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    Was inspired by the tipping thread and the $.25-$.50 an hour thread.

    In terms of day camp counselors-

    Do you tip?

    if so:

    Do you tip based on length? ( if your kid/the staff member was only there for one half?)

    Do you tip based on age? ( the cit/jc/counselor)

    Do you tip based on the amount of counselors there are? ( like do you say im spending $60 or do you do it individually? )

    And how much should one be tipping?

    Another name

    One should tip counselors based on how much he or she can AFFORD to tip, as well as how much the counselors DESERVE the tip. Those should be the key factors.


    speeking as a former counselor, my answer is yes to all ur questions. as for how much i must agree with Another name on that one. just keep in mind that most couselors dont get paid much from the camp, and it is really nice when parents show hakarat hatov that the counselor took care of their child and made sure that the child had an awesome summer. i believe it is the counselor who makes the summer fun, not so much the camp, activities, or trips.

    hope this was helpful! 🙂


    But of course “another name”

    i was just wonder what is protocol AFTER the key factors.

    once it is in place that you can tip, and they deserve– then what?

    and if you can should you be tipping, or is it just optional?


    speaking as a counsler- i feel you should tip- can you take care of 18 ten yearolds? and its in sleepaway- so they are all home sick- if you are sending your kid that young then you really should tip because your kid doesnt know how to take care of herself- no matter what you think- at home she might shower, eat, brush her teeth, cleanup etc.- but in camp trust me its dif- tipping is NOT optional!!! and if someone thinks it is- they should try being a counsler- its really hard!!!!!!!- and also just because your kid says the counsler is “mean” to her- pls ask why- because it might just be because she didn’t give her attention at that specific second she wanted it, or because she made her go to an activity or cleanup! and dont feel bad asking that counsler- or the jc- they would prefer for you to understand rather than you think they are a “bad” counsler and not tip them- 98% or 99% of counsler and jcs deserve to be and should be tipped!!!


    As a former counselor (in the city), heres a few things parents may want to keep in mind:

    -Use the number the camp recommends as a guide and work around that. Most people understand that tipping can add up to a lot (especially for people with several children in camp). Its also different to knock something off the suggestion because you cant afford to give everyone (very legitimate) than not giving (when you can) because you feel they’re getting from the rest of the bunk, so its ok if you skimp a little.

    -I remember one parent gave me $5 with a very nice thank you card. Somehow the money didn’t seem as important anymore.

    -If you want to be smart: go up a dollar or two. Like it or not, all counselors are human and the tip you give will very much affect how your child will be treated.

    To all counselors: General rule, the kids that involve the most work will usually tip the least.



    The parents must be fully informed by the camp of all tipping expectations before they sign the child up for camp.


    parents please!! if there is a bus counselor, he/she deserves recognition too (i was a bus counselor; i watched your kids just like the regular counselor). so please, say thanx to that person, even if its just a card or note (kapusta, you’re right about the thank you notes)


    i hope the parents tip me this summer , especially since i’m working hard and i’m not getting paid much at all 😉

    in our camp, the amount they suggest to tip is based on age.. even though i don’t agree with this because even if my cocounselor has the title “Head counselor” cuz thyre older , i work the same amount as her and even more sometimes, .. but i guess theres nothing i can do , o well i guess its good for me


    do you think its fair for the head counselor to pool all the tips and then dole it out as she sees fit?


    What’s the difference between a Jew and a canoe?

    A canoe tips.


    When I was younger, I worked as a counselor and a waiter (not at the same time), and I remember what it was like.

    You bet we tip.

    The appropriate amount is not intuitive (at least to me), so I appreciate and follow the suggested amounts.

    When I worked as a waiter / counselor, sometimes a person simply coundn’t afford the recommended tip, or any tip. In that case, I had no taina.

    It was disappointing, but what could I do.


    How would the counselor or waiter know the camper couldn’t afford the full tip? He doesn’t know the reasons for the untertip.



    How would the counselor or waiter know the camper couldn’t afford the full tip?

    Sometimes the Head Counselor told me the family couldn’t afford more and I shouldn’t be upset, and at least once either the parent or the camper (I don’t remember which) told me.

    Sometimes it’s just obvious.

    Another name

    “do you think its fair for the head counselor to pool all the tips and then dole it out as she sees fit?”

    No! Especially because in the good old days, I was always the hard working counselor, so that technique would have caused me to lose out on money. It does make sense to do that for specialties, since the parents don’t know each specialty head personally.

    “How would the counselor or waiter know the camper couldn’t afford the full tip?”

    Obviously, try to judge the parents favorably. I know of parents who couldn’t afford to tip but they made the effort and sent a homemade gift or thank you note. Sometimes it is the thought that counts.


    do you think its fair for the head counselor to pool all the tips and then dole it out as she sees fit?

    Not for everyone. Its the same as a teacher giving a project to a group of five students. There is always that does more than their share and one that does less.


    ha ha ha ha

    When tips are pooled toghether the incentive to do a superb job is lost!

    so pooling together is not fair

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