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    When I go to my inlaws I feel funny and maybe bal tosaf to eat in the succah on shmini atzeras because it isnt my minhag.


    bal tosef? I would not feel nervous when the gemara is mefurash to eat in a succah. And I heard Reb Moshe told people who did not have such a minhag that they are mechuyav to eat in the succah, because you can’t have a minhag against a mefurishe gemara

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    I heard that the whole “minhag” not to eat in the sukka on Shmini Atzeres started in places where it was really cold so they were very meikel about it. People saw the Rebbe/Rav go inside and assumed that that was the minhag.


    We don’t have that issue here. You know, living in Eretz Yisroel makes a lot of things easier.

    Israeli Chareidi


    Take a look at the Sfas Emes on the topic. You’ll find he didn’t just go in from the cold.

    old man

    For a better understanding of this issue, please read

    “????’ ??? ???? ????, “???? ?????? ????

    Chapter 8, pages 163-173.

    Short introduction: This issue has been contentious for over one thousand years, and there there is no clear cut halachah. For the Bavli quoters, remember there exists also the Yerushalmi and Midrashei halachah. You will be surprised at the large variety of minhagim practiced over the many centuries. Idach zil gmor.

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    What I wrote above is just rumors I have heard, I don’t really know if it is true.

    Quote from welldressed007 in deleted double topic:

    “Minhag hamakom and try being respectful to your inlaws and your wife? It is not an Issur.”


    haifa- minhag yerushalayim is actually not to.

    Ken Zayn

    In light of tonite’s weather forecast, this shall be a non-issue, and tomorrow pray really hard during Tefillas Geshem, and tomorrow shall thereby also become a non issue.


    When I was single, I always to be eating by people with my minhag (in house at night, kiddush in sukkah, lunch in house). If one doesn’t like not following the host’s minhag, find a different host. It isn’t like there’s a shortage of hosts.


    R’ Aharon Kotler forced chassidishe bochurim into the sukkah. Personally, I believe if you don’t wear a streimel/spodik go to the mikveh daily, send your kids to chassidishe chadorim, it is quite bizarre to retain only the most halachik problematic chassidish minhag.


    It isn’t a Chasidishe minhag. Like “old man” said above, both these minhagim are over 1,000 years old. Both 100% valid with different Rishonim, Achronim and Gedolim on both sides of the minhagim.


    Which Rishon?


    As I posted last year, Don’t know other people’s reason, but it’s minhag mishpachas Rashi not to eat in the sukkah on Shmini Atzeres. That trickles down to a whole lot of chasiddishe yichusim and many others as well. And I’ve found in my genealogical research that the minhag is so persistent that even some related families that have not been frum for generations are aware of this. In any case, We just make kiddush.


    R’ Aharon Kotler forced chassidishe bochurim into the sukkah. :- When someone is fortunate to have a Messoro, no-one should force him/her to deviate from his/her Messoro.

    It is incomprehensible & perplexing & painful to me, how someone could be forced to break away from his/her ancestor’s tradition.


    The Aruch Hashulchan (O.C. 668, 2 & 3) says not to eat in a Succa on Shmini Atzeres. And the A”H wasn’t Chasidish.

    zvei dinim

    ??????????’ ???????, ??”? ??? ?? ?????? brings ??”? that the ????? of the ??’ is really the ??”?. So there’s no ???? from Rav Aaron as the Rambam in Hakdama to Yad says to disregard ?????? when they contradict ?????, and this contradicted what it says in Reb aharon’s Gemara.


    Haifagirl +1


    the tur says some don’t eat in the succah on shmini ateres veino minhag


    We have a French Cafe (not Jewish) inside the “Eruv” which has several tables outside. Sunday evening they were empty. We ate inside. Monday after davening I walked by and several people were eating outside. Hence, the day Seudah was in the Sukkah.

    Back to the French Cafe: My best guess is that the Eastern Europe branch moves all the tables inside by mid September. The outside tables would always be busy in Bavel, unless it was actually raining.

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    To be continued here:

    (or next year in another new thread)

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