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    our torah- exactly cuz i dont wanna b ‘that girl’ who goes OTD nd then when shes older comes back nd regrets all of her mistakes, i wud like to avoid it all if i can

    shopping- thts a great story but its not tht i dont belive tht god made the world, its just tht i dont think he cares about me at all (nd yeah im a girl)


    nonikname- If you are saying you believe in Hashem, you are going no where near OTD! Seriously!! Now listen, you must be a teen going through some seriously tough times, but I will tell you this FROM FIRST HAND EXPERIANCE and from watching my friends go throguh it too, you will not move forward unless YOU choose to. Hashem has mapped out a plan for you, but it is your choice to decide which path you will take to get there. Yes, your right, Hashem seems like he is missing, but that is the whole idea of Hester Panim. Hashem put us next to Har sinai to get that tanglible feeling of light, of kedusha, or Hashem’s prescense. But Hashem warned us there would come a dark Galus, but He said you will have this to hold onto. even in our personal Galus, when we see only dark, there is light. And that is the Torah. that is tefilah. That is tehillim. If you don’t beleive Hashem is helping you (and every breath you take doens’t prove it to you) just try davening once more. Give it one more shot. And this time put your whole heart and soul into it. Then you can come back to me and tell me that Hashem isn’t listening and doens’t care about you. But until you my dear friend do your own hishtadlus, you cannot say that!!

    TAOM- I need an update from you my dear friend!! How are you doing at home? hows the mishpacha!!



    You sound like you’ve been through a lot. Well, I’m going to be honest with you and just say what I feel- hope you don’t get insulted. BTW- I’m really not judging you. Even if it may sound like it. So… I’ve been through a lot too. And I’ve come to realize that Hashem gives hardships to people as a way of getting them to wake up and stop doing whatever they’re doing wrong. And I can honestly say that looking back, I’ve grown so much through everything I’ve been through. So, yes I know. You’ve been hurt. You’ve been abused. You’ve been through experiences that may have left you feeling like Hashem doesn’t care about you. Right now you’re at a crossroads. Either you abandon your relationship with Hashem- which would be SO SAD, seeing as He handpicked you from a 7 billion people to be a part of His special nation, or you start the process towards beginning to live. Really live. I’ve been there. I’ve had someone tell me all this. And B”HI was smart enough to make the right choice. If you want to start trying now, you’ve got a whole support group here for you. Seriously. And the first step towards Life is realizing that Hashem loves you more than anything. So much, that He would create this entire wonderful world for you. Just for you. I’m going to try finding a shiur on torahanytime that will get you started. You can do this.



    You’re so sweet I wanna hug you!!!!!!!! (random exclamation)

    B”H, I’m surviving. Every day is a blessing. Stay amazing!

    Shopping613 🌠

    So would you like to hear the continuation or not???? Did you like it guyz?????

    I personally had doubts he exsisted when I was 11 and 12 cuz seriously, I was little, I never actually felt him at all ir had any meaning in judiasm, I just did what my community did. But when I read that book it proved to me he is there and WE are the chosen nation. Its not that I didnt beleive in him before, I just have a good imagination, and one time it tricked me. I imagined maybe someone just made the Torah all up for nothing, like a random guy with nothing to do in his life, so ya. That made me beleive in him and from there to here is history, once I knew he was there, the Torah is true, and its says that Hashem loves us so end of story!

    Glad to hear youre surviving TAOM

    Ive also been reading teen books, I finnally get why when we get at a high its so hard to stay there!!!!!!

    YW Moderator-127


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