fact that the Rebbe knew in advance that they shouldn’t be there is quite a wonder. In fact just recently, Israel withdrew from the UN!) I know that your trying to start a machlokes so please stop.


    kj chusid,
    Suddenly a defender of Chabad, huh?
    Your boys hanged the latest Chabad rabbi in effigy R”L on Purims in the past, remember?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    My Torah references Yerushalayim so many times as G-D’s abode

    That has nothing to do with Trump announcing that he recognizes it as the political capital and plans to move the embassy there.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    The Rebbe was not actively opposed to zionism

    If that’s the case, he went against his predecessors.


    Spiritual? Well, if you think Trump is some sort of High Muckety-muck, or perhaps Eliyahu in disguise????

    The issue is whether the United States recognized the 1949 line as an armistice law (temporary) or a permanent border. Most of the world sees it as an armistice line, and arguably so do most Israelis (remember if the 1949 line is a permanent border, then all settlements in the West Bank are clearly illegal). As far as the Muslims are concerned, and if the Israelis want peace they are the only ones whose opinions matter, the last lawful permanent border between Islamic and non-Islamic worlds was in 1914.

    Trump’s decision will appeal largely to his political base, and was based on domestic concerns affected by both the Senate election in Alabama and the debate over tax reform.


    Oh I see there was some interest. Firstly, I see there is confusion with regards to the Rebbeim’s shita against. Zionism. So I’ll clarify. Apparently, the Rebbe Rasha was the strongest anti Zionist for his time, he wrote a strongly worded letter against them. This is because zionism was meant to replace torah and mitzvos with a national identity.

    As the Rebbe Rashab said, the Zionist organizationally of bilu, which stands for beis Yaakov lchu vnelcha, if they would’ve added the end of the Posuk in, bor Hashem, then I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

    There was an attempt on the Rebbe’s life by Zionists.

    The Frierdiker Rebbe, his son, also continued along these lines, and was bitterly disappointed with the establishment of the state of Israel because it was an opportune time for the Geula that year, after the chevlei moshiach of the holocaust, but instead of the geula, we were given a state – not worth it. The Frierdiker Rebbe davka got American citizenship around then, in his Shabbos clothes, and even got it videoed in color, to show how much he rejected this state exchange for the Geula.


    Oh no! We just recently finished with Chabadshlucha and her “proofs” that the lubavitcher rebbe was moshiach and now we have chochom telling us how the rebbe saved Arik Sharon’s life and knew all about the UN’s anti semitism before even they did…

    Could chochom possible be Chabadshlucha’s husband?



    1. What is the spiritual significance of President Trump’s new tax cut bill?

    2. What is the spiritual significance of the criminal investigation into Bibi Netanyahu?

    3. How do you figure out the spiritual significance of things now that your Rebbe zt’l is in the oilem haemes and no longer physically with you in olem hazeh to explain current events?

    4. Can anyone explain the spiritual significance of any current event based on his or her own boich svaras?

    Put down the gun

    Being that there are so many experts on the chabad rebbes hashkafah, I decided that I’m going to make a kvius to learn chabad hashkafa from the people in the coffee room. No, I don’t mean chabad shlucha. She didn’t yet claim to know the rebbes shitah regarding the embassy. She just wants to share her thoughts(feelings?). I wanna learn from the REAL experts on chabad hashkafa.

    Put down the gun

    It seems to me that the Jerusalem announcement shows the Arabs that they are not gaining anything on the political front by acting like animals. There will be less terrorism. That’s the spiritual significance.

    Put down the gun

    But anyhow, what’s my opinion worth? Everyone here is probably right that Trump did an aveirah by declaring Jerusalem the capital of the Jews.

    Put down the gun

    And the lubavitcher rebbe crying against giving away an inch of Land? It seems that we would have the confidence to lecture HIM on the REAL chabad shitah. It’s a shame that I wasn’t the Chabad Rebbe instead!

    Put down the gun

    And the arabs? We should show that we don’t agree with trump by evacuating all the Jews from Jerusalem because the Rashab Satmar Rav and almost all the Gedolei Yisroel were against the zionists y’mach shmom. And the Jerusalem announcement was just another Zionist ploy.

