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    About Time

    to be clear

    If done with self respect,it will go further.

    they sense they’re wrong


    In Chutz LaAretz kiruv is not done by spewing this hate. I have been at different Charedi Kiruv shuls in different cities and have never heard this type of Anti-Zionism that is in this thread.


    About Time: have you been emptying the vodka bottle tonight?


    Josh, as you probably noticed, this is not a kiruv shul. And Shlomo HaMelech said “Eis leEhov viEis liSno”; hate is not always the wrong approach. Dovid haMelech said “Misanecha Hashem esna”, as I recently saw quoted from R’ Meshulam Dovid Soloveichik where he applies that to (some) Zionists.

    However, if someone were to post here and says he is either unaffiliated or grew up brainwashed in Zionist schools in Israel and looking for answers, then the tone of those answers will likely be different than those given to, for example, someone who is believed to be a typical Orthodox-educated person who is arguing an anti-Torah position.


    I just found a wonderful antidote to depression: read About Time’s comments. They are so irrational that I burst out laughing!

Viewing 5 posts - 101 through 105 (of 105 total)
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