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    Chassidishe: T’fillin is a Beged. See Eruvin 95a. And I wasn’t talking about M’rubeh Begadim. I thought the Gemara in Z’vachim said that they were a Chatzitzah between his arm and the Bigdei K’hunah. I’m not positive about that though, I’ll need to look it up when I get a chance.


    The Gemara says “??? ???? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??? ????? ??? ??????” “Why was gold created? It was created solely for use in the Beis Hamikdash.” The same idea can be adopted for technology.

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    The same idea can be applied to cotton, wood and water. But it has to be true in order to apply it.


    I think there is another thread on the same topic…can we close one of them?


    I hope that I will be allowed to juggle torches during the simchas beis hashoavah.


    >> will there be trains, cars and airplanes after

    >> Mashiach comes? probably. Why should the

    >> Internet be any different?

    Definitely. I hope the technology at that time will be much more advanced then today. Having studied the development of technology, I hope that by that time the Solar System will be colonized and there will be resources for trillions of people.

    Rabbi Asher Crispe has written many optimistic articles about technology.


    A lot of people are saying that metal cant touch the stones i cant remember were but there is a part of tomid that is maashma that only the azara cant touch metal (i think it might be when it talksabout the racks for the pirchei kehuna


    Yes the Machon HaMikdash, which has reconstructed most of the Keilim and the Bigdei Kehuna have modernized certain things.

    For instance the Kiyor has an electric heating system and thermostat, it has different spouts that release different volumes of water so as to accommodate different opinions.

    In addition the machon has created floor plans and bezrat hashem will install a floor heating system so the Cohanim will not get sick from the cold stones as they did during the previous mikdash.

    There is certainly room for innovation, within Torah guidelines.


    #will there be a website called that will allow us to place orders for karbanos from far away?


    hashtagposter: There will indeed be a website that people could order Korbanot. Me and my friend have already begun laying the groundwork for such a site.

    Naturally before the Mikdash is actually rebuilt, we would first only have a Mizbeyach. In this first stage when the Mizbeyach will be built on Har HaBayit we will have a sharing agreement with the Muslims similar to the Ma’arat HaMachpela. In the infancy of this agreement it might only be possible to organize the Korban Pesach. As we slowly assert ourselves on Har HaBayit the idea would be to expand the Korbanot to all Korbanot Tzibur.

    In this stage it would only be necessary to provide the public with a website for Korban Pesach because it is the only Korban that the masses have to eat.

    To bring all Korbanot Yachid and tzibur, we already have the technology and have already genetically modified a perfect Parah Aduma, we are now just waiting for a mother of a baby Cohen to donate her son to be brought up from birth in a Tuma free zone.

    It is our goal to return all the mitzvot of the Torah and there is no need to wait for Mashiach to do this. Hashem put us in the world to do his will to the best of our ability and not to wait.

    That is the essence of Geulah.


    I imagine the din of “Hakol B’chsav myad Hashem Ulay Hiskil…” would severely limit many technological innovations which affect the actual structure – which means there would have to be a direct nevuah to include them. Which makes this discussion very theoretical.


    no more sfaika diyoma. as soon as the sanhedrin declares it is rosh chodesh, they will text, tweet and email anyone who signs up for notifications as well as update the status on facebook.

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