    Put down the gun

    And I want to make a new faction in Judaism. It’s called NETUREI CHABAD. We could even get achmadinijad to pay for a free trip and tour of Iran. Before we come back, we’ll have a lchaim with the Ayatollah and have the zchus to kiss his toes and wish him a long life. And who cares if Bibi the Tziyoini gets mad. Tziyoinimm zaynin nisht yidden! There. I’m done. Good night.


    Now the Rebbe obviously agreed with all the above. And the Rebbe never referred to eretz Yisrael as medinat Yisrael, only eretz Yisrael. But the Rebbe was now dealing with the aftermath – the state did exist – and Hashem wanted it to exist – every war has been a miraculous occurrence.

    So now we have Yiddin living in eretz Yisrael, able to practice Yiddishkeit to a degree that they had not been able to before. Should a state have been established? No.

    But now that it was, we need to hold onto it for two reasons :

    1) even if it wasnt eretz Yisrael but just a Jewish settlement elsewhere, as in nehardea way back when, Jewish lives must be defended. We see every time we even talk about giving away land, the Arabs see us as weak, and it endangers Jewish lives. That’s how the intifadas happened.

    This point of the Rebbe has been proved time add time again.

    2) its not just any land, its eretz Hakodesh. And now that so many Yiddin have been enabled to live there by miracles, it is completely wrong to think of giving it away,as at the end of the day, it’s our land.

    3) now that we are living there, we must do everything we can to merit living there.

    And the Rebbe sent shluchim there, over 800 by now, even asked not yet frum commanders etc. to help create more Yiddishkeit and Jewish atmosphere in various ways –

    For example, the Rebbe once asked a high ranking officer what the soldiers do in their spare time. He answered they read newspapers. The Rebbe asked him to get Jewish reading material available on the bases so soldiers can look at them in their spare time. This is one story out of many,such attention to detail.

    The fact is today, that ironically zionism has been transformed, and although the founder of zionism, hertzel, had originally wanted all Jews to convert to Christianity rl, and only came up with zionism afterwards when he saw that wouldn’t happen,today’s most ardent Zionists are frum. Lol hertzel would be turning in his grave.

    And even the not yet frum Jews keep many more mitzvos than their not yet frum counterparts in chutz laaretz.

    But this is all background to what I wanted to discuss in this thread. To be continued tomorrow iyh

    Yechi Hamelech

    “Could chochom possible be Chabadshlucha’s husband?”
    No, No, No, No, definitely not. dont even start.. .please!!!!!!

    Yechi Hamelech

    “If that’s the case, he went against his predecessors.”
    not doing something that your predecessors did is not called “going against”

    Yechi Hamelech

    @put don the gun

    “And the lubavitcher rebbe crying against giving away an inch of Land? It seems that we would have the confidence to lecture HIM on the REAL chabad shitah. It’s a shame that I wasn’t the Chabad Rebbe instead!”

    Now the real question is why your account wasn’t suspended a while ago. and the fact that mods allowed that comment to be posted….

    Yechi Hamelech

    and what i mean by not “actively opposed” is that the Rebbe did not give fiery speaches derailing the zionist state. he wasn’t particularly fond of them either. Here is a story i heard as a kid, and i know you are going question it’s validity like you do to all the other anecdotes me and 770chabad post.

    there was once a printing press owned by two brothers who were staunch Zionists but nevertheless, they printed many tanyas and, i believe, likkutei sichos (collection of the Rebbe’s sichos) because they respected the rebbe’s work.
    one day, a chossid walked into the printing press to pick up some sefarim the Rebbe had told him to bring. upon his arrival, the two owners of the shop pounced on him and knocked him to the floor, beating him up until he bled.
    when the chossid got up,dazed, he calmly asked the brothers why they had beaten him so mercilessly. They told him the following.
    They once went into the rebbe for yechidus (private audience with the rebbe) to receive a brocha for their company . After they recieved their brocha from the Rebbe, they asked him why he opposed the Israeli holiday of Yom Haatzmaut. after all, they claimed, the independence of the israeli state will surely hasten the geulah!
    the Rebbe replied “oh no, it won’t hasten the eulah. on the contrary, it will delay the geulah for such and such years” (one brother recalled the Rebbe to have said a certain number of years, and the other brother remembered it to have been different. the chossid himself forgot both numbers but he said it was something around 40 or 50 years).
    and that’s why they had beaten him. they were so upset at the Rebbe for how he had spoken of their holiday!


