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    I just noticed a real winner that posted a magnificent (not) thread below regarding the shmoozing between males & females on these forums….. http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/taaruvos-in-ywn-coffee-room

    I was klerring the same shaila regarding the holy Yated which is run by the venerated Rav Pinchos Lipshuts, and boasts that they have a entire slew of gedolim which endorse them. This is regarding their “readers writes” section.

    Also, add this to the holy Hamodia, which agav is run by a FEMALE, Mrs. Lichtenstein. Which agav leads us to another question. How can a man read her editorials that she’s ever written?! How un-tzniyus is that!

    YW Moderator-72

    here is the Poll question #2 of the day:

    1) should the weekly Jewish oriented newspapers be designated as as Male or Female versions in entirety?

    2) should the weekly Jewish oriented newspapers have designated pages as as Male or Female pages with no gender neutral pages?

    3) should the weekly Jewish oriented newspapers have designated pages as as Male or Female pages only with some gender neutral pages?



    The Admou”r meCreedmoor has already ruled that any newspaper in which men and women write in together and are published together may not be used for syrfis habinyan leinyonei insurance even if the contents is noki mechashash timas hatzioinis and the paper is soaked with 100% mehadrin Saudi kerosene.

    How much longer will this bizayoin go on? The Admou”r’s heart and buildings are literally burning over this issue.


    are they going to forbid someone buying the newspaper if they are the wrong gender? If you have a problem with a newspaper or website forum, DONT USE IT. Use your best judgment and stop trying to push your derech and your “takana of the week” on everyone else. It will just cause people to want to read the other pages, want to read other news sources ect. Let people use their judgments as you are not their mother and father. You can stop your children from reading it but leave the rest of the world out of your decision!

    cashiers will need to be specially trained to determine if the purchaser is either of the appropriate gender to buy the selected edition or can provide proof that they are purchasing it on behalf of another person not of the same gender as the purchaser.

    on a similar note, advertisements will need to be either gender neutral or gender specific for the edition in which they are advertising e.g. watches designed for women will need to go into the ladies edition and watches designed for men will need to go into the edition for men. true this will raise advertising costs and the increase will be passed on to the end consumer, but who would really want to have non gender specific advertisements.


    Since it’s way to early for Purim Torah, I must conclude that this is a serious conversation. Personally I think we should strive for the day when proplr can pro-create without need of the opposite gender.


    A gantz yau purim.


    Am I really reading this? Why don’t we just make men neighborhoods and women neighborhoods with husbands and wives meeting in a neutral neighborhood, but only with a permission slip?


    Compared to the holy Yated, YWN is chol.

    YWN is not advocating airplanes to have separate seating and boarding!!!

    Mehadrin air: Gate 46 for men, Gate 47 for women.

    One does not need to wash their hands before posting.

    Men do not need to wrap themselves in a Talis before posting.

    But in reality we do not know who the posters are. friend or foe

    Sometimes I get the feeling one of the 10 Meraglim is posting here.


    Josh31: sharp comment!


    Sharpest thread in the CR, no?


    for sure 100%, 100%!


    Boruch Hashem this inyan is finally being dealt with. BTW Reb Jax and Rav Joseph, what is our heter for being on the internet? Can we start a thread with this shayluh?

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