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    AAQ: You’ll happily purchase German cars as easily as you might purchase a Japanese car? After all, you say what the Germans did 75 years ago killing six million of your grandparents, brothers and sisters is irrelevant to today’s Germans.

    Would you be crying in defense of Germany if France bombarded German cities and invaded it?


    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also said the blast appeared to come from a Ukrainian rocket, but he blamed Russia for starting the conflict originally and causing a situation like this to occur.

    “This is not Ukraine’s fault; Russia bears ultimate responsibility,” he said. “The whole incident is caused by Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine.”


    jackk, the prime minister also blamed it on the Russians. We don’t know exactly why the missile was landed in Poland, these missiles are highly accurate so it seems unlikely it was a mistake, perhaps it was but that cant be said as a fact. But the problem is that Zelensky blamed the Russians right away and is still blaming them despite the fact that the missile was proven to be a Ukrainian missile. That makes people very skeptical of him of his honesty.



    Zelensky acted in the way that anybody in that situation would have reacted. He would not admit that it was from Ukraine until an investigation was done and proved it to him. He said, that based on his Commanders info, the crater that was created was too big for a Ukrainian missile.

    Russia acted the same way and denied it right away.

    If your are skeptical of Zelensky’s honesty , please turn on RT and listen to Putin and his paid group of propogandist liars.
    They are the 2022 version of Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf aka Baghdad Bob or Comical Ali.

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is on Zelensky’s side and saying that in the end Russia started the war and is responsible for everything that happens since then.

    Even if it was accidentally from Ukraine , so what ? The idea that Zelensky would send a rocket into Poland and then blame Russia for it in order to bring NATO into the war is far fetched. NATO is not going to join the war without 100% proof that they are being attacked by Russia. Not because of one missile.


    “The idea that Zelensky would send a rocket into Poland and then blame Russia for it in order to bring NATO into the war is far fetched.”

    It’s hardly far fetched at all. Zelensky has been attempting to draw the United States and NATO into war against Russia, in what would effectively be World War III, since February. He made many such attempts, including trying to get NATO to establish a no fly zone and shoot down Russian pilots.


    The most report explanation is that UKR fired an air defense missile to intercept the RUS missile that was attacking something not far from the border. The air defense missile (made in USSR, I presume) did not catch the other one and then failed to explode in the air as it supposed to.

    UKR are currently worried that the West is interested in a “peace” settlement too soon, letting RUS keep occupied areas. Achasheverosh advisors are now saying “up to UKR to decide when to negotiate” while applying pressure behind the scenes (these are same chachamim who were so successful in AFG and then preventing RUS start of war with “stern warnings of future sanctions”).

    So, UKR are very sensitive that people in US and Europe will stop supporting them, falling for RUS propaganda, as we see some here.


    whatever we think of german cars and russian vodka, American army is standing there for last 70 years, provided Berlin airlift and negotiated their re-unification. So, they now have luxury of buying gas from Russians, closing their nuclear plants, and making grand unfulfilled promises to send arms to Ukraine.


    Let the Russian nazis go to war against the Ukrainian nazis at let the two countries wipe each other off the map without American involvement.

    The global political hegemony supporting the Ukrainians has interest in undermining Russian culture. I couldn’t care less about Russian culture but a can respect them fighting against the liberal secularism that seeks to destroy Russia. As things progress politically in this country we will be faced with the same challenges as liberal secularism will fight to close our schools, sue us for not letting women lead services in our shuls, let our children be multilated for the sake of whims or confusion. I know people will call me crazy for holding this opinion, Russia vs Ukraine is a war of culture, not morality and we will have our turn in the near future if this continue they way they are. Secular liberalism has an objective truth that they are determined to impose at all costs, Russia is a test run for bigger things.


    I also find it funny that people like to be patriotic for mother 🇺🇦 here in America what the same folks hate their own country for being too nationalist.

    All this American self hatred is sublimated into Ukrainian nationalism, a country which has historically hated Jews.

    Please know if you have own Ukrainian flag in America you are a very useful idiot.