    Chabad is still in shita against Zionism
    But to clarify a little there is two aspects to that changed after 1948

    1 – as Jews we need to support any Jewish community in the world no matter where it is, including eretz Yisrael

    2 – 1 – once the yidden have control of eretz Yisrael we have not right to give it away, and giving it away is against Halacha
    As it is a gift to every Jew from hashem.
    2 – giving away land will only cause more violence, and when an enemy comes and tries to fight even just to steal straw we are Obligated to fight them even on shabbos ( citation needed )

    3 – right now the madina as a whole is not fully shomer Torah umitzvos, the best thing we can do is work to change that and make the whole country shomer Torah u mitzvos, with a big enfaces on education of the young children.

    ( a non expert opinion )


    “…. Lol hertzel would be turning in his grave….”

    Please do a favor, and stop repeating the lies and sheker about Herzl. Instead pick up a few books about him and then judge.
    Yes, Herzl was born into a secular family and didn’t know better. At first, he DID urge conversion when he saw the anti-Semitic Zeitgeist and was hurt by it. However, he slowly evolved into a spokesman for the establishment of a Jewish homeland in then” Palestine”. He pleaded with kings and sultans, princes and movers/shakers to get/buy Turkish Palestine for the Jews.
    He was traumatized by the vicious pogroms. to the point where he was willing to move Jews to Uganda, Argentina on a TEMPORARY basis. Where were the frummies then? Can somebody show me evidence of any prominent orthodox anti-Zionists rabbi who called for any kind of Yom Tfillah? Fast day maybe, for the murdered brethren and assaulted women of eastern Europe??
    He had Wolfson, his deputy, a religious man read the posuk of Im Eshkochech Yerushalayim at one on the Congresses. He asked to be buried in Eretz Yisroel. He died very young and he was drawing nearer and nearer to Yiddishkeit, having also met with prominent rabbanim and rebbes, many who supported him.
    Please already, everybody stop blasting and besmirching this man with false information . You’re drinking and wallowing in stale Kool-Aid.
    At one point, a frum liar reported to the Chabad rabbi that he, Herzl, drove on Shabbat into the old city of Jerusalem and the rabbi reacted with disdain against Herzl . What sheker!!!! Herzl was ill with fever that Friday eve, and Wolfson persuaded him to get out of the horse and buggy and WALK into the city out of respect for Shabbat , which he did, but needed to spend the day in a shabby hotel in bed. These are the FACTS, but why bother with facts when they’re inconvenient and bothersome ? When they destabilize a wishful hate and lashan hora appetite against Zionists?



    Herzl ym’s was ready to take Uganda rather than Palestine.


    1.) Did you read what I wrote about Uganda, or are you pretending?
    2.) So mema nifshach,: If you don’t believe in a State, what’s your tummyache with Uganda?
    If you do believe in it , what’s your beef with the State? Even if 100% frum , you
    don’t want it .
    3.) Be careful of your curse words Mr. Torah Jew. Hopefully, they don’t come back to bite you.

    kj chusid

    (To the one who asked) I’m no fan of chabad, I just wanted to point the hypocrisy of today’s chabad regarding the medina


    Bottom Line:
    All these historical pros/cons, which rebbe said what, who was anti-Zionist, who wasn’t… curses, Zionist this, Zionist that, doesn’t mean a hill of beans anymore. Yeah, it’s a rainy afternoon’s entertainment read , but so what?
    Hashem has made the State of Israel grow in Torah, agriculture, infrastructure, Aliyah immigration, tech, prominence, etc, etc, vechoolhu, vchoolhu. All curses, anti-Zionists positions are forever irrelevant. Miracles every moment, even millions of Christians and good people everywhere are in awe except for blind , self-professed Torah Jews who don’t see and don’t hear.. mired in the irrelevant past to continue to hate in the present. Too bad.
    Your tirades don’t matter anymore.
    Your pshetlach are worthless.


