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    What’s your opinion on smoking tobacco pipes? I recently became interested in smoking tobacco pipes as opposed to cigarettes as it is not nearly a deadly habit as cigarettes. Would this enable me to be a “non smoker” on my resume? It would only be a couple times a week. Also does anyone have any tips on what type of pipe is best?

    Y.W. Editor

    Same poison, different taste.

    People die of lung cancer from pipe-smoking too.

    At least while their dying they get to smell that great Captain Black cherry tobacco…..


    The best tobacco pipes are those not lit.


    Although the two greatest risks associated with cigarettes are mitigated with pipe tobacco you would not be able to call yourself a non-smoker.


    Besides lung cancer it also causes lip and mouth cancer, how does that sound on a resume?


    they are definately less dangerous than cigarettes but only if the pipe has a filter. if you wanna stop smoking buy one of the electronic cigarettes that dont have nicotine in them but somehow they claim it satisfies your need for nicotine. they sell them in 7 11 and in many other places


    Pipes smell great, but they are just as deadly as cigarettes, as they also cause lip, tongue, and mouth cancer. And who is trying to fool whom? Of COURSE it is smoking.

    anon for this

    don’t forget about throat cancer


    i guess im outvoted



    Now WHO is your mother?



    I used to be an occassional pipe smoker back in my college days. The smoke (with the right tobacco) smelled great, but my breath didn’t.

    When my first child was born I gave it up and never smoked again. I figured being around to see him (and eventually his siblings) grow up, marry, and have their own children, was more important to me (and FOR them) than any taiyvah for smoking.

    That was over thirty years ago.

    not I

    Oh.. I love the smell..

    Also it looks far more refined than smoking a regular cigarette that all the low lifes smoke!!


    not I…

    Try smelling a pipe smoker’s breath! Feh!

    Try visiting a pipe smoker in the hospital when he is being treated for the very “refined” machla of throat, or tongue, or lip cancer. It doesn’t look so “refined” then.


    Tobacco smoke from a pipe is not inhaled so it’s not so terrible as people

    Make it out to be. Lol eclipse I forgot about that :p. not I- yep that’s why I wanna get one, plus I could give all sorts of sage advice and people would believe it cause let’s face it; a pipe = sophistication. Now all I need is a Sherlock Holmes hat and I’m all set :p


    I dont know but a pipe is definitely much cooler, sophisticated, refined, and awesome.

    btw lemony whats in the sugar-bowl?



    “Tobacco smoke from a pipe is not inhaled so it’s not so terrible as people make it out to be”.

    The only sense it which it is “not as terrible” as cigarette smoking is that the fact that most pipe smokers do not inhale PROBABLY (but not definitely) will spare you from getting lung cancer.

    However, – will that REALLY be of any comfort to you when, chalila, you have to get part of your tongue or lips cut off because of cancer in THOSE areas, and/or have to have your larynx removed because the machla strikes there. Of course even these scenarios are assuming it is caught in time before it spreads to other parts of your body.

    Truly “cool, sophisticated, refined, and awesome.”


    let’s face it; a pipe = sophistication

    seriously? who thinks a pipe=sophistication?? besides the pipers themselves? when i see someone with a pipe i think- how sad 🙁


    Lets face it; a pipe = outdated, like an old profesor from the 1960’s.


    Sure pipe = sophistication. In a retro way. You just need a fitted tweed jacket and a nice brown kangol cap, maybe grow a mustache, and make sure to wear large, black, horn-rimmed glasses. Nothing truly goes out of style. You just need to do the look right and you’ll pull it off. I like to try that look sometimes. I stick to cigarettes though. I know, I really need to stop. I’m working on that.


    Excellent question Dovv, if only I knew lol

    AinOhd- I think you’re making too much of it. It’ll only be a couple times a week at most. Not much more unhealthy than walking the streets of NYC with all those plumes of smoke from cars and buses/trucks. Besides it provides great stress relief, just sitting there with a pipe; pondering all sorts of intellectual ponderings 🙂

    S20 – “seriously? who thinks a pipe=sophistication?? besides the pipers themselves? when i see someone with a pipe i think- how sad 🙁

    Oh well, that’s your opinion.

    deiyezooger – “Lets face it; a pipe = outdated, like an old profesor from the 1960’s.”

    Awesome! I wish I could look like a professor form the 60’s…Besides isn’t our whole way of dressing “outdated” what with Shtriemels and hats and all.

    yitayningwut- Yep, though if only I could grow a handlebar moustache…


    ” It’ll only be a couple times a week at most. Not much more unhealthy than walking the streets of NYC “

    I’m sure smoking tobacco, even a few times a week, even through a pipe can have serious health consequences. Such as serious life threating illnesses. How about smoking the pipe once a year?


