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    The mods didn’t like the English grammar lessonI tried to post. So let’s do it this way.

    Did you ever fill out a form for a driver’s license, or at a doctor’s office etc.? How many of these forms asked for your “gender”?

    NONE! “Gender” refers to nouns and pronouns. There is a totally different word (you’ve seen it on those forms) to refer to people. But the mods are afraid of it.

    So I guess we’ll have to stick with “gender” and those of us who had a secular education will just have to tear our hair out.


    That’s why I keep telling you NOT to get a secular education.

    At least you would still have your hair.


    Joseph, but if she didn’t get a secular education AND became chassidish, she STILL wouldn’t have hair…


    Which leads to the question: it you pull out your hair (trichotilomania) must you still cover your head?


    Sorry, I am about as far from being a scholar as one could be. However, I seem to recall learning that the reason a woman covers her hair is from someone whose name escapes me who uncovered her hair to keep men from approaching her tent. And if I recall correctly, I was told that it says she uncovered her head not her hair. Please, someone who knows how to look this up do so and let me know.


    Haifa, wasn’t that the wife of one of korachs followers? I forgot the names.


    Eishes Ohn ben Pelles.


    That was Mrs. On ben Peles. But AFAIK we don’t pasken from a medrash. The source for covering hair is the sotah, where it says her hair was “paruah.” Some explain it to mean disheveled, as a basis for NOT covering hair. But to be consistent, even those people would wear hair in a more demure style, I would think. (I base this on an intriguing book whose title I forgot, by Lynn Schreiber, Aura Press.)


    if u can’t see the woman and its through a blog what could possibly be the issue with talking to a woman.


    al tarbeh sichah im ha’esha… al ishto amar, kal vichomer al eishes chaveiroh…

    Lo Sasuru Acharei Ainaichem may also apply.

    We find more Gedorim and Siyagim (fences and safeguards) against Arayos than any other sin.

Viewing 10 posts - 201 through 210 (of 210 total)
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