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    Come One, Come All. All CR-ites.

    The BEST party yet. No. She’s NOT GOING away in the near future. Going on hard times maybe (putting it mildly). She could use our Brochos, moral support, consolation. Let’s throw her a marvelous bash Brochos Party.

    Drop by and give her your heartfelt Brochos, well-wishes, nechomos and chizuk. For free! (Hebrew name is ??????? ?? ??? ????? – Hashem knows just who and where she is.)

    DON’T ALL MOB IN AT ONCE. Threre’s time for all.


    May Eclipse go from strength to strength. May Hashem michazek her and guide her through any nisyanot.


    here is my bracha to you” hashem should help you, you should see good in whatever you do,and appreciate it.AMEN!


    May HaShem give her the strength and wisdom to overcome the challenges she faces.

    May she see them as the Chasidishe Rebbe of yore, Reb Zishe. “I never faced any difficulties..” despite his extreme poverty, difficult family situation etc etc


    Sh’yimalei Hashem es kol mishalosecha l’tovah. You should have much brocha, nachas, gezunt, and hatzlocha in every area of your life.

    yossi z.

    I give my brocho that she should find the strength and support to get her through and when she gets through (for she definitely will) she should come out stronger and better than before.

    Zeeskite: this is really nice what you are doing. You should be blessed to be able to keep up such action and outlook for many years to come.

    😀 Zuberman! 😀

    a mamin

    Dearest Eclipse; Please bear in mind that life is full of ups and downs for all of us! may Hashem bring you closer to the ups…….


    eclipse, you are a very strong person and your strength gives me inner strength too. You should continue to be as strong as you are now ad meah vaesrim shana!!



    I am touched to tears.(Just a few,don’t worry)

    Wedding tonight.

    Gonna use as many “reward” and “chesed” ideas combined as I can!


    OOPS! I forgot. Come back for doubles.


    May you go from strength to strength and not worry so much about yenem. Tracht gut ….


    Eclipse-Hashem should always give you many brachos, mazel, hatzlacha in everything, parnassah, shalom with your children, and for you to find your zivug very very soon! May Hashem give your the strength to pass each and every test that you are being given! I wish you a chag kasher vsameach, a worry free yuntif and a yuntif that will bring you good and happy things!


    may you be zoche to see your children come back onto the derech and iyh you should find a good righteous man at the right time

    always here

    May you grow from strength to strength.


    You may not want to ‘hear’ this. Maybe it’s been told to you over and over. Maybe it’s not to your liking. I apologize. Don’t read it. I’m writing, then, for others to take chizuk.

    Please do not take offense. People say worse things!


    ZK- That was lovely. Thanks! I love hearing that mashal. U just gave me a chizuk boost.

    eclipse, I cant think of how to word anything right now.. so HUG


    yossi z.,s2021:

    Thanks for the complement. We all could use some.

    To the Olam at large – keep it going. I LOVE parties. To anyone good with words and blessed with a warm heart, the time is now, the place is here. Join our Brochos Party.



    may hkbh grant you much simcha, nachas from all your kids, parnassa brayvach, hatzlacha in all that you do, and and everything else you may want/need!!


    ZK, that was beautiful! Amazing Mashal!


    Hi,I want to tell you all that I did not take a single poster’s brachos lightly…but I think they were more powerful than expected!!

    A few UNBELIEVABLE things happened today.The personal things I cannot share,but I got many errands accomplished today (almost my whole list),plus I not only felt 100% peace of mind today,but actual simcha!! My friends were calling all day today to “check in” and couldn’t believe my relaxed and jolly mood!


    I attribute it to a bracha I got from a big tzadik recently,and…the sincere good wishes of a bunch of people I never met in my life.


    I don’t need to go anywhere because I don’t need to be “distracted”.

    My kids ka”h looked adorable,and let’s hope everything stays positive!


    Eclipse, I wish you lots of hatzlacha in your life. May Hashem grant you long and healthy years. May you, your kids (and future spouse?) be physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy AT ALL TIMES. May He Who knows best what you’re going through help you out in every situation – including those you cannot publicize. I wish you tons of siyatta dishmaya in whatever you do. Hatzlacha Rabba. (And please do let us know if there’s any change for the better.)


    eclipse, may hashem be m’kayaim all your tefillos . much nachas and good health to you and your family. we are all thinking of you.


    Dear Eclipse, A Brocha from an “Old” Bbubee.

    May Hakodosh Boruch Hu bench you with continued Simchas Hachaim to face each Nisayon with strength, and Bitachon. May you follow in your Mothers footsteps and spread Ahava & Achdus to all of your children. May you see them all grow up to be Shomer Shabbos,Torah & Mitzvos, Yeirei Shamayim & have much Yiddish Nachas from them & them from you. 🙂 Keep smiling, we are all rooting for you.