    He was willing to accept Uganda as a permanent Jewish nation.

    The point being that Eretz Yisroel was no better to him, it just happened to be what became more politically feasible for them to try to claim legal sovereignty over. All he wanted was real estate to make a country out of.

    A country that they wanted to have criminals like other countries, so it should be no different than gentile countries.


    Joseph @ 10:11

    Your comments are part sheker v’chazav and part, out of context. A Torah Jew like yourself should know that Midvar Sheker is a d’Oireiseh. Oversimplification and omitting truth factoids are also, and forever, sheker.
    Have a lovely evening.

    kj chusid

    Ah, so what the psak Halacha is from all the gedoilim is useless to you, because the Zionists had some success you decided that Avoidah zorah is muttar. May Hashem have mercy on your soul


    kj chusid@10:19,
    OOpah…!!! Another lie… Here’s you:
    “……:all the gedoilim ….”
    No sir. Not all. Many rabbis supported it and the list is impressive. How about we start with Rav KalischerZTL and RavTeichtal H”YD… But there are others. Don’t lie kj…. Please don’t .
    Oh…., and of course may HE have mercy on your soul as well. In fact may He have mercy on all of us.

    kj chusid

    No idea who’s those ppl are, but let’s put it this way the major gedolim the Chazon ish, reb moshe Feinstein , Satmar Ruv, Chofetz Chaim, the Lubavitcher rebbes, the baba sal,reb ahron kotler, r shnuer kotler, the list goes on and on, all opposed Zionism.

    kj chusid

    Oh and amen to the brocheh



    According to you, how does all the chariedy parties take part in ” avodah Zara “, instead they fight for shabbos and fight for the curriculum etc..

    The point in the end of the day we are all against the idea of secular Zionism but today the best we can do is to try to help the yidden there become shomer Torah u mitzvos and use our power in government to help Elevate the hashkafa of the goverment.
    Also Yerushalyim is only important if Torah matters, when the whole Israeli society show a unity in proclaiming that yerushalayim is the heart of yidden and a Jew and yerushlayim cannot be separated , this only can only have a positive affect on overturning the idea of some to totally secularize and separate ch”v yidden from the kedusha of eretz yisrael


    “No idea who’s those ppl are, but let’s put it this way the major gedolim””

    You have no idea who Rav Tzvi Hirsh Kalisher is? With all due respect, how can someone comment anything on this topic of Zionism, if you have no clue about it’s very basic foundations?



    In fact, Rav Baruch Ber of Kamenitz refused to mention Hertzl by his name. Rav Elchonon Wasserman called him, I think, the Ish haShachar .

    In any case, what does Hertzl have with today’s Zionism? No one of the frum Zionists recognizes him as anything great.



    You still haven’t told us

    a) what you think is the “spiritual significance of the Jerusalem and embassy announcement”,

    b) why you think that’s what the significance is and

    c) how you came to that momentous conclusion.


    “At first, he DID urge conversion when he saw the anti-Semitic Zeitgeist and was hurt by it. ”

    Zion – shouldn’t that be more than enough to just declare him as an enemy to everything we stand for?! How many of our ancestors went through fire, death and all tortures in order not to convert, and here is someone a Jew *urging* conversion…

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    No one of the frum Zionists recognizes him as anything great.

    I assume ZionGate is frum.


    According to Wikipedia, one of the three theses presented in Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Kalisher’s
    Derishat Zion was the “admissibility of the observance of sacrifices in Jerusalem at the present day.”
    Gaon, can you inform us as to whether that was a discussion of the issue or a presentation of the idea that it was indeed permissible?


    @ziongate I’m glad he came closer to Yiddishkeit in the eve, thanks for informing me.

    So lots of cool things going on. If you want a source for anything I say please feel free to ask.

    To answer Joseph, yes this comes from the Rebbe’s sichos where he references sources from all over Torah. And @rso this is one of the many ways we are guided by the Rebbe till today.

