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    I recently got this thing in my head, and it’s been really growing, that I want to start a business. So, my preferences are: online and more service kind of thing than product.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,



    anonymisss, if I had an idea for a business, why would I be here now? 😉

    hmmm. maybe advice… jk.



    anonymisss: It takes a lot of work to start a buisness, but right now in the bad economy if you can find something that would work it would be the best time to start one, but thats more for a non internet thing.

    How about selling stuff on ebay?

    But you cant just get the idea in your head and then it grows and then a month later it goes poof. Your going to lose money that way.


    anonymiss you really need to do your own market research and see what you feel is missing in the market and draw up a business plan. Plucking ideas from the air or in this case the cr room will only cause confusion.

    A succesful business needs to provide a service not already in place. You also need to bear in mind we are in a global recession and people are not looking to spend money.

    If you’ve got this idea into your head, why don’t you first do a course of some sort to get you more into the right frame.

    Very best wishes and good luck to you.



    pure Emes like this is so very rare and precious


    Ames, your Bitachon in Hashem will take you everywhere!! You really are amazing.


    anonymisss – why don’t you get a pushcart and sell apples, like I did?

    Nowadays, though, you’d probably also need to add coffee to your menu. Good luck with it, and let me know if you want any insider tips!


    ames: WOW


    squeak: 5 cent pickles! lol


    maybe anivus isn’t one of your strong points ames, but I can deffinitely take some lessons from you on bitachon ;);)

    seriously- that was an outstanding thing to do. You make us all proud to know you!


    It was 4 cents a pickle across the street. 5 cents got you the pickle wrapped in today’s newspaper.



    Tizku lemitzvos.




    anonymisss – why don’t you get a pushcart and sell apples, like I did?

    where can I send the oil? 😉



    anonymiss- I am not sure if it is the best time to start a business not with a struggling economy. I agree what nobody said, do your homework meaning start doing research about the business you want to start. When the economy is more stable then maybe you can make a business plan and the goals you want to achieve. Contact the Small Business Administration, and find out when the next meeting is. Members tend to be older retired Business people, who have a wealth of experience as owners of a Business. Pick their brains, by asking questions about starting your business. The beautiful thing about the meetings they are free, and open to the General Public.


    Thanks for all the responses.

    ames, wow. I’m really impressed and proud to be your friend. so, can you show me the ropes, too? 😉

    squeak, i’m too young for that.

    kapusta, 🙂

    nobody and yank, thanks.



    ames: you make us more & more proud by the day! keep it up, your emunah & bitachon in Hashem is truly unbleivably great!

    anonymisss: hatzlacha rabbah, having a great idea is where it all begins!


    ask hashem to open your eyes to a good business opportunity. have you read ‘Garden of Emunah’ yet?? very helpful advice!


    yankdownunder: Quite contrary to wha you have said. The bad economy makes it a very good time to strat your own buisness. As smeone said before one of the reasons is because you can be there when the economy bounces back with a buisness that is already somewhat established. Another reason is because with so many major companies going bankrupt it opens up more buisness for the smaller companies.


    OK before you start a business you need to ask some very pointed questions

    1. What am I going to sell?
    2. Who am I going to sell it too?
    3. Where am I going to sell it, Storefront (if so where), Ebay? Other?
    4. How will I convince them to buy it from me?
    5. Where am I going to get my product?
    6. What will my costs be for this product? (wholesale, taxes, staff, rent etc)
    7. How much will I sell it for
    8. What Volume do I expect to sell?
    9. What Volume do I really expect to sell. (As in think I will sell not wish I would sell)
    10. How am I going to fund this?

    There is a group called “SCORE” that is a group of retired execs that help people starting up


    ab- How can you validate what you wrote? Being that the unemployment rate is astronomical, and many people are budgeting tightly given a choice between feeding my family and buying the product anonymiss would like to produce and sell I would opt to feed my family. Where is anonymiss going to get the Capital to start a business? ZachKessin thanks for the in formation about Score. Anonymiss take note.


    Your very welcome, Score is good people, and its a free service (you will have to google for it) the SBA also has all sort of programs and information, so check them out.

    If 10 minutes of my time can help someone earn a living then it is a well invested 10 minutes. (Or even if it can help you not loose a lot of money)


    hi everyone, I haven’t had much time to be in the CR lately but I just logged on and this thread caught my eye.


    that story is truly amazing! Thanks for the chizuk!

    anonymisss and anyone else considering starting a business,

    you are walking a thin line. On the one hand you don’t want to jump in and invest money without any idea whether there is any business plan at all but on the other hand if you worry over every possible obstacle you will never start.

    My advice is don’t worry about the economy (revenues of small businesses have been improving since February according to a wall street journal reporter on the radio) and don’t worry about the million other things that can go wrong – deal with each one as it comes up. But do have a plan, even an inforal one, but it has to be raelistic – what am I good at? Is there a lot of demand for this product or service at the price I plan to charge? How and where will I advertise? Do I have the required skills and if not can I hire someone with those skills and still be profitable?

    Another very important point – only take advice from your rav or from those who have run successful businesses. Someone who never opened a business may see all the risks and not see the potential so they may scare you away from doing this with the best intentions.



    1) I never said she would have a thriving buisness in this economy, but if she can start one now then maybe when the economy bounces back she can already have a buisness in place and it is then that she has the chance to build the buisness and make a nice profit.

    2) Even in the hard economic times people are still buying luxury and recreational items (perhaps more now because they have nothing to do so they are bored and they want to keep the stress away). People will always enjoy the nicer things in life whether they have millions of dollars or are barely getting by.

    3)There are plenty of essential every day items that can be sold (Even things that people can do without but consider to be essential.)


    I’m no pro on this subject, but I’ve learned one generic rule: do not view your competition as the bad guy. Learn from their experience and from their mistakes. You can even be on very friendly terms with them and make some deals on how to split things.

    Example: You open a cell phone business. The guy two blocks down is doing well, but you see that he mainly deals in bulk (big company/employee plans etc.) with individual sales in between. You have the option of having a meeting with him and being open as follows:

    I do not know the first thing about cell phone businesses so I hope this point makes sense. Good luck


    Good points staying connected to you Rav and getting feedback is good advice as far starting a business. Speaking to Score and SBA is also good to help determine a basic business plan. Find someone who started a service oriented business on line, and ask the individual what you would need to do as far as starting your own business.


    yankdownunder-where do you live that it wasn’t shabbos for you? we do not allow personal information to be discussed on the boards. YW Moderator-72

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