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    Maybe we should ask the incredible women of Satmar who perform tremendous acts of Chesed in Hospitals every day what they think of Weberman, his locks, his trips, his “charitable organization”, and most importantly about his interactions with this young woman and the other(s) who have spoken up.

    Of course, anyone asking them would need to guarantee their anonymity, because the vengeful pushback by the establishment(s) in their communities would certainly scare them off of going on the record.

    Many of these holy women of Satmar have encountered female victims of all kinds of situations in the process of doing their incredible acts of kindness. I’d likely trust their judgement and their experience before I’d trust the deniers here. I wonder indeed what they would say if they could do so without fear of repercussions.

    Yes I think Weberman did what he is accused of. Do I think 103 years is excessive? Probably, Yes, it is. I think it is about 3 times longer than it should have been.

    SInce we don’t have a sanhedrin, we don’t operate under halachic courts on criminal matters at the moment, and we are bound by dina demalchsa dina as the USA is not an arbitrary and cruel government, Indeed the case was adjudicated as any other would be, testimony was given, evidence (as determined by the statute and by the judge, not by you or me) was given, and a verdict was returned. It isn’t an injustice simply because you disagree with it.

    And just so no one makes the usual “you hate satmar” comments, I have described my tremendous respect for satmar chesed above; and I note that today an MO teacher in NJ pleaded guilty to similar type of crimes, and faces life in prison. The case was built in the normal way, as the weberman one was, and the guilty party will pay for his crime.


    Can anybody explain, I thought this was an office in a separate converted apartment with other offices. Am I wrong? Would you rent a place with no locks, in a not so great neighborhood to boot? The question is did he use them, which brings us back to the he said, she said.


    once “she” says you did it, a man must fight for his life.

    there are no winners in a case like this. everyone loses, if you dont believe me, read the posts on this site.

    The community has been harmed, the Rebbe’s reputation has been harmed, the victim, Weberman and their respective families have been harmed. And worst of all, the name of Hakodesh Barachu has been harmed.

    Boy what a great bunch of ben Torah’s we are


    Does anyone know the real story?

    this is a soap opera going on for years..

    does anyone know that his judge accepted a bribe?

    and anything that Nachum R. is involved is involved would need a LOT of investigation!!


    yichus: You’re argument sounds like a racist who swears that him having a black friend proves his non-racism.



    He should have gotten 1003 years for what he has done. More and more stories of children he abused will come out you wait and see. The carpet has become too stuffed and the sewage is spilling out and will get all over the place. You just wait and see. Its about time. Yeish din vyesh dayan. He should be happy this isnt communist Russia because over there they would hang him for what he did (and he deserves that and worse).

    Ben Levi

    Lets see people are accused of being Defenders of Weberman.

    Then they are accused of being in “denial”.

    Then someone brings in the women of Satmar.

    Lets take them one by one.

    Even in secular law the presumption of innocence is considered a foundational principle of Justice.

    For a person to be convicted legally guilt must proven beyond reasonable doubt.

    In other words a reasonable case must not be made to prove the person is innocent.

    Innocence is assumed, guilt must be proven.

    It seems to me that each poster has reiterated the fact they do not know if Weberman is guilty or innocent.

    They have merely asked how a rasonable case can be constructed that he is “guilty beyond reasonable doubt”.

    No proof what so ever has been offered that he is guilty.

    Some circumstantial evidence has been brought forth that he did things that may indicate that he was guilty.

    Each point raised has been ansewered.

    Still those daring to question the conviction of a man based on one girls word.

    A case that all have basically acknowledged is He said/she said.

    Are being accused of being in Denial?

    The only Denial is being exhibited by those certain of a mans guilt when they have no evidence what so ever.

    As for the Satmar Women.

    The vast majority believe he is 100% innocent.



    Part of my friends who claim to take the same side as you, keep on waiting for another story like like this to come up. When this happens they will dance from their shoes. Why are they excited to hear such a story when officially you want to stop it?! I would guess that it seems to all in this CR, that you are one of my friends, but B”H you’re not. However, I’ll tell you what I tell them. Be shameful!! for taking a side in such a story that you were not part of it (I hope so)and let the ones involved speak for them selves. We know that in the history of the Beis Din Hagadol, no murderer was ever found guilty for capitol punishment. This is because the Torah tells us: V’hitzdiku Es Hatzadik, V’hirshiu Es Harasha. Until you don’t have 100% proof that he did it he is called a Tzadik. I think that you and all like you, would want to be called a Tzadik if you would be in such a situation. P.S. Don’t reply before you think it over.



    Cukoo!! Cukoo!! Cukoo!!

    mom12: does anyone know that his judge accepted a bribe?

    Cukoo!! Cukoo!! Cukoo!!

