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    Shticky Guy

    We already have the great potato latke vs hamantash debate, so lets do the great potato latke vs donut debate.

    Similar debate: with which do you prefer to commemorate the ness of oil on chanuka and why.

    (You may also write whether you have cheesey or milky foods on Chanuka, something which gets forgotten by many. But the main debate should be latke vs. donut).

    Happy Chanuka!

    Shticky Guy

    Let me begin.

    Gashmiyus: I prefer freshly fried latkes any time (although fresh donuts do come in a very close second). Once I’ve had a donut I’m done whereas with latkes I can go thru a whole plate of them!

    With donuts, kids usually eat the jelly and leave most of the rest of the donut so in future we might aswell just put a jar of jelly on the table instead of buying expensive donuts.

    Ruchniyus: There are halachic issues with donuts. In Yoreh Deah 329 is the big machlokes whether or not to take challa from dough intended for frying or cooking. Then is the debate in O.C. 168 whether they are pas haboh b’kisnin or not, so the mishna berura advises that a yarei shamayim should not eat a shiur seuda of donuts outside of a bread meal.

    So I think all things considered, latkes win hands down.

    ☕️coffee addict

    I vote for donut,

    When I make my own latkes they fall apart


    donuts taste better. especially when filled with oozing warm chocolate or caramel.


    Donuts win hands down. So many more variations than latkes so here is a flavor for e/o. And u don’t need extra stuff to eat them. And because you only need one donut to be satisfied it’s better on the diet end of things. Plus being I’m the on who spent an hour and a half first night Chanukah frying latkes I would appreciate a custard donut 🙂


    Kids eat jelly donuts?

    Personally, I don’t think a good, fresh custard donut with chocolate glaze can be beaten, even by my mom’s awesome latkes.

    Besides, latkes are MURDER to flip. Donuts are waaaay easier to make (and I’ve tried both).

    One thing my family does on Chanukah for the dairy part is make this awesome cheese danish loaf which we eat for breakfast on Chanukah- the recipe is in some old Family First- it’s heaven!


    Well being that im diabetic id better vote for latke.

    Shticky Guy

    I guess none of you have tasted my mother’s latkes. Sigh!


    Can’t vote.

    I’ve had a terrible (stomach) virus for some days. Can’t eat any!!! (just looking at any…)


    i vote for latkes seriously sooooo much better!!!latkes u can even use for a meal doughnuts -not really. like dont get me wrong i love a good doughnut but theyre not so so different from cake and outside of israel u can get a doughnut whenever u want latkes are rarely eaten other times other than chanukah- point made!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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