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    Greetings. Can anyone translate shwekey’s ma ma ma in english for me? I have the jewish lyrics. THanks in Advance… Shalom!

    vaani b’rov chasdecha

    avo avo beisecha

    eshtachave el hechal kadshecha

    oy oy oy oy beyirasecha

    ma ma ma – ma ma ma ma

    ma tov oyehalecha yaakov

    ma ma ma – ma ma ma ma

    mishkenosecha yisrael


    ma ma ma=mother

    ma ma ma ma=mother come fast!!!


    bsd- lol you had me rolling!


    adorable- 🙂


    do you have an english siddur at home.. its called Ma Tovu in the beginning of daily morning prayers..


    Thanks BSD, you see, I don’t know hebrew as you may know it but I really like the language.

    Thanks Snapplegrl, I got the prayer off the internet and I’ll try to match the hebrew words to the english provided as well as get an idea at least of what the song means!


    ma tov oyehalecha yaakov – how beautiful are your tents yaakov

    mishkenosecha yisrael – and your dwelling places, yisroel

    vaani b’rov chasdecha – and I in your great kindness

    avo beisecha – will come to your house

    eshtachave el hechal kadshecha -I will bow down to your holy place


    Thanks very much Flyer! Especially for the way you wrote the lyrics, the English words to the right for the Hebrew words on the left! Shalom!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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