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    What is your best and easiest idea to protect your Sukkah from getting wet – any genius ideas for a good Sukkah Shlock?


    We used to put the blue tarp on (the typical shlock) but then one year it nearly brought the sukkah down (onto ppl) so we stopped with it… Wtvr u do, make sure its safe please!


    The fan-fold plastic accordion one is the design I like best.

    golden mom

    is that good for a porch sucah also cuz we ver had luch w one yet


    ICOT. Where in Brooklyn would I find such accordian schlok?


    golden mom



    OK, thank you ICOT.


    You’re welcome.

    I wish I could be more helpful, but it’s been a while.

    Feif Un

    The heavy rain over the first days caused my tarp to cave in the middle. For next year, I’m going to need a new shlock. ICOT, did you ever find out if Leiter’s sells that plastic shlock you mentioned?


    (the info below was sent to “Feif Un”s email address, which he supplied in another thread. it’s being reposted here, just in case it is useful for anyone else.)

    I looked up Leiters phone number and called them for the shlock info.

    They do sell the accordion-fold style shlock, but it’s no longer made of corrugated white plastic – it’s now made of vinyl.

    It is sold by size, and the size is customizable.

    The sukkah itself has to be strong enough to support the frame; the person I spoke to said it isn’t suitable for a canvas sukkah. (Personally, I’d probably try to jury-rig something, but that’s what he said.)

    He also confirmed that it’s the design I remember, which is based on the patented design of Tzvi Goldman from Lakewood.

    Here is their contact info, copied from their website:

    SHOWROOM: 1346 – 39th Street

    Brooklyn, NY 11218

    Phone: 718-436-0303, 718-436-0909

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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