    This thread is deteriorating quickly, and making the entire Jewish community look like a bunch of conspiracy theorists in denial or worse as criminals. It’s time to close it down!!

    The little I know

    I have no clue about the “real story” I also don’t know more than the media reports about the locks on the door. But I do know, from personal contact, that NW saw “clients” of the female gender, alone at wee hours of the night. One might “good samaritan” this by noting his availability in a time of crisis. However, having an opposite gender “client” alone at wee hours of the night is NOT ok with hilchos yichud, no matter what Rov is consulted. I might admit that I was shocked by the #103. But I feel this is a zechus for Klal Yisroel that he is removed from the panel of “therapists” and is also away from society where he would be a risk of repeating his immoral and criminal behavior.

    Lastly, NR has no credit for anything here. He is simply the mouthpiece that makes these events into chilul Hashem circuses. He does not protect children, but exposes them to the filth on his hotline, and takes events to the media that need not to be broadcast.



    Sheker vchazav you are a shkran.


    The Chilul hashem was caused by Webberman and nobody else.

    The Satmar community must realize it was not an indictment on Satmar, but of a Rasha who did terrible things.


    TLIK: Your anonymous allegations of a supposed admission are no more believable than the vengeful woman who accused him at trial.


    The little I know: But I do know, from personal contact, that NW saw “clients” of the female gender, alone at wee hours of the night.

    You keep on saying what you said. I’ll say that I heard from personal close to NW that he didn’t meet late at night. And let the CR be the jurors!

    P.S. The next time you post in here you’ll say: Hi! I’m a woman that lives in willi. I was abused as a girl of 12. I’m afraid to come forward in this CR because I’ll be shunned. Yet, I must do it for the sake of all others in this situation.


    Don’t for get that you only know the story from the media, as you said. So why say you know from a personal contact?


    I just wonder if any of those supporting Weberman and claiming there was no evidence actually sat through the entire trial themselves, or read a transcript of the case. If you didn’t, how do you know what happened? Because a biased “Rebbe” told you what to think? If you don’t know all the facts, you can’t say there was no evidence. Read through the entire transcript with an open mind and then get back to me.


    Litvishe KY, I do have tremendous respect for not only the women of Satmar, but the many men who suport their chesed and do their own.

    Weberman’s crimes are his own.

    The only problems I have with Satmar regarding this case are the perjurious testimony regarding Tznius committees, the rush to judgement on the girl (at least Weberman had a trial before he was found guilty) and the lockstep denial of even a hint of wrongdoing.

    You want to castigate me, go ahead. I consider the source when I read comments here.

    Oh, and Ben Levi, how do you know? Al Tarbeh Sichoh doesn’t apply to you? You’ve been interviewing?



    I think they have no clue what abuse is and dont realize how cruel evil and damaging it is. I also think that they think that someone who does abuse should never end up in jail. I really dont know how they think a Satmar chassid who does a crime should be punished. Or if he even should be.


    Did they have any evidence against him other than alleged victim testimony?



    The “witch hunt” type cases tend to fall apart within a few years – so if he was framed, it will come out. Evidence that was surpressed can always be released and publicized once the case is done in the courts. New witnesses, for either side, can always come foreward. Since the case was closely tied to anti-Satmar biases, which are likely to get worse (especially if Israel starts conscripting anti-zionist hareidim, which Satmar will protest vocally, causing more anti-Satmar hatred by many of the same people who brought this case), the issue won’t disappear.


    This thread is what make children go off the derech.

    There is nothing left to say.


    Think about someone else. I laughed when I read your post. Don’t try and make me feel bad because oh poor webberman isn’t going to get a chance to molest other little girls. BH I’m not your friend? BH I don’t know any people like you. BH he was convicted. Chas vshalom any human wants to hear of such things. BUT when the stories do come out ( many have already but they won’t testify) I will gladly drink a lechaim in the spirit of him rotting in jail.

    moi aussi

    To those who are so sure he’s innocent:

    How are you so sure? The fact that you say that there’s no possibility WHATSOEVER of him being guilty as charged, proves that you have no sense of justice.

    We have one accuser who came forward, and there are more accusers who don’t dare (yet) to come forward.

    Isn’t there the remote possibility that maybe, just maybe it could all be true???

    If your answer is “no”, then I rest my case.


    blah blah blah

    I have no idea if he is guilty. He had due process, so society should put him in jail.

    The folks arguing he is innocent are nuts–you have no idea. Yes, the evidence was weak, but probably he was guilty.

    The folks gleeful he is in jail are also nuts. You have no idea if he is guilty.

    /blah blah blah

    YW Moderator-007

    The amount of comments which we (the mods) have not been approving are too much to handle.

    It’s one thing to discuss this sad story, but it has reached a sickening new low of personal attacks, name calling, as well as people trying to post all types of other sensitive information.

    Conversation is over.

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