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    Sender Av

    A relative of a relative is extremely ill and has requested that she be cremated when she R’L is niftar. I think she should have a refuah shelamiah #1. I am not close with them, but would like to try and do something to stop it.Their son is BT MO and I think has already spoken to his parents but has not been able to convince them. My father spoke to the relative who has a sick relative telling them how the nazis used cremation and how they should really talk to their relative again, but they said its too hard/sad to think about. Any ideas on how/if we should proceed???


    Offer to fully pay for the burial.


    Contact Misaskim at 877CHESED6 or

    I dealt with someone named Mr. Weill who was very courteous and dealt with the matter (it was a man who wished to be buried in a catholic cemetery) with utmost professionalism.


    Do you have any idea why they chose cremation?


    I think according to halacha, that you do not have to carry out the wishes of a person wanting to be creamated. In fact, you SHOULD ask a shaila.

    Sender Av

    cremation is cheaper.


    If that is the only reason, then you can call the Hebrew Free Burial Society or Misaskim and have someone go talk to them. I am sure if someone from the Chevra Kadisha of their neighborhood went to speak to them, something could be arranged from the Hebrew Free Burial Society as well.


    If its a money issue it can easily be prevented by paying.


    Sender Av…funds are tight, but I would be happy to donate to help raise funds for a proper burial…


    The high cost of jewish funerals and Burials is an issue that MOST be looked into

    Many jews who are not so religious and not so rich will opt for cremation. They do not want to burden their survivors with $10,000 or more in final expenses


    The high cost of Jewish funerals and Burials

    i dont know where you live, where i live frum Jewish burials are very simple and MARKEDLY less expensive than gentile funerals with their mahogany caskets, flowers, and opulence


    The caskets are cheaper than non-jews

    However you have to rent the funeral home (Or have a gravesite service which is cheaper)

    You have to buy the plot , you have to open the grave and you have to seal the grave. You might or might not have to pay a rabbi. You also have to buy a Stone.

    Price it out, its about $10,000-$15,000 for a funeral home service and about $8000-$12,000 for a grave site service


    i wasnt arguing on your premise that cremation is cheaper than burial

    i was arguing on your implication that Jewish funerals are more expensive than non-Jewish ones

    see the quoted text in my post


    Many non-jews cremate to avoid the high cost. Since most jews do not I was referring to the cost of death.

    A non-jewish funeral with embalming, Open Casket , High class casket is expensive, but one can avoid this

    There is unfortunatly no way to make a cheap jewish funeral (I am assuming one does not want to be buried by the Free Burial society)


    I heard a story about this man who had a farther who was not religious (since he had survived the Holocaust) and he became a millionaire when he came to the USA.

    He had 2 sons, 1 was not frum like his farther, 1 became frum.

    After he died they were to divide the money (about $100 million), but on condition that the farther would be cremated according to his wishes.

    The frum son would not take the $50 milllion and made a deal with the not frum son that he would give his farther a proper burial.

    The non frum son was so amazed by this, he gave the farther a proper burial, and became frum.


    Contact local Chabad. They are known to be helpful in such situations.


    Sender Av

    I called Misaskim and they were very helpful. Thanks for the recommendation.

    a mamin

    Missaskim is a wonderful organization. Anyone willing to donate, donors always welcome.

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