    Sam Klein


    Did you read the shocking message posted a while ago relating to this current Russian Ukraine war that the message was sent down directly from Hashem the minute the war started back in February 24 2022? If not you should go back and read it. And be prepared for a shocking message directly from Hashem that is no coincidence or accident that just happened to be by mistake.

    But for replying back to what you wrote. There is another shocking message directly from Hashem that your not going to find in any sefer in the world or hear from any gadol Hador speaking or read it in the newspaper from a tzaddik speaking and neither is it from me a coffee room writer on the internet.

    Today’s shocking message:

    Every Country has a meaning & a destiny to its name when its read in Hebrew. Yisroel reads “Yashar & El” & its meaning of Klal yisroel is telling us that Hashem made the Jews to be his chosen nation & to go in the right ways of Hashem & his Torah. Libya Reads “Lev-Ka” the heart of Hashem & the country being sent to do Hashem will (rather it looks bad or good). Syria reads “Sar-Ka” the Angel of Hashem & being sent as another country (middleman agent) to do whatever Hashem send it to do. Mitzrayim (Egypt) reads “Metzar-Yam” from the pains of the sea, Mitzrayim did not start to be called by that name only after the miracle of the Dead sea splitting & the Egyptians drowning… it was already called that from hundreds of years before (the first time it says it in the Torah is when Avraham Avinu went down to Mitzrayim to get food during a hunger). The country of Russia means “Wicked” & was chosen by Hashem with its name to be the most wicked country for many centuries (from Czar Russia to Communist Russia etc…) & not letting anyone do anything with their lives but feel like prisoners. Europe reads “Yireh-Pe” the Fear of talking, for many centuries the entire Europe was under pure fear of the government talking & not knowing what was going to happen the next hour or day… Iraq reads “ie-rak” meaning Hashem only, & being a country sent by Hashem as an agent to remind everyone that everything comes through Hashem & everyone else is agents. The same thing is read for America reading “amar-ika” meaning this is what is said-by Hashem-& everything that happens is a decree straight from Hashem (like Iraq above)

    May we all wake ourselves up from living in Denial and FACE REALITY IMMEDIATELY and accept Hashems wake up call for serious Teshuva and Achdus together ASAP so Hashem can send Mashiach already bkarov


    lostspark > can respect them fighting against the liberal secularism that seeks to destroy Russia.

    this sentiment that the country feels culturally under attack and is, therefore, justified to strike back is exactly what lead Germans to support Nazis. They felt threatened by Russian Bolsheviks, British Navy, Polish nationalism, Communist and Jews playing role in 1918 revolution that they felt did not let them continue fighting in WW1 – and that, somehow, made it acceptable to lash back and murder millions. Something similar is happening in Russia right now, so let’s continue with the “blame everyone” game, surely it should work better this time.


    For all of those kvetching about the billions going to Ukraine, mistomah you have a similar issue with the billions going to Israel, no?


    Yserbius, I do have a problem that the US is giving billions to Israel. However, the US only gave Israel 3.8 billion this past year, not $40+ billion plus billions in ammunition! In fact, the US is giving Ukraine so much ammunition it is now running of low of high-end weapons systems and ammunition! Israel is required to reinvest the money the US gives them in US produced ammunitions while the Ukrainian money is all being lost to us.


    phil, there is a big war going on there .. first large-scale war in Europe after WW2. It is a big deal despite being secondary in the news. So far, we are managing to fight it through proxies, just with money.

