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    Do you stand up when your father or mother walks into the room?


    If you’re a Torah-Practicing Jew than you do. Who doesn’t?


    When I learnt the halocha, I told my parents and started doing it (although it was very awkwad and difficult). They told me stop

    However, it’s something I teach my kids (only at a formal setting such as meal, not everytime they’re playing on the floor, doing homework etc


    If yes do you stand up M’LO KOMUSO (full hieght)?

    And btw, if your parent is mochel, then you don’t need to!!


    It is a chiyuv to stand up.

    How is this even a question?


    it was more of a poll than a question

    some people may not be aware of this Halachah

    always here

    who cares~ “And btw, if your parent is mochel, then you don’t need to!!” whew! I got nervous at the thought that my Torah Practicing Jewish children weren’t considered Torah Practicing Jews!


    Unfortunately, this is something we don’t teach anymore. When I was a child we were taught to stand when up for parents, for teachers/mechanchim, for your elders.

    At a wedding, I stand when grandparents walk down to the chupah, you can count on your fingers how many others follow.


    Not that my opinion matters.

    Why should I be mochel & deprive my children of an opportunity to do a Mitzva D’Orayso. This has nothing to with my personal worth, so there is no point in being an Anuv

    Further I make it my business to ask my children to do things which I could very easily do myself, just to give them a Zchus especially my out of towners


    Just had this iscussion with someone in regard to Rebbeim. Ask boys who are in cheder if they stand up for their rebbeim. Most will tell you no. Not sure about the girls(we didn’t ask). I could not believe it. I don’t see why we can’t teach our kids this small act of kovod.


    We always stood up for teachers in school.

    At one point I would stand up for my parents but they said they’re mochel it.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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