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    Does today’s china (cheres glazed) require t’vila?


    We just bought a set at Eastside China in BP and were told by the boss that it doesn’t have to be toiveled.

    He gave us a whole list of Rabbonim who pasken this way, the reason being that today’s China isn’t glazed with glass.

    Please don’t take this as a Psak. Please ask your own Rav.


    Even if it were glazed with glass, there is no need to tovel china.


    Shlomo- why not?

    not I

    I was taught that if the dish is porcelain it doesn’t require tevila. I guess china today is porcelain?!


    OK, here is what I learned, and then go ask your own rov. If it is not glazed with glass and there is no metal on it at all (like gold leaf or silver, even), no tevilah is needed. If glazed with glass, it needs tevilah but no bracha, so it should be toiveled with a new metal utensil (like a small can opener, or knife), and the bracha is made on the metal, with the kavanah being that if the glass required it, the bracha covers it as well. ASK YOUR ROV.


    AFAIK, the only china that needs toiveling nowadays is Rosenthal china.

    (which we don’t own LOL)


    what is rosenthal china and why does it need toiveling

    i couldnt find out much on google except that its expensive


    Its super expensive china that supposedly has a double glass glaze of sorts on it, which make it like having real glass.

    I am no posek and heard this second hand, so if you buy Rosenthal china, please consult your LOR.


    thank you SJ

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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