    PS there is nothing new here – do you think “news” during WW2 were always about the front? Just looked up a random day March 5, 1941. Here are NYT headlines:
    Conference at Field Failed
    Designers Rename Valicenti
    WARNING TO ATHENS; Germany Indicates Plan to Bring Pressure to End War With Italy SOVIET VIEW DISCOUNTED Reich Spokesman Says Note to Bulgaria Shows Moscow Enjoys Freedom of Action WARNING TO ATHENS GIVEN IN GERMANY
    ARMY IN SHOWDOWN WITH A.F.L. STRIKERS; Assails Wright Field Walkout After It Backs Contract to C.I.O. Employer ARMY IS DEFIANT OF A.F.L. STRIKERS
    DR, BIJRRETT DIES; HEAD OF HOSPITALS; President of Flower and Fifth Avenue and the Medical College Since 1939 PREVIOUSLY WAS DEAN Ex-Chief of American Institute of Homeopathy — Had Taught Surgery at Michigan
    Flatbush Boys Take Swim
    TEANECK APARTMENT SOLD; 48-Family House Said to Have Brought $300,000
    MORE MEN OF A.E.F. BACK FROM FRANCE; Ex-Doughboys Add New Details to Growing Feeling Among French Against Germans ONE TELLS OF NAZI THREAT Hitler Hordes Will Be in England in June, Then U. S. Is ‘Next,’ Gestapo Is Quoted
    GUILTY PLEA CLOSES $108,000 FRAUD TRIAL; Ex-Convict Admits Insurance Thefts — Faces 7 1/2 to 14 Years
    LOUIS H. PATTERSON; Former City Editor and Editorial Writer for Newark News
    Article 12 — No Title
    HULL AVE. APARTMENT AMONG BRONX SALES; 38-Unit House on Morrison Ave. Goes to New Owner
    House Group for Fixed-Fee Ships
    General Smuts in Nairobi
    Acquitted in $427,950 Theft
    Article 18 — No Title
    TO PLAN SUPPER DANCE; Almoners to Meet Monday and Discuss Foundling Benefit
    Press Extension of Coal Law
    KILLS 4 IN MAINE HOME; Lewiston Man Surrenders, Says He Had Been ‘Henpecked’
    FAILURES UP IN 3 GROUPS; Wholesaling, Construction Had Decreases in Week
    2,000 AT RITES FOR BISHOP; J Rev, James Brown Mourned byI i African Methodist Leaders I
    Move on Rumanian Border
    Jackie Coogan Going Into Army
    TWO SPEED-BOAT MEN KILLED IN AUTO CRASH; A.A. Crawford, G.P. Orme and Two Friends Victims in Florida
    FINANCIAL MARKETS; Stock Trading Continues Light but Prices Stage Moderate Recovery and Close Higher by a Point
    INTENSIFY HUNT FOR BOY; But Police Find No Trace of Robert James, 2 1/2
    Article 7 — No Title
    1,200 at Musical Miracle Play
    BRITAIN AGAIN CURBS TEA; To Seize Packages From Abroad Containing Over 2 Pounds
    INSURANCE PLAN DUE TO BE WIDENED; Connecticut and New Jersey Are Considering Adopting Savings Bank Project
    Trawler Sunk With Casualties
    Possibility of Americans Being Dropped From Hockey League Admitted by Calder


    It is clear that Putin realized a long time ago that he has completely lost the war and Ukraine won.

    Now all he is doing is damaging Ukraine’s electrical and gas. Infrastructure because he is preparing to receive the World Record for violating human rights.




    I think he is trying to achieve victory through political means – either make Ukrainians seek peace because they have no lights, or make Europeans be inconvenienced by high prices, or Americans look for peace to show achievements before next election … They were able to scare everyone for several months in not providing any serious weapons.

    Russia has “frozen” conflicts in several countries already, they can manage one more as long as nobody fights back.


    How many countries will need to join this war God forbid to wake us up from denial and openly accept Hashems wake up call for serious teshuva and achdus together as soon as possible before things get worse God forbid and this turns into a WWIII???

    why don’t we just wake ourselves up already? Do we think we can fool Hashem our loving father and King of kings ruler of the entire world? Don’t we all know the honest truth and facts a) there’s no such a thing as coincidence and this horrific war is actually coming directly from our loving father Hashem? b)ain poranius baolam ela bishvil yisroel…. Which means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happens around the entire world that is not on the account and on behalf of klal yisroel….. Don’t we all know these facts and realize this? we’re not fools and can’t fool Hashem. Bit actually vise versa a person is a fool himself if he thinks he can fool Hashem in anything…..

    Let’s start waking ourselves up to reality already and see that this war and every step in it is all coming directly from Hashem waiting for us to wake up and accept his call for serious teshuva and achdus together as soon as possible.

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