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    kj chusid

    In this period after the Passover holiday, Zionists call upon the Jewish people to celebrate the Zionist Independence Day and Holocaust Day, which are about one week apart. Of course neither of these days have any basis or source in the Jewish religion. It is rather ironic that the Zionists claim to commemorate the deaths of Jews during World War II, since the Zionists ignored many opportunities to save Jews while the Holocaust was happening. The Zionist leaders prefered to see Jews perish in Europe rather than have the opportunity to emigrate to any countries other than the Zionist colony in the Holy Land.

    The esteemed late Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum compared the case of the Zionists to the story of an arsonist who sets fire to a house, and then runs to the family in the house to help save their belongings. The great irony is that it was the arsonist who started the fire to begin with! And this has been the Zionist movement: always seeking to cause and exploit Jewish suffering, and then to claim to be the savior of the Jewish People.

    Below is a statement made by the late Rabbi Teitelbaum many years ago with reference to the Zionist Independence Day, and the prohibition against celebrating the day of rebellion against G-d and Judaism.

    “We must not minimize the seriousness of the grave sin of rejoicing or appearing to rejoice and making a festival on the terrible Day of Blasphemy that they call Yom Ha’Atzmau’t (Independence Day). The day that the members of the conspiracy against G-d and his Messiah established their State of atheism over the Jewish People, uprooting the Holy Torah and the our faith, ushering in a period of bloodshed and suffering for myriads upon myriads of Jews.

    This is much worse than accepting idolatry because they not only accept it but celebrate and rejoice in the terrible rebellion against G-d and His Holy Torah.

    There are many sinners and deniers of the Jewish religion whose hearts trouble them because they are not serving G-d, but who are unable to withstand temptation and deceitful ideologies which confuse them. However, those who rejoice in this sin are guilty of much worse blasphemy.

    May the Merciful save us from them and from their followers, and strengthen our hearts and enlighten our eyes in His Torah and in His service.”

    (from the magnum opus of Rabbi Teitelbaum, called Vayoel Moshe, Vol. II, ch.157 )

    All Jews untainted by Zionist heresy experience the bitter realization of how the Zionist heretics worked relentlessly throughout the years to uproot the Jewish People from their religious faith, and even to bring about untold physical suffering through the prohibited provocations against the nations. The Zionists have been the ones who have enflamed the fire of hostility against the Jewish People in ways too numerous to enumerate.

    It is for this reason that many great rabbis called on faithful Jews to fast on the Zionist Independence Day, and to beseech G-d Alm-ghty to have mercy and grant peace to those people living in the Holy Land.

    Rabbi Teitelbaum wrote that in previous generations great rabbis would have declared an obligatory worldwide fast day for such a dark day as the Zionist Independence Day, the basis of which is every sin in the world, especially bloodshed and promiscuity. He even said that such rabbis of the greater previous generations would have declared hundreds of days of fasting such as the Ninth of the Month of Av (commemorating the destruction of the ancient Temple in Jerusalem). He also stated that G-d rejects the religious holiday observances of anyone observing the Zionist holiday. The sources for his inspirational statements in Hebrew can be found in many places among his writings such as Hiddushei Torah, 1955/56, p, 52; ibid., p. 109; ibid., Sukkoth, p. 110.

    A similar statement was made by Rabbi Avraham Yishaya Karelitz, the Chazon Ish. On the fifth of Iyar in the last year of the Chazon Ish’s life (1953), he was honored to officiate at three different circumcision celebrations. Still, he requested that the Tachanun prayer, usually omitted on such occasions, be said, lest someone come later on and testify, “The Chazon Ish did not say Tachanun on the fifth of Iyar,” without revealing the circumstances. He once said, “It would have been proper to declare the fifth of Iyar a public fast day.” (Mishkenos Haro’im, p. 1196)



    Don’t be coy tell us how you really feel.


    If Israel manages to survive and over time evolves into a Jewish state, this period will be remember as the beginnings of a Jewish state. This isn’t impossible since once the hilonim realize they are dying out they might agree to be a tolerated minority in a frum state – and once you have the medinah run by people interested in prioritizing Torah and Mitsvos rather than seeking fulfillment by ruling over others, peace will become possible.

    More likely it will collapse, given the overwhelming long term prospects of the Islamic countries becoming more developed and military competent, and given the tensions between the secular ruling caste and the the growing hareidi population – in which case it will be remembered along with Shabati Zvi, and will be something we don’t talk about.


    B’Avur Zeh osoh H’ Li Btzeisi Mimitzrayim. Li velo Lo. Ilu Hoyo Shom Lo Hoyo Nig’ol.

    I daven that you will lift the veil from your eyes, see the rebirth of Torah in a place that was bereft of it; the rebirth of nationhood, however imperfect, that we were forced to abandon for almost 2000 years but which is an integral part of who we are; that you will abandon the conceit that your spiritual destruction is more important to a Zionist than his own happiness and fulfillment; and that your children will value achdus and hakoras hatov and ahavas chinom more than you do.

    And if not, well, you are choosing to separate yourself from Am Yisroel. You can stay in Mitzrayim. But we love you and we will miss you.


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