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    aries, I don’t work for Starbucks but it should be obvious that it is a publicly-held company and the officers and board owe the duty to the shareholders to get the maximum profits.

    Back to kashruth issues, please.


    Soon we can put an end to this coffee strife. Just read this morning that Coffee Bean & Team is (finally) opening some stores in Manhattan. The first one is on Broadway & 39th. Don’t know whose hechsher is going to be on these NYC locations, but in LA, all their stores are under the KOLA. Not only are all their coffee and tea drinks, both hot and cold, kosher, but their very fresh and delicious baked goods as well. I’m thrilled about this news. When we came back from a trip to LA once, I actually contacted them to tell them how much our family enjoyed eating there, and stated how much I hoped they’d move to NYC as well. Although this goes back to 2006, I remember that the atmosphere in all the locations we stopped by in LA were very clean, and relaxing. Much nicer then Starbucks any day.

Viewing 2 posts - 101 through 102 (of 102 total)
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