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    Why dont we kiss our tztzis on Tishabav by Boruch Shemar and Shemah like the whole year what is the reason?


    You dont wear a talis by shachris on tisha bav.


    Helpful, our local Moetza Datit put out a sheet about various dinim for the 9 days, erev Tisha b’Av. Tisha B’av, and the day after. It mentions that minhag Yerushalayim is to wear tallit and tfillin during shacharit on Tisha b’Av. I do remember seeing this when I was at the Kotel a few years ago on Tisha b’Av morning.

    If I remember (and there are any left in shule) I will bring it home tomorrow and list the source quoted.


    #2, you are not living up to your screen name of being very “Helpful”!

    #1, we are supposed to be in a matzav of Avaylus and an onain doesn’t do Mitzvos.


    Hopefully, this shayla will not be nogeia next year.


    Perhaps the reason is, tzitzis are our “contract” with Hashem, illustrating our commitment to observe mitzvos and not to go astray. Since Tisha B’av is not the day to be touting such a broken promise, we try to keep a low(er) key until late afternoon when talis / tefillin are back on the agenda (just a thought)


    Does anyone have a source for there Reasons to legitimize them?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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