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    Participant, kiddush cup-how is stem easier to hold? Also many have a custom to hold the bottom of the cup, doesnt the stem make it more unstable to hold that way?

    Esrog no pitom is pasul? Thats if it broke off after being taken off the tree.

    Matza, Vilna Gaon held by 2 Matzah for Seder.

    Megilla pretty much all fold as in “Igeres” and not a scroll. Artscroll covers have a picture of a Megillah as scroll, how come we dont use a megilla that way?

    Tzitzis/Tallis no stripes? Where?

    Matzah, is the Minhag for yetzias mitzrayim or earlier since they already would make Matzah even before leaving Mitzrayim.

    Gold rings for lulav sounds pretty cool. Although on the Shekel they found in ISrael its portrayed on one side the Heichal and the other 4 Minim and it does look like a koshalach or some fancy holder binding it. Spehardim and some others tie the minim directly on to the lulav without a holder. Im wondering when that minhag arose if its depicted with a holder during Bayis Sheini.

    How about the Pesach minhag to wear a kittle at the Seder?


    Sleeping on a hammock after cholent? can you yotzeh with zero gravity chaise lounge chair?

    Kallah sending her mechetayister a cheese cake of shevos?

    a tea party fundraiser without tea?

    never using a car washing execpt for erev peasch?


    Esrog – $100 or under or way over?
    Tell people the price or just keep the tag on?
    Increase the price with inflation or keep the traditional price?
    Esrog for boys – same price as for Tati as chinuch or cheaper or more expensive? Make him pay?
    Esrog for girls?


    @AAQ the souce of those minhagim are the same souce of why pepople flush the public toilets twice.


    “-Esrog pitom or not? Yes Why? Otherwise it’s possul. ”
    You’d have a hard time in E”Y with that one. I’ve not seen one with a pitum here since we made aliyah. Are etrogim with a pitum even available here?
    The only time I’ve had a etrog with a pitum in the last 15 years was in 2020, when I was in Pittsburgh due to a family medical emergency. After I bought mine from one of the shules, I asked the Rav if there were any without a pitum, and he said no.


    Theres a difference between a broken pitom and one that fell off while still on the tree.


    My sister decided against STEM, she got a degree though. Now she has purple hair, dates a girl and can’t get a job outside of restaurant work.


    Just bought a pomegranate at the price of esrog… Can I use it as such?
    Thanx Brandon.



    Do you have a great Esrog guy, or did your Mocher Pomegranates take you for a ride?


    @ubiquitn, I was hoping you would shed some light on the question i posted on sept 19


    I wish .. there are no rimonim in regular stores, and a “kosher” store priced it in inverse proportion to freshness. I guess, this year it will symbolize expensive mitzvos. Can someone count – how many are those?

    My Esrog seller ZT’L was great, I loved to overpay him. He was a Talmid Chacham who was following Chofetz Chaim derech using esrog sales as his means of support. When he was elderly, he moved away to his children. At one shiur, both my Rav and I mentioned that we used to do esrog business with him, and the next week we found out that he was niftar. My impression is that the neshomah travels the world at the end, at least places where the person was before.

Viewing 11 posts - 51 through 61 (of 61 total)
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