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    At one time there was racial segregation of restrooms. And gender segregation of restrooms. The racial segregation has been deemed illegal. The gender segregation is still legal. And women are not classified as a minority under the law.


    The fact is that women are protected as a “minority” under the law and segregating or discriminating against them is illegal, regardless of whatever perfect logical reasons we can give.

    The real fact is, that women are not treated the same as blacks in the law, and if you have a good reason, then you are allowed to discriminate. So, for example, it is not illegal for the military to discriminate in terms of what positions a woman can hold in the army, even though it is illegal for them to do the same with blacks even if there was a good reason.


    popa_bar_abba: I’m really sorry, but I can’t confine the information I gave to an exact definition in a specified chapter. I know this may may sound like a cop-out, but my own understanding really didn’t come from reading exact “definitions” – it came from assimilating the basic principles and reading the case studies. As this IS a field compiled almost exclusively by case law.

    I’m not professing to be a lawyer or an expert in this field. I can only claim for myself very eclectic tastes in reading. If you really feel I am in error, you are most assuredly at liberty to disregard anything I say. I won’t hold it against you. 🙂


    My final remarks on this thread:


    shmoel -“And gender segregation of restrooms. The gender segregation is still legal.”

    Aw please, because our society hasn’t gone all the way down to the bottom by having only one bathrom for e/o, so this means gender segregation is legal? Where did you come up with this from?

    “There is good legitimate reason to segregate by gender.”

    What good possible reason could there be except for you to keep your religion? While this is nice -our laws don’t allow public transportation (under a public entity) or under their franchise to take religion into account. Something called Separation of Church and State. It could only be considered religious discrimination if they told you what to do in your own private bus line.


    Could the bus line be turned into a private club? Only members of the club who should their membership cards could board the bus. Would that get around the legal requirement that publicly accessible places cannot discriminate in this country?


    The only way I could see that they could do this legally is a call up service

    The bus does NOT pick up passengers off the street, HOWEVER if you had to call the bus to pick you up (Like you might call a taxi) then it might be legal. Then you can sort of make sure that only people you want will be picked up

Viewing 7 posts - 151 through 157 (of 157 total)
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