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    Menachem Shmei

    >>>The old guard in Chabad is very strict to never use terms like “Litvisher” or “yeshivish,” or anything non-offensive, so they simply aren’t aware of them.

    What a lie. I have never heard the term “snag” from anyone’s mouth other than immature bochurim and online posters (היינו הך?)
    All older people (yungeleit, mashpiim, teachers, baaleibatim, etc.) refer as veltishe/litvishe, or “misnagdim” if referring to someone who is attacking Chabad.

    The average Chabad adult who doesn’t hang out online or with bochurim doesn’t even know what a snag is!!

    This is just more anti chabad slander.


    “or “misnagdim” if referring to someone who is attacking Chabad.”

    Do you convince yourselves that everyone is attacking Chabad to be matir using this term indiscriminately? Lubavitchers throw around the word “misnaged” regardless of whether they’ve been attacked or not. We’ve all met Lubavitchers, so stop trying to lie.

    “The average Chabad adult who doesn’t hang out online or with bochurim”

    I dispute the existence of such a group.

    raw torah

    its very simple mr avaira
    its not that chabad thinks too highly of the rebbe (and tzaddikim),
    its that you dont think highly enough of hashem,
    g-d is not 10 or 100 or 1000X the brisker rov or reb chaim,
    hashem dosent even have chachma (learn perek 2 tanya in the הגהה)
    this that hashem created the world is shiflus for hashem.
    just learn tanya, or if you dont want to learn a chabad sefer, learn keser shem tov, be mikusher to a tzadik and hashem will forgive you for all youre kfira.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “CA: Actually, I didn’t intend to trigger a debate on the rebbe. I read enough of those to the point where some breaking news on the shidduch crisis would seem more relevant.“

    And a lot of political threads don’t intend to trigger something about Trump


    Raw, what kefira have i expressed? I said i would give my life rather than believe in a rebbe god. How is that kefira? Because denying your rebbe is tantamount to denying, cv”s, Hashem? Because Hashem and the rebbe is the same thing to you r”l?

    I’ve learned Tanya; i cherish it, but neo chabad has very little in common with the sefer. The Lubavitcher rebbe wrote in the God body piece that he hasn’t seen it in chasidishe seforim, but it’s what he feels from what he calls his studies of it.


    Avira after what you say about the rebbe and it gets through the moderator, i question how you know the moderator. if i said what you said about the rebbe about reb chaim Zt’L whats the chance it would get through
    it’s been going both ways


    He isn’t saying anything that is misrepresentative. It seems like he’s just having kashehs on things the Rebbe actually said. They allow through a full thread of people having kashehs on Reb Moshe’s stance regarding the Brooklyn eruv. Why shouldn’t people be able to ask questions on your Rebbe?


    Menachem Shmei

    We have reached the stage of מחלוקת במציאות


    Tuna – criticism of gedolei yisroel from chabad usually just boils down to “sinas chinam,” “why are you soool against chabad, look at all the great things we do(for the sake of our rebbe), or completely fabricated stories about rav shach.

    Criticism of neo chabad is just reading the statements of their rabbis and their rebbe and showing how against the Torah it is. Because it’s criticism, not emotional defense mechanisms protecting one’s self from the blithering truth that the “nasi hador” was hardly accepted as such outside of crown heights.


    “We have reached the stage of מחלוקת במציאות”

    Yeah, I would be fine just leaving it. I’ve already said things more disparaging than I mean to. This place just really lets the subconscious anger flow through a person.

    blaming the messenger?


    “blaming the messenger?”

    Ha, no I’m blaming myself don’t worry. Just observing that it’s here specifically where suddenly I have strong opinions on these things, whereas in real life I couldn’t care less.

Viewing 11 posts - 51 through 61 (of 61 total)
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