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    Love ’em or hate ’em?

    Any good stories?

    ED IT OR

    te he, First!

    well I asked one if he wants to sign up to my deal and he Hung up on me


    Hate ’em.

    I did it myself for about 8 months! After moving to E”Y, best/first job I could find.

    ED IT OR

    tcg nice geordie accent!


    Ha. All 732 calls go to voice mail – I don’t know anyone in Lakewood, so they’re always robocalls.


    I dont have much dealing with Telemarketers. If I dont recognize the number, I dont answer the phone.


    There this clip I heard:

    Telemarketer calls. The guy picks up and hears who it is. He changes his voice to that of an official. Says he, “You’ve just reached the crime scene of the deceased xxx. Did you know this xxx? No, don’t hang up, we’ve already traced your number. How many times have you spoken to xxx?…” You hear this telemarketer REALLY getting frightened, trying to get his point across that he’s only a telemarketer, but this “official” doesn’t let up. “Let me have your first name…”

    The guy got a run for his money.

    Shticky Guy

    Great story, ZK. I have had so-called telemarketers make obscene phone calls to me. I don’t usually answer if I don’t recognize a call, but if I do, I thank them politely and hang up immediately. I am signed up with Do Not Call, so I should not be getting any calls of this type. However, the law does not extend to charitable organizations, and the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association sometimes calls me ad nauseum for weeks, even after I have already made a pledge for a nominal amount. I finally told one cop who called that I had already (truthfully) sent a donation, but if they continued to call me I would cancel the check. The calls stopped.


    That was a pretty funny phone scam/tap!!


    Ha. All 732 calls go to voice mail – I don’t know anyone in Lakewood, so they’re always robocalls.

    I don’t know anyone outside lakewood.


    YThe Robo calls are so annoying as well and lately I get these scam telemarketers with Indian accents calling my cell phone about computer related stupidity.


    The Chassidishe Gatesheader: Anything funny ever happen when you were telemarketing?

    Just wondering what you all do when these people call… we always have fun with it, like we pretend we know one of their family members or something like that… many actually enjoy it, we often get them to laugh!


    ever try offering something back to the telemarketer?


    If your payed on a commission basis, it’s not worth it. But if your payed by the hour or if you cut a deal for the amount of phonecalls then it’s well worth it. as long as it’s good pay why ever not??

    The little I know

    After all the jokes that can be reflected back on the telemarketers, our communinty is plagued with robocalls that are exempt from the donotcall lists, and there will NEVER be legislation that will place any limitations on them. They inform us about raffles, chinese auctions, dinners, and asifos. They disturb me at work constantly, besides the usual dusturbances at home. I would love to see the practice banned. I have begun to boycott any organization that does this. My charitable resources are limited; needs in Klal Yisroel are great; and I have no problem funneling my tzedokoh to those organizations that are not abusive to my home or office.


    I hate robocalls. I miss the real telemarketers. It’s such fun to play tricks on them.

    The little I know

    I simply tell these tzedokoh collectors that they are welcome to send me mail. I tell them that I have a neder that I will NEVER pledge donations over the phone, and that my credit card will never be used for such purposes. B”H I give generously, beyond my capability, and I have done much tzedokoh by giving my time for free to those unable to reimburse me. I’m not against tzedokoh, but the disruption to my work by these calls has crossed all boundaries. If you do not know me personally, please do not call. You will never get a penny.


    If you get a Robocall, just press 9. That is supposed to put you on a do-not-call list that they’re supposed to keep.


    yerushalmi in exile

    i tell the electric suppliers that we don’t use electricity, its bad for the environment


    My mother always tells telemarketers, “Could I have your credit card number? Because I charge for my time.” They hang up pretty quickly


    yerushalmi in exile – yes, when telephone companies call, my mother says, “We don’t have a telephone.”


    I worked as a telemarketer for years. I felt really good about helping out the organization I worked for, and the pay was good. I also periodically had some interesting conversations with the people I called. Unfortunately, rudeness is something that comes with the territory.

    Here’s what I wish I could say to all the people who were rude to me:

    If you’re annoyed by the phone calls, please politely ask not to be called again, and I really will take you off my list for this year. The worst for everyone is when you just hang up without saying anything, because it means I have to call you again and you’re not going to like it. If you have a gripe with my organization, please say so and I really will make a note of it and pass it on to my supervisor. Remember, I’m just here trying to do my job, and I deserve basic courtesy as much as anyone else. Don’t scream at me or play practical jokes on me. It’s not funny; it’s hurtful.


    They are so much fun to vent my stress on!


    My mother says she can understand that they are just doing a job but when they start lying to her then she’ll run circles round them. My father once had a guy with a strong Indian accent introduce himself as ‘Alan Smith’.


    jfem – sorry, but when you get as many telemarketers as we do, they start to get on your nerves.

    “My father once had a guy with a strong Indian accent introduce himself as ‘Alan Smith” – they do that to us ALLL the time!!! One Indian said to me, “Hello, this is Michael from <my city>” and I was thinking, “How dumb do you think I am?!”


    (not as good as some other jokes here but here it is)

    i have a friend who told me that when a telemarketer called him he responed “this is 9-1-1, please state your emegrency.”


    Hello, I’m Mark, I’m calling to offer you a discount on our Premium Uberplus Express Package, with unlimited fribtits and 47% off all interflacids, as long as they’re from the contra-enterplus range, available for this half-hour only.


    I can sign you up just this minute, Sir. I will only require your credit card number, billing address, account number, address, mother’s maiden name, your firstborn child and your email password. It will be very quick, Sir.

    That sounds amazing! Tell me everything about it!

    Well, Sir, by signing up you would gain almost free access to our amazing range of…

    Um, sorry, but, I’ve gotta go now. You know what, let me give you a call back a bit later.

    Of course, Sir, we will give you a call back tomorrow between the hours of…

    I don’t think you understood me. I want to give you a call back later. Just give me your home number, and I’ll give you a ring say, midnight, and we can chat about this for hours.

    But Sir…

    OK, I’ve got a pen and paper, let’s have that number.

    Sir, I cannot give you my home number.

    But I really wanted to talk. Come on, give me the number, and we can talk about this later.

    Sir, I do not want you calling me at home!

    Well, now you know how I feel.

    *Slam the phone down*


    LOLly pop Very good!

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