    Some of the most famous founders and leaders of Chassidus were avid pipe smokers.


    Have any CR Poster ever use Hypnosis to quit Smoking? Did it work? Lemony try going to a Smoking Cessation Clinic. Smoking a Pipe is unhealthy for you and others who inhale 2nd. Hand Smoke.



    and do you think the average Yid has the zechusim that those tzadikim had, to be able to out-weigh the forces of poisons in tobacco smoke???


    Would you sit behind the exhaust pipe of car “a couple of times a week” and breathe in the fumes? I doubt it. The fact that New York air is dirty is ALL THE MORE REASON to refrain from any smoking to not add EVEN MORE poisonous shmutz going into your body.

    Aizeh hu chacham? Ha’ro’eh es ha’nolad.


    dovv let me guess you are from LA


    ya what gave it away the LEFT coast?

    YW Moderator-42

    What is in the sugar-bowl??????

    The answer is so obvious……..


    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Would you sit behind the exhaust pipe of car “a couple of times a week” and breathe in the fumes?

    I don’t think that’s the type of pipe he meant (that one doesn’t look sophisticated).


    Electric Cigarettes (E-Cigarettes) are a waste of money and do not satisfy smokers. I had one while trying to quit. It does not taste like a cigarette or feel like smoking. Every single person (not exxagerating) I know who has used one, told me it did not work for them. It’s a waste of $85+. If you personally used one and it worked for you please let me know!



    I smoked pipes for 18 years. I started during finals week of my last year of college, because I needed an alternative to eating while studying.

    I stopped because I felt I was at risk for addiction because I was smoking stronger and stronger tobacco, and the nicotine is absorbed. However, I was able to quit completely, and in fact I started again a while after I quit but sold my new pipes a month after I started again and have never smoked a pipe again since then. I did smoke cigars on and off after giving up pipes, but it was more off than on and I had my last cigar over two years ago.

    My dentist in the US (a well known frum dentist in Brooklyn who has written articles about early detection of oral yenne machla), told me never to keep the pipe in one place in my mouth if I absolutely had to smoke. Another dentist abroad, who had practiced in Germany where pipe smoking and oral yenne machla are more common, told me that once a day, which was about how much I smoked, would never have an effect.

    The only strange persisting effect I seem to have from all the years of smoking is that my sense of taste is slightly “off”. All that means is I use a lot of mustard, chrein and charif :).

    Best place to learn about pipes was alt.smokers.pipes on Usenet. I am not sure how active it is today. The brand of pipe I started with was called Aldo Velani; not high priced at all. When I stopped I had over 100 pipes, some quite valuable but most of which I purchased on Ebay or from collectors at a very steep discount.

    Some insurance companies do consider pipe smokers as non-smokers.


    guy-ocho – Go to your PCP. Meds work!


    what about smoking hookah? are there any dangers involved in it?


    notedaskan – It depends what you put inside. If it’s Pot or Hashish a lot would argue it’s good for you. 😉

    If it’s tobacco, all tobacco is dangerous. Even if you say pipe smoking a little won’t cause mouth cancer, but it can’t be better than second-hand smoke, which they have proven dangerous to people’s health!


    but arent u breathing in vapor and not smoke?


    notedaskan – If you want vapor, use a Nettie pot or a vaporizer.

    Of course a hookah is just another way of inhaling the poison of tobacco. You can use it on Purim, but just Purim.


    Pipes smell FABULOUS, but if you smoke one, you are a smoker. (It also causes several varieties of oral cancer). Same goes for chewing tobacco. And yes, it causes second-hand smoking cancer.


    600 – Cool story. I purchased a 10 dollar corn cob pipe and a pack of regular tobacco. I find it very difficult to keep smoking constantly for more than like a minute cause it keeps on going out. I did get tongue burn as well from inhaling too hard to keep the tobacco burning but luckily the sensation went away. Not sure if this is for me after all. Maybe I’ll try a different flavor or something. It does however feel awesome to just bite on the stem.


    LemonySnicket – Why in the world do you want to smoke? Go visit a cancer ward in a hospital and ask how many pipe smokers are there.

    If you don’t find any, then you can smoke. You only see what’s in front of you -the Taavah, not the future misery of cancer and other horrible diseases.



    A corn cob usually doesn’t give a quality smoke.

    And Health, chances are you will not find a single pipe smoker in a yenna machla ward in the US who ended up there because of smoking a pipe.


    youre wrong bear

    lung disease is much lower, but throat and mouth disease is higher

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