    ZK…”and a layv tov is better than all”….(Avos)


    MindOver Chatter — things I cannot publicize?

    I don’t understand.

    Do you know more about my life than I do?

    Didn’t I publicize it all already?


    Eclipse: I’m afraid you misunderstood my comment. I’ve no idea whether or not you’ve publicized ALL of your challenges.

    In any case… Hatzlacha, and a chag kosher vesameach.


    MindOverChatter…Thanks for clarifying!

    Of course I haven’t REALLY “publicized” my entire life…I just got worried that more of our personal life is out there than even I shared!

    Be Happy

    Eclipse – I wish you a lot of Koach to overcome your Nisyoinos. Hashem wants you to be Happy. Help yourself in any which way. Reward yourself. You deserve it. I have taken to hum the following “Everything is for the good Everything is for the good. Even if it looks bad, Everything is for the good.”

    May you be well and make lots of Happy simchas Soon.


    This is such a beautiful thread. My bracha is that merit of all this achdus should finally bring the geulah!


    Eclipse. may you see the sun shine out in your life. just like in an eclipse when everything is black and it feels like it will stay that way forever, always the sun is revealed and continues to shine. May Hashem reveal beauty, goodness and joy to you in your life and may you truly feel blessed.

    I’m sure you have suffered much, but try to remember that Hashem is with you and soon the tides will turn.

    on another note. hopefully Mr. X’s remarriage will let you have peace and quiet from him.

    enjoy your children as they are a great blessing WHICH NOT EVERYONE IS ZOCHEH TO HAVE. count your blessings and you will feel blessed.

    also, for pampering i really go for ben and jerry’s , anything very chocolaty. maybe treat yourself to something new and beautiful that you’ve beeen thinking about for a while. but don’t go over budget too much as you’ll just feel bad later. chag kasher vesameach.


    May you be zocha to much good – and may you see that it’s good (as a friend of mine always says). Hatzlocha raba.


    Thank you everyone!!


    eclipse what is your story so i can put emotion and feeling into my brocha



    Party’s still going on. Thank everyone AFTER the party.


    But it’s past my bedtime!


    A little boide told me you were up past bedtime!



    I wasn’t here the first or second round of this party. But I’ll gladly make a third round. Anyone wanna join me?

    Eclipse, my bracha to you is all the good in the world and everything else everyone posted above! And from reading old posts, you definitely deserve it!!! And I hope that you and your chosson will be as happy together until 120 as you are now 🙂

    Shopping613 🌠

    My brocha to you is that you should ALWAYS be as wonderful as you are now!!! And cheerful!! And all of the above and A wonderful happy marrige and beautiful kids 1 day. To 125!!!!!


    Ah! Such good times we had those days, partying out!

    We need some official here, one that can take all of the above and of the Mazel Tov thread, stick them in a nice REAL bouquet arrangement and deliver it, IRL. C’mon, deep (deepest of the deep) inside each poster here beats a real live heart.

    Mods, I charge you with the task. You’re the only one who knows everyone’s name, address, SS, DOB, intelligence, medical history etc. Go for it. You should know her address. (the real one, not the IP)

    Everyone- sign your name here: (in this post)

    croak, croak, little froggie (‘toad’ah rabbah)


    Eclipse, I rebumped this for you. If you don’t read this I’m going to have to unrebump it.


    Woah woah woah!! Who’s taking the credit here??? But I like your idea Little Froggie. What type of flowers do you think eclipse likes? Mods, any idea?



    All I said is that I’m re-bumping it for her. I take full credit for that. (oh, other things too..) As what type of flowers she likes I don’t know. Only the Mods know. As I wrote earlier they know EVERYTHING, every private detail of every poster here.


    Just found this. Wow, thanks for reminding me of this – I really should say “shehecheyonu vikeemonu lazmam hazeh”.

    There will always challenges in life, but CRISES (plural for crisis) DO PASS!


    corrections:lazmaN and BE challenges

    Little Froggie

    Nope. Not gonna do it again…


    Wow!!! A lot happened since then!

    They have a few kids, and I moved to FR and love my job as a teacher.

    I didn’t get married (that’s where I left off here, engaged) but BH I learned tons from the experience.


    I am happy, wiser from all my experiences, and enjoying nachas from my kids. Lots of real teenagers issues too, but with the tests come Hashem’s gifts of resilience and strength…p.s.STILL workin’ on diets but who ain’t?


    I wish you a life filled with love and nachas, building your own bayis ne’eman b’Yisroel.

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