    Will tell you some of the cool things when I get back from teaching iyh


    Anyway guys… Have a Happy Chanukah, there’s nothing more here to say or stay.
    I prefer to look at the NOW & future of Eretz Yisroel, instead of the irrelevant arguments of the past.
    Prefer to acknowledge the rabbis who were correct over those who were wrong.. Prefer to acknowledge Hashem’s nissim, especially at this time of year , instead of finding fault, instead of regurgitating meraglim propaganda. Prefer to hope that the secular will become a religious group via methods used by Rabbi Aryeh Levin, Zechuto Yagen Aleinu, rather than curses, spittle, and pulling frayed, yellowed pamphlets of failed shittas to disparage, rave and rant.
    To humbly acknowledge that Hashem has come back , has not forgotten, is behind the dizzying success of Eretz Yisroel and the critics are being designated to the trash heaps.
    Oh…. Please be careful about what and how you speak of Eretz Yisroel… Don’t wind up , as millions did, in Mitzrayim during Makas Choshech.. Who were they? what were their names? Nobody knows.
    Or cares.
    Chag Someach to all.


    Lubavitchers were so jealous that a Litvishe Rabbi spoke at the White House Chanukah party that the first comment on collive was “Rabbi Soloveitchik learned in lubavitch cheder in chicago”. What a loser comment, even when chabad isnt involved, they still have to try taking credit by any means they can. I dont know if anyone noticed but Rabbi Meir Soloveitchik doesnt look lubavitch to me but I can be wrong. Is that what the commentor was implying? Cause he looks pretty litvish as far as I can tell.
    Also they write “As usual” Rabbi shemtov(chabad) was involved in kashrus along with the greater Washington kashrus agency? Really? Thats like saying some Rabbi was involved with the OU and make it look like that Rabbi was the one in charge of the whole operation in order to make it look as if chabad took care of the kashrus themselves.
    So its no surprise for them to try to take credit that Jerusalem announcement was made on a day that they celebrate, again to show that its chabad controlling the worlds every move.
    I tried commenting several times on their PROPAGANDA site but didnt go through.
    No wonder, I mean its a great strategy to spew out propaganda without being called out on it.
    I just dont get why they dont stop this ugly attitude.
    Imagine if every Litvishe Tomechei Shabbos delivery would make news, or if every time Satmar bikur cholim delivered a meal it would headline-Kiddush Satmar! Delivering meals to the sick and needy! Noone else but us does this!
    How many lubavs went to litvish or other chassidish cheder?
    What is the point in even stating that? Only to claim superiority and ties to something that they werent chosen to speak in.


    im not chabbad ,but non the less it says in pirke avot,
    if one denounces a sage he looses his share to come


    OK I’m back. So here’s starters :

    Yaakov and esav were both given missions in refining the world : Yaakov was meant to be Ish ohel- the kollel man,
    Rav etc.

    And esav was meant to be Ish sodeh- the man on the ground, the businessmen, worldly people who refine the world from within. Both are necessary and needed. Esav’s mission demanded allot more spiritual power, as he needed to elevate the world from within, without getting pulled down, and so he had a greater potential.

    Unfortunately, with his bechira chofshis, he chose to waste his great potential and fall very low, and that’s why Yaakov wanted to give him a brachos transfusion – to wake him up and reset him on his path.

    Rivkah though saw that he would take any kochos he was given and use it for bad, so she got Yaakov to get the brachos.

    Yaakov then fled to Lavan and stayed on the right path, even in the darkness of Lavan and charan- charon af shel olam, and when he successfully completed his mission, he went to meet up with Esav to see if he had completed his.

    Alas, the messengers returned and told him, banu el achicha – you think he’s your brother, but, el esav- he’s still esav harasha. He has not done his mission so we can’t have moshiach yet.

    Ever since, Yaakov and his descendents, us, have been given both missions, to be the yoshev ohel as well as the Ish sodeh.

    When we finish refining the world, as well as esav, that’s when moshiach can come.

    I know you’re thinking what does this have to do with anything? I’m giving you the background concepts so you can understand the significance of what is going on.so just bear with me 🙂


    CS: The sichos of the Rebbe zt’l explain the embassy move of 2017?

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